But should I?

The only thing I want to say about this page is: I don’t like drawing cars.

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I’m flying to Seattle in a couple of hours and I’ll be there for two weeks. I’ll do my best to continue drawing but eh, who knows how it’s going to be. Drawing on jetlag is difficult because I get the most sleepy in the afternoon.

Also, I’ve been posting some cute sketches on Patreon/Twitter so go and take a look! They’re visible for everyone!

And finally: I have received some lovely fanarts lately so please take a look at those as well! Two of those are writings so grab your coffee and read on!

19 comments on “But should I?”

  1. Doom Reply

    I’ve been enjoying your recent sketches. My favorite is Pouty Ada, of course, because Ada. I also greatly enjoy the Adorabun. (Adorable + Bunny = Adorabun)

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    That little rascal, he will become a great joker in the future XD

    “”I don’t like drawing cars.””
    But cars are so amazing looking ^^

    Have a nice trip (even with the weather there ^^)

    And I am still really happy you liked both of the things I send you 🙂

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Thank you kindly for the mention.
    I hope that my little story will serve to entertain some of the other audience here as well. 🙂

    And those kids certainly take the situation a lot easier than the adults…just as they should. 😀
    I’m so glad to see that the end of the world was not quite enough to break the spirits of these kids.

    Just like it’s often the case, the adults could learn a whole lot from those kids. 🙂

    Sooo…the country this takes place in is called ‘Internaut’?
    Between the oceans, by chance?
    Is there a meaning behind the name?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Internaut is a portmanteau of the words Internet and astronaut[1] and refers to a designer, operator, or technically capable user of the Internet. Beginning with participants in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), it gradually expanded to members of the Internet Society (ISoc) and the larger community.

      From Wikipedia ;P

      • Refugnic Reply

        Can’t say I’ve come across the term before, so the very idea of googling it didn’t even cross my mind. 😀
        So thanks for enlightening me…but it is still used as the name for the country the story takes place in, correct?

        Or do I not only fail in my research, but also in my context evaluation? 😀

        • NotImportant Reply

          No I definitely didn’t intend to make it a name of the country xD both the country and the city are nameless.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Then I am afraid I fail to understand the context of this newsflash properly.

        If I may, I’d probably put something like, ‘According to the latest online polls, about 40 % will put their cross next to Levicky’s name in the upcoming election.’ (And 40 % is a LOT in politics as far as I know. Absolute majorities are very rare in multi-party systems, like they are prevalent in Europe.)

        Sorry if I’m being annoying, but something about this announcement just doesn’t sit right with me. 😀

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        I’ve never heard of such a term before either. Unless the country is full of members of Internet Society, which BTW I have never heard of before either, I guess it’s not the right term in this context. I’m not sure if there is some synonym (nethead, netizen etc.) which doesn’t sound weird… News usually speak about age groups.

  4. Regis Earsquake Reply

    I like the panel layout. Even though it’s a little bit confusing, it looks a little bit as if reality breaks apart.

  5. Bry Reply

    “Levicky”? ooooh, a bit of backstory for the big bad~? i cant see the second half of the page as being present time so it has to be a flashback right? it’s about time we gotta a bit more insight into Adam

    • Refugnic Reply

      There’s no news about Levicky on this page though.
      Julia already told us, that she ran his presidential campaign…and that he opened the gates of hell before the election period was even done with. (As far as I know though)

      So this scene must be shortly before the end of the world…which came as quite a surprise, like most of the ‘End of the World’-scenarios.

      Seriously, is humanity ever properly prepared for what’s coming in all those movies?
      I mean, I once watched ‘Independence Day – The return’ (not the best movie ever, but meh…)

      They KNEW there was a hostile alien race out there and they tried to utilize their technology against them…and guess what happened, all their preparations and precautions were a complete bust. 😀
      But hey, at least they tried, that’s more than most other civilizations can claim when there’s ‘suddenly Zombies/Demons/Climate change whatHaveYou)

  6. Alex Reply

    Oh dear there are still politicians and corrupt media outlets in this world. With just the demons I thought there was still hope, but now we now the world really IS doomed.

    I wonder if Levicky is worse or less bad than certain (in)famous politicians. I’d say he’s worse, because competent bad guys are worse than incompetent bad guys. As a German, I speak from my ancestors’ experiences.

    • Alex Reply

      Oh wait, after reading the comments I realized that this is probably a flashback and not a yet uninfested part of the world. But man, wouldn’t it be hilarious if there were such a place and Levicky would run a campaign that included a 10-point-plan on how to get rid of the demons? 😀
      Point 1 would be “Everyone give me your money and let me handle the rest.”

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        Heh, or imagine if life was kinda normal in infested world: “(…) if this will be a new chapter for our country. Now to our weather reporter Jerry: Hi Jerry, how does it look in downtown?” (Helicopter sound in background) “Good evening or your local time everyone! After a warm day we expect some rain after the sun hides below the horizon. Meanwhile we have a breakout of hellspawns on 33rd avenue and it looks like the Behemoth is on it’s way there too. Let me express our gratitude that you chose to listen to our station en-three-ar-oh in your last moments on this world!” (Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters starts playing)

        I like Postmen movie, just for the story of someone trying to live in the postapocalyptic world, even if it means making up things for people who need some hope, the power of uniform and how people need theatre to feel safe, even if the world might be far from safe.

        However having elections in such circumstances, that is pure utopia(-:

      • Alex Reply

        Hahaha, I have a soft spot for joke radio stations. XD
        It’s one of the main reasons why I loved playing GTA San Andreas and why I love that YouTube series “Radio Skyline”.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        I don’t know why, but San Andreas had the best radio stations of all the GTA games… GTA 3 was good too, but GTA 4 and 5 were just meh…

      • Alex Reply

        Okay, I didn’t play any of these other titles. It’s sad to hear that none were able to be as good as SA.

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