The city

Greetings from Poland again! Grab the page, I need to finish packing, we’re going back to Japan tomorrow morning. There’s A LOT of really cool Sofia on the next two pages!

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Also damn, looking at this page now I really want to redraw Julia’s face. But maybe it’s good that she looks so haunted… Yh. I don’t like the text on this one either. All in all, I might adjust this page later on… Will let you guys know if I do.

How was your week? I noticed that if I don’t post a status update on Facebook or Twitter people forget about the comic and there\s way fewer comments. That’s actually good! That means me putting up with Facebook and Twitter actually makes a difference! Well, I’ll post that update from Japan, I don’t want to bother with this now.

Had a reunion with my violin too… But it was a sad one. I know I most likely won’t ever return to playing, there’s just not enough time for everything I want to do. I’m about to cry as I write this. Sacrificing beloved hobbies is hard.

11 comments on “The city”

  1. Alex Reply

    It’s true that FB and Twitter make a difference, but it’s a sad one, because this is the reason why Project Wonderful had to close. The big platforms just keep hogging all the ad revenue.

  2. Regis Earsquake Reply

    Yeah, she does look terrified. I World unterstand that you want to make her look nicer, but it’s still quiet effektive

  3. Hodanite Reply

    I forgot about this comic for a while and stopped reading at page 55. I just found it again and reread all of chapter 2. This comic is still as amazing as ever. The art is beautiful and the story is awesome. Thank you for your awesome work NotImportant!

  4. Refugnic Reply

    In fact I remember checking the pages…but then again, I’m one of those people who don’t frequent social networks (that much) themselves.
    I also noticed that you didn’t post the ‘Page Update’ notification for last week and I also didn’t see one for this week either.

    Actually thought about doing it for you, but seeing the gap between your subscribers and mine…well, it just wouldn’t have been very effective.
    Except for maybe reminding you of posting the status update yourself. 😀

    Aaanyway: Yes, it is good that she looks that haunted.
    I mean, she’s essentially blaming herself for the end of the world just there and is hunted by a man who actually caused the mayhem…though quite possibly, Adam seems to be…preoccupied.

    A man with that much power doesn’t just ‘allow’ someone to flee, unless they have become useless for him.
    And if so, they usually kill them to avoid them becoming a threat in the long run.

    So either there are lingering feelings within Adam, he’s just too busy to care (not likely, seeing how he went to the effort of keeping her alive to begin with)…or there’s something to this story, Julia is not telling.

    I mean, as of right now, she could well be a spy for Adam and his new friends.
    After all, Rob and Ada DID manage to strike down multiple demons with their swords…as such, they are the biggest known threat to Adam’s ambitions as of yet.
    Also, I still find it rather suspicious that she would take shelter in that one out of a million cottages that belonged to Ada…as in: Somewhere, the two of them would go.

    Well then…let’s see what more you have in store.
    Let’s wait…and see…

  5. killerog Camp dweller Reply

    Don’t worry, I still run on old-skool rss for my comics 😉

    I guess I could check Patreon too, but I never really like how they present all the comics. They probably are too generic a platform to work well on any specific type of content?

    Enough Patreon ranting, I wonder if Julia’s going to be the key to them catching Adam – as this is actually all a flash-back (or a flash-forward) – and if that’ll give her some closure (not really sure if I’m saying this right with my non-nativeness).

  6. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Julia does indeed look haunted, and she has good reason. After all, the man who sold humanity to demons is now likely her enemy. I think the haunted look is appropriate, here.

    I used to play the violin, too. I reached a point at which I had to make a choice: devote my life to the violin, or devote it to other things. I want going to get better at it, otherwise. And it turned out that life had more things to offer me than becoming a concert violinist. Choosing to live life to it’s fullest meant I couldn’t choose to devote my life to the violin. It’s a bittersweet choice, but I never regretted making it; there was so much *more* I could do than become a fair violinist. Perhaps you, too, will come to see how much more your life offers you than just the instrument of your youth.

    • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

      *wasn’t going to get better… Autocorrect — the bane and blessing of modern times.

  7. Skally Reply

    Hold up, so I have to wait ’til I can see the next page for free?

    • Skally Reply

      BTW, I love this series tho. Can someone give links for other series my by ReplayComics/NotImportant?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yes, there is a new page every week and Patreon patrons can see 2 pages ahead!

      • Skally Reply

        Alright, are there any other series that you made? (once again i love this series)

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