Too shallow

That face is a tad too close. I didn’t think about it before but demons must have the nastiest smelling breath yuuck… And oh, yeah, she does swear when thinking. But ugly words stay inside the skull 😛

I had a very nice weekend in front of the computer, drawing like crazy. So here you go, grab some cute Ada and happy Halloween! I’ll upload the video with the drawing process sometime soon too, I’ll post the link in the description when it’s ready. For some reason, Photoshop is angry with the video parts from this page’s process… Not sure what’s wrong with them, I’ve been decoding them back and forth multiple times and all players play them just fine and Photoshop alone just doesn’t want to. I’ll try after the next update, maybe something will get fixed.


I’ll have another illustration for you this week (not Halloween related, though)! I’ll post it on Facebook, Twitter and add it to the gallery. Come back to check around Wednesday~!
See you next week!

UPDATE: Process video is up!

21 comments on “Too shallow”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Remember: Dont sprint in action without thinking …. unless you have backup – but that doesnt help much when you dont wait until he arrives.

    I really like that over the last two pages you get a feeling how huge these thing really are. I like the second panel where Ada tries to find a spot to attack.

  2. Doom Reply

    Love Ada’s hair and fur on this page. Good way to show how much she’s moving in her attempt to put her sword through that demon. Good thing she has magical Action Heroine hair, otherwise she’d have horrible tangles.

  3. Dragon Master Reply

    Adda looks adorable in the Halloween pic. In the vote incentive reward Her “Oooh!” face, like she just walked in on something, is hilarious and pretty cute as well. 🙂

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Oh look, you made it mad. On the plus side the rest of them are definitely safe from it now.

  5. SKy Reply

    Yeah, a regular sword doesn’t work well against armor – even if it’s “merely” bone plates. Now it’s about finding the weak spots, assuming they don’t have a spare magic mace or pole axe lying around.

  6. ety Reply

    Yep, yep. Rob x Ada all the way, so far 😛

    btw, what’s up with the site you mention? because tutorials by you sound totally awesome.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hakeme is temporarily down (since we moved to the new server). Those tutorials are kind of old and not about drawing the comic, more abour the realistic style. They’ll be up shortly, I hope…
      If you are wondering how Replay is made videos are much better: Replay’s Youtube channel

      • ety Reply

        Honestly, mostly just any excuse to make myself draw and paint more. 😛
        Truth is I really need to start building up foundation work if I actually want to have any hope of getting where I would like to be.

        I’ll definitely check out the youtube channel!

        • NotImportant Reply

          I’ll announce it under the page when Hakeme is up again, sorry! Honestly, seeing that ages have passed since I last updated that page I assumed no one cares 😀

          • ety

            Well, it was like “Here’s a person whose artwork I think is awesome. Oh! Cool! She mentions something about tutorials, I should check this out.” haha.

          • NotImportant

            That’s basically how it’s supposed to be ;D And thanks!!

          • ety

            Ah! I just realized I said “she” and I don’t know if that’s actually right… that would be an embarrassing mistake. Although, I guess you didn’t say anything, so maybe it is right, anyway.

          • NotImportant

            Yeah, I’m female, and also used to people getting my gender wrong online 😉 So no worries~

          • ety

            Well, clearly /something/ made me think female 😛
            I’d have hated to continue to make a mistake when I wasn’t sure, though ^_^

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