It feels like we haven’t seen Sofia in a while, right? I enjoyed drawing her here, especially because she shows a different face around Kasper and Laura~

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My long holidays are officially over and it’s time to go back to work tomorrow. I welcome the routine. Honestly? It was fun to visit my family in Poland and go to Nagano afterward but I didn’t have any time for drawing and when I did, I was too tired to pick up the pen. I guess that means I had a good, active vacation. Nagano was truly beautiful, the Japanese Alps are gorgeous and we were lucky enough to meet some monkeys and a bear (such wildlife! such adventure!). If you’re curious I posted some photos/videos on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/notimportant.travel/

I’m pretty behind with the comic. I have one page less than usual in the buffer (but that doesn’t bother me much) and no more script, ugh. So the quality of the chapter end might be a little whacky. We’ll see how much time for this I’ll have in the upcoming weeks. Gotta plan the next (very exciting) chapter too. The weekend will be hectic because we plan to go to Osaka but my fiance seems to have caught something so we’ll see about that…

Anyway, enjoy some Sofia and see you guys next week! Sorry for being so quiet the last two weeks!

17 comments on “Undies”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Hah, now that’s most certainly a whole lot different than the Sofia I remember.

    Would’ve been kinda one-dimensional, if all she was was a smitten scared little girl.

    So now we get to meet the brave and sassy Sofia, huh?
    I wonder how many different sides this young woman has yet to show…and what her real personality is.

    Those coming pages promise to be both entertaining and educational.

    So yeah…you go and tell em’ Sophie.
    And please…watch your step up there. 😉

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Yeah, it’s nice to see her coming out of her shell a bit. However, her bravery might be driven by love (or smittenness??). I’m pretty sure she’s climbing up there to look for Robert.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Lookout tower to some, climbing tree to others, all they need now is an enormous cardboard box lol.

  3. DragonMaster Reply

    LOL I think they make an adorable couple. I’m shipping KasperxSofia a lot harder than RobxSofia. Plus Laura finds her “pleasant to be around” and seem to view her as a sister figure as well.

  4. Skally Reply

    Honestly, the idea that she isn’t wearing any, that must’ve really embarrassed him, especially cuz he is looking down there.

    • JW Reply

      I’m pretty sure she’s joking, but yeah, the thought alone should give him some color 😛

  5. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Yeah, definitely score one for Sophie. I’m surprised the wood of that tripod/observation tower isn’t glowing red from Kaspar’s blush!

  6. BAG Reply

    Okay so they are human beings then. Or at least they still call themselves human.

    • JW Reply

      The animal ears/tails are something that’s only there from our viewpoint if I recall correctly. So the characters themselves are completely oblivious to it, and you won’t find any explicit reference in the story (like characters commenting on it, or, say, pulling on a tail).

  7. NoriMori Reply

    I just realized. “Human being”? Uhhh okay. I mean, I guess there’s no reason to think they’d use a different name for themselves than we use for ourselves… It just caught me off-guard.

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