Unexpected skill

Who would have thought, right? This is how low confidence works, folks. Everyone will just assume you can do nothing. Luckily, Sofia forgets about her self esteem when she really really wants something! Support Replay for $10 monthly to see the next 2 pages:

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We all know what she’s going to see, right? And how she’s going to react?…

Sorry for being a bit late. We were in Osaka this weekend, came back pretty late and dead-tired. It was a fun trip, we went to Mt. Koya and saw some very charming villages in the countryside near Osaka. Also finally visited the aquarium there and ate lots of absolutely delicious food. But now I dream of a couple of completely lazy weekends in which I just stay at home and draw or even just stare at the ceiling. I want to work on the Historia project and I want to plan the next chapters of Replay (cause this one is slowly coming to an end). And, of course, color that sketch that has been an incentive for so damn long!

Anyhow, thanks for sticking around, I hope you enjoy a page full of Sofia and see you guys next week! I’m going to finish devouring my Cinnabon and start sketching a new page~


19 comments on “Unexpected skill”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    That’s the curse of low confidence, yup.

    People assume a lot, because they cannot bother to actually see what someone is really about, because that’s (a lot) more work than ‘assuming’ from that first impression.

    The problem here is, even if people here wanted get to know about who Sofia really is, we’re kinda stuck between this impenetrable dimensional barrier that separates their world from ours…though I guess it’s a good thing, because otherwise things that aren’t close as amicable as Sofia might decide to pay us a visit…and I’d rather not unleash any decent writer’s creations upon this world of ours. 😀

    As for what she’s about to see and how she’s going to react…let’s see, Robert is coming back.
    Ada is still with him. Mm…still okay, she’s cool.
    But who the fudge is that beautiful woman they’re bringing and why is she so close to Robert?!

    I estimate that the coming pages will be somewhere along those lines.

    Also…quite personally I just don’t see, how women manage to perform acrobatic feats like Sofia is doing here wearing a skirt like that.
    It must allow for far greater mobility than what they look like…but then again, I’m just some random guy, what do I know about the capabilities of clothes? 😀

    • JW Reply

      People assume a lot, because they cannot bother to actually see what someone is really about, because that’s (a lot) more work than ‘assuming’ from that first impression.

      You’d never get anything done without assumptions. It’s not just a lot more work, it’s so much more work that it would completely swamp everything else. So you should only forego assumptions if you have time to kill or there’s a good reason, like running across something/someone sufficiently interesting to investigate further, like Sofia.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Most unfortunately I do have to agree with you.
        More often than not it’s a split second decision, whether something or someone is worth our attention or not.

        Unfortunately this leads to a rather grand ‘loss’ percentage in regards of ‘missed opportunities’.
        Alas, as you correctly stated, we’d never get anywhere, if we invested a reasonable amount of attention (i.E. just enough to know, what they’re about) into everyone we meet.

  2. SKy Reply

    She’s gonna fall once Rob and Ada stroll back into camp, isn’t she?

    • Doom Reply

      My thoughts also bent this direction. Sofia’s likely to see something surprising while up there, and I hope she doesn’t fall. I want our pretty kitty to be safe and happy!

  3. Bry Reply

    personally i never underestimated someone whos quiet, shy and/or has low self-esteem (like Sofia does). when it comes to those kinds of ppl, 9 times out of 10 theres something about them that makes them a badass (for the athletic type like it seems Sof is), or theyre actually really talented when it comes to the arts or borderline philosophically wise. thats the problem w/ society, anyone who is an introvert or has low self-esteem r brushed off as something insignificant and maybe even looked down upon. everyone has some sort of talent whether it’s charisma, athleticism, creativity or simply compassion 😉

  4. Doom Reply

    I don’t say this often enough: Thank you for making this comic, NotImportant. You reliably provide a page per week of high-quality full-color art and story telling. Thank you!

    • NotImportant Reply

      My pleasure!! If you guys still enjoy then I’m happy to provide~

  5. Alex Reply

    Oh god she’s SO going to see Rob throwing her bread away and break down in tears!
    And why yes, I am STILL on about that after all these months. 😀

    • JW Reply

      I think that’s actually an easier way to get onto a bar than trying to pull yourself up. Admittedly the last time i tried anything like that was when I was a kid.

  6. Treviisolion Reply

    Well, that’s certainly a very tight skirt, but if it needs to hide everything by itself, probably necessary. Does not look like optimal climbing clothing, or even survival clothing in general.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Wouldn’t jeans do the job all the same?
      Or proper pants in general?

      I mean sure, it’s better than if she wore a large, billowing skirt (now imagine THAT for climbing…), but I think some jeans would do the job even better.

      And we have yet to learn, where these people are getting their clothes (or other supplies, for that matter).
      I don’t think anyone brought all that much of a wardrobe to the camp, so I’d assume ‘scavengers at work’.

  7. Browser Reply

    To be honest… can’t get enough of Sofia.
    AHhh… Anyway, thanks for the comic! I’d best get back to lurking in the RSS feeds now. (Oh how I’d love to double my income so I could support this and many other projects…)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha glad you enjoy! And thanks for telling me! It’s really motivating, sometimes even more than money (but only sometimes).

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