Partially honest

Ada got cheerful enough to get quite honest! But don’t get your hopes up, admitting (even slight) jealousy is certainly beyond her haha~

I had a busy weekend, visiting family and stuff. Hopefully next week will be boring and uneventful – more time for drawing for me. And did you see new TWC website? How do you like it? I still can’t login so… until that’s solved I’m afraid you won’t get new vote incentive, sorry..! ¯\_◉‿◉_/¯

And yeah, that narrative is going somewhere. Next week we’ll start another flashback, Ada will be reminiscing that important moment when she met Robert! I hope you’ll like that little scene. How do you think it happened? I wonder if you’re able to guess, based on their personalities and Ada’s high school memory from the previous flashback.

27 comments on “Partially honest”

  1. Adriano Reply

    “Fuck off”, that tee has never been so much suitable.

    Adaaaaa stop being like that! Robert, stop being like that! [frustration] Be the couple you wanna see in the world!

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Sadly enough I can’t vote again yet either, so until that is resolved, I’ll just have to put the vote I owe you on hold. 😛

    It’s interesting how her words say one thing, but her thoughts the exact opposite.
    Kinda reminds me of that one picture on dA…let me find it…ah, here.

    I wonder why people keep doing that though.

    And yes, Rob should be angry at Ada. Not because she walked off. Not because she was angry at him for no apparent reason.
    But for leaving him hanging like that, acting all snobby.

    But that’s just not him, I guess. At the very least, not any more.

    Heh…how curious that Ada apparently isn’t all that jealous of the green-tipped girl, despite her apparent interest in Robert…probably because Robert isn’t really reacting to it in any way. Or maybe she’s just too absorbed into her thoughts right now to bother.

    Well, let’s see where this goes.
    Now, as for my guess, Rob comes by with an umbrella as the rain pours down and a destroyed Ada is standing in the doorway of the school, just staring outside at the tears of heaven with a blank expression.

    A little compassion in the right moment can go a long way. 🙂

      • JW Reply

        Over the past few days it has usually said I already voted, even when I haven’t. I think their site is a little effed up. It looks better, but it’d be nice if it worked at least as well.

    • Beret Guy Reply

      They should have a sword fight to figure out who gets to be angry at who.

      • Refugnic Reply

        First: I don’t think Robert even wants to be angry. Or much rather he sees little reason to.
        Second: Okay, so the protagonists duke their differences out with their blades.

        In the best case, they power each other out, making themselves easy prey for the enemy.
        In the worst case, one of them gets killed.
        Somewhere in between is serious hurt, mutilation etc.

        So…why did you think them having a sword fight to sort out their feelings is a good idea?

        • JW Reply

          First: I don’t think Robert even wants to be angry.

          Yeah, that’s why the loser gets to be angry, not the winner.
          Well, Robert probably doesn’t want Ada to be angry either. But Robert’s not gonna win anyway.

          In the best case, they power each other out, making themselves easy prey for the enemy.

          No, no. In the best case, fighting unleashes their hidden passions, they realize they’re madly in love, drop their swords, embrace and kiss with wild abandon. (etc)
          And by the laws of narrative imperative all demons and bad thing in the world wait until morning before bothering them again.

          • Refugnic

            And somewhere, beyond the rainbow, Faust begins to cry, eh? 😛

          • Adriano

            I hope this is never going to happen xD

            I just want them to neglect their emotions til Faust comes and steal Ada’s heart 8D

          • Dæmon

            I’d do both. That way, you can reference Indiana Jones AND have a romantic thing go wrong!

    • antrik Reply

      @Refugnic you ask why people say the opposite of what they feel? In the case of strangers or casual acquaintances, the most likely reason is that they don’t want to unload their “emotional vomit” on others — which is quite justified in that case: who would really want to be bothered with the problems of people they don’t really care about?

      With close acquaintances, it might be ostensibly the same (though *not* justified in this case); or some other superficial reasons (like here with Ada) — but ultimately, it likely boils down to one fundamental issue: they don’t feel worthy of true compassion. They hate their feelings; and think others would hate them too if they opened up. (Even if the others appeared to show understanding, they wouldn’t believe them genuine… How could someone else “forgive” the feelings they can’t forgive themselves?)

  3. Tzaphqiel Reply

    Oh, Ada. How would having Robert be angry with you be beneficial to the situation in any way?

    • JW Reply

      It will relieve some of her guilt for be unjustifiably angry at him.
      So it might not be beneficial to the situation, it might not even make her feel better, but it would fill an acute psychological ‘need’.

  4. Doom Reply

    About this page: Ada’s hair is very pretty here! I do hope Ada learns to communicate better, though, as she is very unlikely to get people to do what she wants if she won’t TELL THEM what she wants.

    About the new Top Web Comics site: Prettier than it used to be. Also loads/runs far more slowly than the old one for me at this time. If that keeps up I’ll be less happy about the time and effort needed for my daily round of comic votes.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you for the votes and patience! I imagine they will tune everything in this week.

      • Doom Reply

        Ah, good. Today’s round of votes I had fast page load times and no error messages, unlike the last few days.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Glad to hear it! They are working on the site all the time from what I know.

  5. Zero Reply

    Is it just me or does “bye” (dependent on duration) mean the same thing as “hey” (dependent on duration)?

    For reference: see: Lazr Team.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I think, in this context, it actually means ‘Goodbye handsome. Hope to see you again without the little lady in tow, so we can have some fun together.”, whereas ‘Hey’ means, ‘Hey, you’re cute. Want to have some fun?’ (So yeah, same subcontext, but one’s a farewall and one’s a greeting. :P)

  6. Zenanii Reply

    How did they meet? Hmm, here’s my theory:

    Robert and Ada happens to be walking towards each other in a corridor (Unsure about location, could be school, or a public library or the shopping mall or whatever. As they approach each other Robert goes slightly stiff (not in that way you sicko) and fixate on Adas face.
    As they get closer Ada notices that he’s staring at her.
    Ada: “Uhm, is there something on my face?”
    Robert doesn’t respond. Instead he goes down on knee so they are eye-level, then puts both hands on Ada’s shoulder and stare intently into her eyes.
    Ada (slighlty flustered): “Hey, what are you-”
    Robert: Tell me. Is your eye color #197EF0?”
    Ada: “It’s. . . blue?”
    Robert: “No, it is definitely #197EF0. . . Please be my friend.”
    Ada: “I-it’s. . . It’s not like I want to have a friend or anything (baka), but I guess I could be yours if you really insist.”

    And that is my theory of how Ada and Robert became friends 😀

  7. Canicus Reply

    I really like the story. I feel bad for Ada though.
    Seems like she had some bad experiences with people. It’s easy to see why she’d be hesitant to open up when it caused her grief in the past.
    I think she needs more hugs.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for reading and glad you like it!
      Everyone needs more hugs.

  8. adam Reply

    I believe an insert of stereotypical joke on “typical women, always having you to figure out why they are angry at you” line here

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