And so we go!

Hey everyone! Long time no see, huh? I’m restarting Replay! In case you have forgotten, we were exploring a village and just found a nice, old motorbike to speed up the journey. Anyway, you can just look a few pages back. In fact, you can go look all the way at the beginning and see new, beautiful, redrawn prologue pages! I’m happy how they turned out and I’ll probably continue working on the prologue from time to time, but now without stopping the comics. Let’s get that spellbook!

Next page:

Next next page:

If you’re curious about my life: I’m writing this while waiting from my friends from Poland, who are just waiting for their luggage at the Narita airport. They’re going to stay for 3 weeks and we have a whole-week-long trip planned next week, it’s all so exciting! Life’s good, although as busy as always. I’m still drawing stuff for the secret visual novel project and hey, it’s not so secret anymore! You can see some stuff from the project on the Patreon or on the official blog: 

What else… Since there was a hiatus a lot of Replay’s patrons have, unfortunately, left the Patreon camp. If you feel like reading a couple of pages ahead or getting an avatar with your own character (doesn’t have to be with cat-ears, you know) then join the camp and reach out! Patreon pays for Replay’s server and ads and makes the comic support itself, help is really appreciated! Thank you so much! And a special big hug for those who stayed despite the hiatus, really, really made feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you.

Votes on TWC would be appreciated as well, gotta fight for that top spot again! I have updated the vote incentive with a cute illustration with Ada so go, vote and enjoy!!

Last but not least, I recently got a fantastic fanart from Dragon Master! Laura as Pudding Fong from Tokyo Mew Mew! Thanks a bunch, she looks fantastic! ♡^▽^♡

41 comments on “And so we go!”

    • NotImportant Reply

      Aww thank you! It’s good to be back, I hope everyone enjoys the next pages~

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Welcome back home, NI.
    Glad to see you back alive and kicking.

    Finally that hole in my Sunday gets filled up again. 🙂

    Also, a very nice vote incentive, just the right thing for breakfast. 😉

    Now…let’s get this comic back to where it belongs, shall we?
    Next stop: The top of the TWC list! 😀

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for the votes! And I’m glad you like the incentive 😀 Exciting things are going to happen very soon, I can’t wait to see those walls of text under the comic when you guys speculate haha~!

  2. Sabreur Reply

    Hey, welcome back! I don’t have anything insightful to say, just that I love the latest page. Especially the “GTA” comment. 🙂

  3. NiWo21k Reply

    Welcome back, Ada and Robert… And yes NI you too XD
    Joking aside – its good to see you back, really missed your work and you, even if we had little contact through the past months 🙂

    (and let’s see if this post comes through this time ^^)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, I felt really disconnected. I didn’t realize how much I actually chatted with everyone here until I stopped posting the pages. I hope this will change back for the better now :3

      Sorry for the hickup with the comments! If you even get stuck like this again just send me a message!

  4. JW Reply

    The new vote incentive is lovely.

    I love those autumn colors. And girls in sweaters. And Ada. I don’t particularly care for pretzels, but you can’t win ‘m all 😛

  5. yeah, what was it again? Reply

    Happy to see Replay return, hope other readers will find the way back to the comic as well

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah… I hope so too xD Maybe when Replay’s on the top of TWC again it will be easier.

  6. Shenshinoman Reply

    Welcome back NI, we missed you. Your prologue pages are beautiful, and it’s awesome to see the story moving forward once again.

  7. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    It’s fine, there’s no way the noise of a motorbike could possibly attract unwanted attention. :-/. I am WORRIED!

    • JW Reply

      Too bad it’s not an electric one. Those are pretty quiet.
      (On the other hand, mileage and refueling is better for a gasoline-powered one)

      • antrik Reply

        During an apocalypse, the refuelling situation could go either way… As long as you can find enough (filled) jerrycans, you are fine — but you’d run out sooner or later. And gas stations will be out of service: so it would be tricky to actually get at the fuel, even if it’s still there…

        Of course the electric power grid will also be down: but if you find an off-grid solar installation, you could keep charging indefinitely. While only fairly few public charging stations have solar installations today, you might also happen on some private installation with a bit of luck… Or even use a self-contained portable solar panel. (Though it will take a while to charge with one of these.)

        Some “grid-down preppers” actually prefer electric vehicles for these reasons…

      • antrik Reply

        BTW, while I’m glad that someone else is noting that a silent electric bike would be helpful here, to be perfectly frank, a plain old pedal-powered bicycle would surely be the most pragmatic mode of transportation here…

  8. Dragon Master Reply

    Welcome back NI! lovely Vote incentive, I guess Robert and Ada are off on a Polish(?) Holiday, (Rome is overdone) xD

  9. Darp Nunk, Darple Darple, and Dapple Snoot Reply

    As cool as motorcycles are, a car would be better. Easier to handle, not nearly as loud, more protection, and much more cargo space. Motorcycles really only beat cars in agility, fuel efficiency, and being easier to draw.

    • antrik Reply

      In terms of protection, a car would actually be a downside here, since it’s harder to get out of during an attack…

  10. DKpsyhog Reply

    Woo, it’s back! All that time away made Ada forget that she’s not allowed to swear… Great to see we’re back again, NI!

  11. Vedrit Reply

    Woo! I’ve been waiting eagerly for your return, since it seems like I had only just found the comic before you left. Excited to see what comes!

  12. Browser Reply

    Welcome back! Ahh… if I had enough funds to add more patreon subscriptions……
    I’ll go do that voting thing now, but… just saying… it’s only Ada, not Sofia. On a different note, I just noticed that you’ve redone the cast page.

  13. Nemrog Reply

    Just found a new favorite series. I hope we get to see this thing get daily updates, and more / different type of magic (especially since we’re promised a bastard sword and magic user).

    Still interesting story, great art, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

    • antrik Reply

      Daily updates? Have you any idea how much effort these PAINTINGS take?… Even if the artist quit her job and worked on the comic full-time, there is no way she could create more than two or perhaps three pages a week…

  14. Cpt stupid Reply

    Oh how angry i am the one week i dont check replay out is when you made a new page

  15. antrik Reply

    A “PO” license plate… So this must be taking place near Poznań… Except there seems to be no place called “Rzepki” anywhere near Poznań! It’s all a lie! 😉

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