Turning tides

Robert doesn’t like conflicts. And tides do turn quickly if you manage to make your enemies smile~ I hope you’ll enjoy today page, at least as much as Ada did \(-ㅂ-)/

From other news – I’m slowly rebuilding the page buffer, managed to draw two pages this week but it was harder than expected. Pages take way longer now, I add a lot of details and time flies… I can only hope you will look at the future pages and appreciate the effort I’ve put into them.

I also added magnolias print with Sofia to the store (it was only available on the Artists Alley until today), along with notepad and mug! If you are okay with having a rather pink mug feel free to grab one. There is currently “buy any two and get 15% off” discount on the Redbubble. Might be a good time to grab a mug if you planned on it. Also – first chapter related mugs will be removed from the shop after the chapter ends and replaced with designs related to the next one.


And thank you for all those votes! Apparently the new vote incentive got popular haha, nothing quite like depressed Ada, right? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ You are the best ♡

22 comments on “Turning tides”

  1. Zero Reply

    Nice one Robert, humiliation is the best weapon. Just be sure to monitor the size of your fan club.

        • Uhl Reply

          Mature might have worked better in quotation marks, thus signifying the sarcasm. Tone of voice, sadly, does not carry through written text.

          • NotImportant

            I kind of hoped that his facial expression would be enough. But maybe I really need to at least make that word italic or add quotation marks…

          • JW

            I don’t think any intonation (and thus any interpunctional/typographic clues in textform) is necessary here. To me saying “mature” here just naturally, without overtly airquoting it, sounds less obnoxious, and thus funnier. I mean, you could emphasize every insult, but that changes the whole interaction.

          • Tierhon

            I read it as a deadpan delivery, which can take a few seconds to realize, but is more effective because the person being addressed usually loses their chance to respond.

  2. Doom Reply

    Very nice facial expressions on this page. As is probably obvious by now, I especially like Ada’s faces in panels 1 and 4. So pretty!

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Well, Robert sure knows how to take control of a crowd…but then again, he worked for marketing, manipulating people into buying what he has to sell is kinda his job…or much rather it was, before all of that junk happened.

    Ada on the other hand was more on the administrative side of things, wasn’t she? And probably had a hard time there too, because, and let’s be honest here, she doesn’t have ‘authority’ plastered all over herself like a tall guy like Robert does.

    All about impressions and Robert sure made one…apparently especially on the lady with the green-tipped hair.

    I’m proud at Ada this page though.
    Instead of blowing up at Robert (who popped up, stole the spotlight and then proceeded to insult her and subsequently the guys in front of him), she swallowed it and focused on the actual matter at hand with a smile.
    And that’s some serious maturity at work here, though I really think that she’s just happy that Robert came to save her after all (instead, for example, making out with Sofia. :P)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ada was working in marketing, Rob was market research – which usually deals with collecting data and predicting potential consumer needs, not dealing with people. Ada will explain her passive behavior on the next page~

      I wanted Robert to be cheerful and sympathetic, that kind of guy who brightens the mood when your day is dull. Someone who is easily liked and never really understood. He knows how to deal with such people because he never ran from them, instead – he tried to understand. If not for that character trait he’d probably never befriend Ada.
      And yes, she is happy, no doubt about it, but also very practical. Plus she is well aware that her anger was shallow and hardly justified, that’s why she kept her mouth shut.

      • Refugnic Reply

        …while reading your response, the song ‘You are my sunshine’ began playing in my head…and while the message of the song itself appears to be a cheerful one, I can only seem to remember sad contexts…weird, huh?

  4. JW Reply

    Wait what, we missed a chance to look for adjectives to describe Ada’s unimpressive height?
    I had at least chibi and fun-sized. And I’m sure we could have found more.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I have no doubt that you are way more creative than this bunch, despite their hairstyles suggesting otherwise.

  5. Miss-tic Reply

    It is fantastic. Robert’s face was on 4 picture – satisfied. I’m glad 😀
    Ada’s growth is small, but she doesn’t cease to be awesome in my opinion. (And she is very-very cute ^^)

  6. Adriano Reply

    Ada has her heart going all doki doki <3
    But she's having competition!
    Cute page.

  7. KTrimbach Reply

    I love Ada’s expression in the last panel. So enigmatic. Almost like “I think I love this guy” and “He can back to save me” along with “Why’d he leave me in the first place?” and “Why did I need him to rescue me?” and probably another half dozen emotions mixed in.

    P.S. Congrats on a solid #3 on Web’s Top Comics. I was skeptical when I first saw your banners, but you’ve really brought the goods!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you! That #3 is not all that solid but I am very proud, some people here vote like crazy, I’m very grateful for the support 🙂 And of course it makes me very happy to hear that you like the comic!

  8. anonymous Reply

    Links under both wallpapers in your gallery lead to the newer wallpaper.

    (If you have premoderation, don’t approve this message. It’s of no use to other readers anyway)

  9. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    See, Ada. There was no reason to be angry at all. Robert is just a nice guy who went to apologise for upsetting someone, and he kept his promise to find you just after that. You’ve got yourself a faithful partner.

    Also: that smile in the last panel.

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