Hey there! I’m back in Tokyo, finally, and very very jetlagged! I usually can sleep just fine and my brain doesn’t have issues switching (I’m just slightly sleepy and have hard time concentrating) but this time around I couldn’t sleep at night so I’m a true walking dead at the moment. Anyway, enjoy the new page and two extra on Patreon:

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I think I’m going to take a break this week because every time I try to draw a comic page when I’m jet-lagged I end up getting sick haha. So I’m going to take it easy this time and let myself crash after work. I’ll probably be sketching though so keep looking at Twitter and Patreon if you like messy drawings. It’s going to be a mix of demon designs and cute girls with guns lol.

I was looking into Ko-Fi cause I was curious if I could replace Patreon with it since they don’t take any fees out of pledges. I thought the only thing is their monthly fee for the Gold account which I could stomach if that was it. But it turns out that you actually need a business PayPal account which is free on its own but every sale would cost me $0.30 + 2.9% earnings = Patreon fees. Seems like there’s no point then. Oh well.

If you’re curious about my Seattle trip – yeah, it was for work, but I managed to visit a friend of mine as well. The trip itself was a good one, I achieved a lot and even though it’s tiring and slightly frustrating at times (I don’t like being in US too much). I was organizing a week-long team event and wrapping up a technical design of a new project so you can imagine how intense those last two weeks were for me. Anyway! I’m glad I went, it was worth it. But now I’m tired haha, I landed in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon, reached home in the evening, couldn’t sleep at night and had to go to work in the morning next day xD I’m tired. So no new page next week, sorry guys.

Btw, I started watching Dorohedoro and fell in love, I need to check out the manga as well. What are you watching/reading now? Do share!

41 comments on “Introduction”

  1. DKpsyhog Reply

    Uh-oh, this looks bad! I think that if you ever have to compare yourself to Faust, you’re probably really screwing up your life.
    Shame about there not being a new page next week, but you need your rest. Thanks NI!

    • Speedy Reply

      Maybe he’s not comparing himself. Maybe he IS Faust. After all that time, I’d be kinda tired of people, too.

  2. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    I hate pretentious villains. I would make bad villain. I would just end the world… And then watch Austin Powers movies…

    • JW Reply

      Wait, if you end the world, then where would you watch Austin Powers movies? I think you’d better watch them first.

      As they say: please don’t end the world, it’s where I keep all my stuff.

      • Meadblondie Reply

        or like TomSka in one of his youtube sketches responded to “they want to destroy earth” :
        “EARTH !? But that’s where i parked the car!! “

  3. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    (The edit function is really missing here…)
    It’s transmitted around the globe – I hope he doesn’t use Google Translator. Also, who is Faust? (I know who is Faust, his house is near, I’m just speaking for majority of people, I bet)

  4. JW Reply

    What are you watching/reading now? Do share!

    I’m watching a lot, but not much I’m very enthusiastic about.
    I’ve started on “SOA Alicization” recently, and I really like it so far. I’m glad SOA lives up better to my expectations/hopes than “Toaro Majutsu no Index”
    I also like Carol & Tuesday, but probably more for the catchy music than interesting story-telling.

    • NotImportant Reply

      SOA Alicization? I watched maybe 10 episodes and grew so frustrated with it and so disappointed that I just gave up.
      What about new Madoka? No? I like it so far (even if it feels a bit rushed sometimes)

      • Alex Reply

        I tried to Google it, but I failed to find anything that was produced recently, even on the official website. Can you help me out, please?

      • Alex Reply

        Hehe, sorry for being imprecise, I was asking about Madoka. Thanks for the link, I was too confused by all those alternates and spin-offs etc. and apparently this new series in an adaptation of the RPG of the same name.

        I’ve seen only the first season with its 12 episodes and didn’t think there’d be so much more stuff, because the ending was kinda final. So the first 2 movies recap the first season and the new season recaps the video game. I’ll check if crunchyroll will let me watch it in Germany, but I might watch the 3rd movie first.

        I mostly liked the anime. My favorite part was that the parallel universe where the witches reside in was stuff from our world, e.g. a desk with various things on it and the characters were about as small as they probably were on the drawing-board. I didn’t like that standard Anime trope where an allied character starts out as cold and mean to the innocent main character. They should’ve explained that for some reason terrible things would’ve happened if Homura had done the sensible thing and just told everyone (especially that blonde chick) what her motives are (Miraculous Ladybug did a great job in that regard in Season 3). I also didn’t like the result of Madoka’s wish, i.e. all the things that happened in addition to what she wished for. But all in all, I enjoyed the psycho magical girl thing they got going. Maybe the creators of the game Lobotomy Corporation were inspired by this anime when they created their Queen of Hatred. 🙂

        • NotImportant Reply

          I actually didn’t like the witches and how they were portrayed in the anime but the concept grew on me. I watched all the movies and I think I liked them all. And I absolutely agree that Homura could have explained things better but I imagine she tried and failed and eventually gave up or got tired of explaining everything over and over again.

      • JW Reply

        I haven’t started on the new Madoka yet, but I definitely plan to get to it.
        I rarely watch current series (it’s a left-over habit from when I followed fansub groups that would sometimes spontaneously combust in the middle of subbing a series, so I made a habit of waiting for them to finish. It also means I can first read reviews on the whole series, and then ignore those reviews and watch it anyway (or not) 😛 )

        I’ve only seen 2 episodes of SAO Alicization so far, so I may yet get disappointed and frustrated, but I like it so far.

      • Alex Reply

        Well, regarding of portraying the witches themselves my feelings depended on the witch.
        Walpurgisnacht was nice, but I didn’t like the one that killed that blonde chick. The witch the healer girl turned into was nicely creepy.

        I of course don’t know how often Homura went back in time, but I don’t like that the Anime seems to tell us that being cold on the outside is the way to go to finally break the cycle.

      • Alex Reply

        I mean, of course it wasn’t Homura’s character change that broke the cycle, but I just wish that Madoka would’ve found the answer to the problem in a more inspiring environment, because being around a rude person makes it difficult to be creative.

      • JW Reply

        I can’t really fault Homura. That she survived going through that cycle as many times as she did without going mad from seeing her friends die over and over again, is a miracle. I can scarcely imagine the desperation to find some way to escape that fate and failing again and again, but never giving up.
        She’s been through enough to be however damn rude she wants to be. (Not that it helps, or is in anyway constructive.)

      • Alex Reply

        When I criticize Homura or anyone else I’m not criticizing the fictional characters, because they don’t exist, but the creators behind them who used a standard trope instead of trying to be original. Their choice was not the only option. People don’t have to suffer alone, but fictional characters act as role models for us, so I’d prefer if creators didn’t overuse that trope.

      • JW Reply

        Uh huh. Sure. And when I say I don’t fault Homura, I mean I don’t blame the creators for portraying a character scarred by experience as acting less than perfect.
        The way I see it, she wanted to prevent Madoka becoming a magical girl because that would doom her. She wasn’t being cold and mean to poor, sweet, innocent Madoka for no reason other than a bad personality. Quite the contrary, she wanted to keep a distance between them (even though she clearly loves Madoka dearly), so she wouldn’t drag Madoka into the fight with her, and at the same time trying to take on all the burden herself.
        But of course that’s not known at the start, because the story cleverly sets you up to make the wrong assumptions, about more than a few things, which are only later overturned and make you reevaluate the whole preceding story.

      • JW Reply

        Actually there is (to the extent it even is the standard trope). And it’s sad that you can’t see that and therefore didn’t get the most out of the story. But it’s quite clear you don’t like this aspect of the story and don’t want anyone else to like it or have an appreciation of the underlying narrative structure and the characters’ roles in it that you’re not seeing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Alex Reply

        Meh, I don’t tell anyone what to do. You want to be a fan of a standard trope that’s a bad role model, then so be it. I will never like that for some reason she either never tried to talk to her parents, her friends’ parents, teachers or the police about the whole magical girl/witches thing or that she tried it in imaginary past loops and they all turned out to be not helpful.

      • T3h Ogre Reply

        Careful you two, or NI’s gonna turn this whole comic around and send us to our rooms without desert. Or worse, stale gas station donuts covered in coconut. 🙂

        • JW Reply

          Haha. I can’t believe I messed that up. It’s extra funny in Dutch because “SOA” means STD

    • T3h Ogre Reply

      Star Trek: Voyager reruns. Or did you mean just the anime stuff? Some weird thing about two girls in a tank…I was still sorting out how to use Prime Video, and it was a what came up on the screen.

      No reading. Writing. Story in my head about a young woman (girl) who was part of an experiment (military intelligence) where her DNA was fused with that of a rabbit. She operates a drone of sorts in aiding remote teams to find their way home or out of tough situations. Whole life in isolation until something turns her world upside down and she joins a new team, and faces the real world.

      I’ll be asking Refugnickers for publishing advice once I have so etching shareable.

      Comic note. That display of Adam with the blood and wry nervous smile is AWESOME, NI. Well done with this page.

      • JW Reply

        Some weird thing about two girls in a tank

        Ah, “Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou”, right? I liked that one. A bit weird, and not very eventful, but nice.

    • Speedy Reply

      Well, there might be a change for the better in January, when DC law enforcement serves an eviction notice at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  5. A. Plumbus Reply

    What am I watching/reading right now? Well, I’ve finally started reading One Piece after putting it off for over a decade. If your only experience with it is the 4Kids dub, trust me that the real series is actually MUCH better. As for anime, I just finished rewatching both Azumanga Daioh and Girls und Panzer since they’re both among my favorite series’. I’ll probably rewatch Record of Lodoss War, Magic Knight Rayearth, and maybe Outlaw Star soon, since they’re also on my regular “Rewatch” list.

  6. NoriMori Reply

    Right now I’m watching “Overlord” and “Diamond is Unbreakable”; and reading “The Children of Men” and “Picnic at Hanging Rock”.

  7. Speedy Reply

    It’s never a good thing when a screen looks like that. If someone’s not trying to end the world, then you probably hit the television with your wiimote. Either way, it’s game over.

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