If you haven’t realized it yet, we’re in a vision of the past. Enjoy! I’m sure you know what’s going to happen in a moment but I decided I want to show this scene explicitly instead of letting those events only be occasionally mentioned.

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I was very busy this week so I only managed to draw the comic page, couldn’t squeeze in any sketches… This week will probably be the same. Apologies in advance for being so quiet.

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17 comments on “Traffic”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    So we finally reach one of the turning points? You took your sweet ass time XD
    Joke aside, I think the way you tell the story, it’s actually nice πŸ™‚

    But this brings me to one question: Why does an apocalypse always has to begin with disturbing all the communication – I mean in the meantime everyone has to go “Oh, nothing works anymore – we are doomed!”

    OK, thinking about it, the way we are all dependent from this today, it would be an apocalypse ^^

    And stop apologizing for not doing more art – You are still no machine πŸ˜‰
    It is sad what happens with Patreon lately πŸ™ Since they scammed me and just told me to F*** off I decided never using these A**** anymore. But at least I am able to get you some money over Ko-Fi πŸ™‚

    And it is not about owning you something – I see it a little bit this way
    You are doing this for free, and I have so much fun with it, that I just want to support you – and if that is not enough, then see it as me paying for a comic per month or not going to the cinema (which is, tbh, even more expensive these days for just 2 hours of fun, but a lot of annoyance).

    • Refugnic Reply

      Because it’s efficient, that’s why.

      Humans are reliant on their technology far more than is healthy for us.
      So by bringing down the grid for example, you naturally send the enemy forces into ‘The heck just happened’-mode, which is just around the ‘Panic’-corner.

      And while they’re still trying to figure out what’s happening, you get free reign to do whatever…like for example open a gateway to hell or unload your tanks from the cargo ships you’ve been smuggling into harbor etc.

      And because the grid is down, those who DO figure out what’s happening, can’t even relay it to others, making a concerted reaction all but impossible.

      Communication is the lifeline of every country all around the world…without it, we’re completely screwed.

      However I don’t think the ‘disturbance’ is about causing panic or chaos…at least not primarily.
      Much rather it illustrates how brittle our technology is…just need to open a gateway to hell, which goes hand in hand with a major shift in the electric field of Earth and boom, you’ve got mayhem all over the grid, just before you’ve got mayhem all over the streets.

      Furthermore, I agree with NiWo.
      You owe us nothing, so don’t go beating yourself up…not like I’m one to talk though. πŸ˜€

      • NiWo21k Reply

        I fear this went a little bit over the part what actually went through my mind ^^

        I was actually just talking about how every portal that brings us a new apocalypse, always starts jamming our communication – and no, I donΒ΄t believe all these beasts that invade us in these moments are thinking about cutting us off from everything ^^

        Now, I am not disagreeing with what you wrote, I just had something else in mind ^^

        • JW Reply

          I think it’s just a convenient narrative device to convey that there has been a great disturbance in the force and millions are about to scream and suddenly be silenced, without needed some old Jedi to announce it. It gives the audience a few moments to anticipate the events to follow.
          Suppose this glitch hadn’t happened. Then this flashback could still be about anything; it could be backstory about Adam, or something else. But now we’re all pretty sure the world is about to be flooded with demons.
          Of course it could also just be a misdirection, or there might be a long wait between this and demons actually appearing. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next page (or join patreon).

    • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

      I can say from personal experience:
      Two months ago we had scheduled power outage – 12 hours without electric power.
      No PC, no console, no TV. No functioning refridgerator… Hospital has generator, so it was able to function on a reduced capacity, so only ER, otherwise everything cancelled on that day. No service – ATM, restaurants, drug store etc. No elevators.
      No heating. No water pumps.
      The only internet you could use was a cell-phone connection – cell-phone towers usually has a backup generator which can keep it powered – for 24 hours.

      Last week we had unscheduled power outage, for 15 minutes. It caused 10 hour outage of internet and tv access.
      If you need anything which is on internet, you are fu…. Being it work, any streaming service like Netflix, YouTube or music, or game which needs online check.

      Communications will go down because it’s the most fragile system we have. We are not aware what runs on power – virtually everything we use daily needs power, be it at our house or somewhere “out there”. Cut power and you start panic, because people don’t know what to do to with the large amount of free time they suddenly have. Recovering from full power outage is nothing trivial either, so that could mean even days before power grid will be up again.

      BTW in such case I recommend unplugging all devices to prevent damage to them. The power grid can go up and down several times when they are working on it.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        The problem is, that a lot of people today have no clue how “addicted” they are today of “power”.

        My family has lived in a lot of countries where power was only active for a few hours a day. Even knowing when the power goes out, even knowing they had a generator, they had times, where they felt something was missing, but they had things to distract them.

        Now if you see how many people swear on cloud storage – I think a lot of wont even are able to live through a power outage of 12 hours without starting going crazy.

        • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

          The worst thing is – I would bet there are people who would say: “What do you mean there’s not internet if power goes out?”

      • Andy Reply

        The Celluar Towers in the UK definitely do not have any form of backup generators, except perhaps where they share a power supply with an Emergency Services unit (Hospital, Police, etc.). You would be lucky if they still have four hours worth of battery backup, you would expect it to be an awful lot less, if any. That and, in rural areas, such as where I live, the towers are connected to the network via a ‘Multidrop’ microwave, hops through a number of towers before it gets to a fixed backhaul. If your tower still has viable batteries, that definitely doesn’t mean that the next, or the one after that, does. Once the power goes out in the UK, the Mobile Networks generally soon follow. And, regretfully, the fibre muxes in the street cabinets that support the majority of the domestic Internet access will go shortly afterwards…

        • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

          We have a good test of emergency situation right now with the Sabine/Ciara orcane. Local power outages left hundreds of towers without power, so they went on battery backup. I don’t know if it helps that we have 90% coverage from all three operators. I don’t envy those guys who have to work out in that weather, but I’m thankful to them…

    • Refugnic Reply

      Or maybe it was, because he’s a narcissistic idiot with a appropriately bloated ego.
      Ada may have ‘a soft spot for evil’, but apparently not for megalomaniacs, for whom ‘the country is not enough’. πŸ™‚

    • Andy Reply

      I like the view of Robert’s face (eyes) in the same mirror… **Someone** has been thinking very carefully about what they are drawing…

  2. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    So, it’s been a while since I last commented (and have been a little ‘off’ lately).
    Therefore, I first want to THANK YOU a lot that you keep this comic going!

    I know how you feel about skipping a week when you’re not feeling great, but please don’t worry too much about extra sketches etc. Your well-being is much more valuable to us. For some because we are a sympathetic bunch, and worst case, because they like the story and art and want to continue reading. πŸ™‚

    So, now on to some related comment.
    I loved the last few pages, especially for the facial expressions, the insights into the various characters and their relationships. I look forward to some potential new spaghetti arrows in the cast page (though I know this will probably be some time).
    I loved your representation of the kids and how kids will behave in such an adult-talk situation. I loved the adults being kids, too, since we never get past some behaviours.

    I can’t imagine how much effort it must have taken to draw all these faces.

    And don’t think that you are wasting your time with the backgrounds, they’re great! They just do what they should, which is not drawing attention while giving everything a realistic look. Although I will admit that I don’t pay enough attention to detail myself… some readers seem to do.

    Now, let’s see how shit hit the fan… (/^β–½^)/

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! I’m happy to hear that you enjoy reading it πŸ™‚ And you’re right! Drawing all those kids was a huge hassle but this is how I imagined the whole scene so I had no choice hahaha. I’m a slave of my imagination.

      I might actually need to take a week off after this business trip because it’s been exhausting and my jetlag is pretty bad this time around. I couldn’t sleep last night and after today I’m supposed to have lineart and flats done lol? It’s definitely not happenning. I guess you guys can survie a week break πŸ˜‰

      Thanks again for reading and cheering me on! <3 This comic definitely wouldn't be as much fun if not for the awesome readers that I've got!

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