And here comes the awkward rescue~! I hope you are enjoying Ada’s little struggles and our new ‘friends’, I loved painting their hair.

Had a weird week, busy week, but I am slowly catching up with all the drawings I wanted to make. I have changed the vote incentive as well so you might want to check it out. It’s a panel from the incoming page, but larger and without speech bubbles obscuring the scene. If you don’t feel like voting – no worries, it will be added to the gallery when the time is right; if you do – thank you, your support is much appreciated. Right now I’m sketching the next scene, I’m trying to switch to planning whole scenes instead of single pages. Damn, I have no idea how some people manage to plan the whole chapter out, that’s way too many pages at once, ugh!

So how is it after all? Is Ada right, or is her anger unjustified (if you can even call that anger)? And how do you think Robert’s meeting with Sofia went?  ๏◡๏

31 comments on “Stu-”

  1. Doom Reply

    Ada receives headpats! I am uncertain of whether or not that’s a good thing.
    I think Ada being irritated with Robert is reasonable, but since she did not *tell him* what she wanted it would not be reasonable for her to take it out on him. Standard difference between how you feel vs. how you act on those feelings.
    I am mildly annoyed with those three people insulting Ada. Sure, she’s tiny and not highly muscular, but it ought to be obvious by now that brute strength is not the way to kill demons. At least two of the three (not the blond) have pretty hair.

    • Zero Reply

      Had Robert not shown up, I’m sure these three would have disappeared.

          • JW

            My first thought was Kasper, but then, the headpat, I thought, no, that can only be Robert. Kasper wouldn’t risk losing his arm. (And Robert knows he’s allowed. I’m not suggesting he’d risk his arm 😉 )

        • Dæmon Reply

          You know, I get the feeling that if she HAD done anything to them, the chief would be PISSED. After all, someone will have to repopulate the earth after this mess. Then again, we have an overpopulated planet anyway, so if we cull the herd now, it may help slow that.

          • Refugnic

            I don’t think anyone is already thinking about the ‘repopulate the planet’ bit at this stage.
            At this stage, the prime directive is ‘survive’, however by turning on each other, the chances for the collective to survive sink even more than before…so yeah, even if they’re being stupid, they should not need to fear their own kin.

            Besides, they’re acting all high and mighty, but if you ask me, they’re really shivering in their boots.
            Much like Ada actually…she’s acting all tough and ‘I don’t need anyone’, while in reality she feels lonely and betrayed.

            Oh and relieved since this page. 🙂

  2. The Human Butcher Reply

    I have to say I am pretty impressed by the artwork you do. Really nice texture and theme with the lighting. Keep it up Stu-!

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Wherever you go, there’s bound to be at least one a…already waiting for you.

    But then again, I’m fairly sure that during the attack these three did nothing but hide and probably scream. Okay, maybe piss their pants too.
    But of course they wouldn’t ever admit to that.
    And, to underline their ‘I’m tough and don’t you dare to question it’-attitude, they’re being mean…but only just as long until there’s an actual threat.

    Regarding Ada being angry at/disappointed with Robert…I hate to break it to you, Ada, but men, despite every effort, do not possess telepathic powers.
    So, building on my commentary of the previous page, if you want him to (not) do something, open that little mouth of yours and say something.
    That’s what language was invented for after all. 🙂

    Regarding the page itself, I particularly like her facial expression in the last panel.
    Capes are overrated. I believe the movie ‘The Incredibles’ illustrated quite nicely, why ‘capes’ aren’t good, unless you know how to utilize it. 😉
    Regarding the super powers…no, I wouldn’t say she’s got ‘super’ powers. But she’s got guts (and a good weapon in hand which she knows how to use) and that’s far more valuable than the ability to fly or catch a bullet in flight right there.

    How do they say? A hero is no more courageous than any regular person…they just are courageous about 5 minutes longer.

      • Refugnic Reply

        While I do agree that being able to work magic with toothpaste (I’m still not ruling out that she accidentally summoned those demons with her little spell back then) is pretty awesome, it’s not a ‘superpower’ in the world of theirs, simply because ‘magic’ seems to be a rather common occurrence in their world.

        How else could there be magicians like Filip? (Whose magic adeptness we have yet to witness, so far we’ve only witnessed his wonderful soprano of terror. :P)

        • NotImportant Reply

          I suppose you should treat the cast page more as “will be” than as “is”. Magic is by no means common. Not the working magic at least.

          • Dæmon

            Why not say, “To be seen” in parentheses afterwards, showing that we have yet to witness the power he possesses?

    • Dæmon Reply

      So, is THIS what they call a coward?

      Plus, is language for communication, or lies, also known as marketing speak?

      • JW Reply

        There’s a theory that language developed to charm the ladies. So, in that case its purpose would have (initially) been (self)-marketing.
        But language is useful for so many purposes I doubt it’s rise can be attributed to just one.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Regarding Rob’s meeting with Sophie…eh I expect high level awkwardness with lots of internal dialogue on Sofia’s side, while Robert talks with her casually and by the time Sophie finally manages to formulate a single coherent sentence, he’s already on his way. 😛

  5. King Komod93 Reply

    To quote a little green man from a movie made long ago… “Judge me by my size do you? Hm?” And it’s true not all super heroes wear capes, both for practical reasons and because sometimes capes don’t look as cool for example Iron Man.

    • Dæmon Reply

      You’re also forgetting most anime here is of today, or so I understand.

  6. Howard Reply

    Even end of the world refugee camps can’t escape the assholes and the goth kids!

    • Refugnic Reply

      Do you know the saying ‘Only the good die young’? All the good people, those who stop to help others, are the first ones to go during the apocalypse.
      Like it or not, it’s the assholes who are just thinking of themselves first and before all who manage to live the longest…simply because they aren’t held back from running away by morals or something silly like that.

      However, at the end, Death comes for all, may they be good or bad…he comes for them all.

      • Dæmon Reply

        To quote Gauntlet: “Death has arrived.” This pretty much sums up the apocalypse, right?

      • JW Reply

        I think it could go either way.
        If two bad people run, one trips, then the other leaves him to his fate and he’s dead. (Let’s say.)
        If two good people run, and one trips, the other helps him, and they might both live or both die. If the chance they live is greater than 50%, then the good guys are doing better than the bad guys statistically.
        And of course in reality it’s a lot more complicated still. But cooperation and trust are valuable assets for survival, and probably in short supply among selfish assholes.

      • antrik Reply

        Indeed the current going theory among anthropologists is that the Neanderthals died out, because they were not as cooperative as the modern humans, which made them less resilient to calamities.

  7. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Your love of painting the hair shows through in the quality of the artwork. It’s rescue by the way…

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