And off she goes~!
I’ve been fighting with Photoshop to render that video for the last page but to no avail. Video from the Halloween illustration came out okay, video from this page came out okay, so damaged files seem like the only reasonable explanation. Well, not a big loss for you guys, I hope. I’ll keep recording my process since some of you did say it’s interesting ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

And hey! Thanks for all of those votes! I kind of forgot about the new month thing and all but you guys are on guard, it seems. Much appreciated! And big thank you to my lovely Patreon patrons, thanks to you guys the comic is more or less self-sustaining, it’s not a financial loss anymore! Only a waste of time! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♪ ♪ ♪ Don’t worry, I like wasting time this way, I’ll keep drawing it. We need to see if Stefen and his assistant survived, right? And everyone else ლ(o◡oლ)

Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo? I can’t keep up with Refugnic, this guy’s a machine, I need someone else to compete with lol Add me as a buddy if you are writing!

36 comments on “Backup”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    How would Ada know where to go from here I wonder…did she see something that points her to the supplies tent?
    She sure looks like she spotted something at least.

    Or maybe she’s just looking for some sword polish to make sure the next cut will be lethal on the first strike…questions over questions…:)

    Regarding NaNoWriMo…c’mon, I’m not THAT bad.
    I mean I’m dedicated and I use pretty much every single opportunity to write (which equals all my non-family free time and is, as such, less than last year), but there’s definitely worse people than me out there.
    You know, like those freaks who are actually already done with the 50k by now. (Yes, these do exist)

    Besides, you’re still drawing a comic on the side, plus you had to work this week, so I think you’re competing just fine. 😉
    Besides, I’m only 5k words ahead, you can still catch up. 😀

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      Well, one of two possibilities for knowing where it is. First, well, they were issued uniforms; maybe they got taken to the tent so they could find the right size. Second, they just spent the whole day walking around camp and reassuring people they were safe; they might’ve also used that time to get a mental layout of the camp.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’m trying to catch up every freaking day, you sadist! xD But joking aside, yeah, I had work, comic and lots of ther stuff on my head this week. I feel proud of myself for writing as much as I did heh.
      And about Ada – she did say she has a plan~ Looong time ago but she did.

    • JW Reply

      Or maybe she’s just looking for some sword polish to make sure the next cut will be lethal on the first strike…questions over questions…:)

      Nah, she just needs to get a large supply of toothpaste to cast a protective spell on the camp 😉

  2. ety Reply

    Ah! I’ve been considering trying to do NaNoWriMo for several years, but still haven’t really got around to it yet.

    Yeah, I checked out (and liked) all your process videos on youtube and they were definitely a fun watch. 😛
    btw, are you using any kind of smoothing on the line strokes? I couldn’t quite tell if it was that or if you were just doing it without it. Either way, your work is incredible!

    • ety Reply

      also, I definitely made sure to throw my vote behind your comic the last couple of days ^_^

    • NotImportant Reply

      Paintstorm which I use for lineart has some line stabilization. Photoshop was unusable for me in that regard for a long time. Now my hand is steady enough (or they fixed something) but I still like Paintstorm’s lines better. Thanks for watching and glad you like them! 🙂

      • ety Reply

        Okay, cool! (I also meant that I ‘liked’ them on youtube too, btw 😛 )

        I’ve been using Sketchbook for most of the stuff I’ve tried recently :/
        Well, recently might be a bit of a stretch at this point. It’s been a while.

          • ety

            SHHHH!!!!! no! you aren’t supposed to know about that!

            I might have just started trying to work on something, but I wouldn’t count on anything impressive. (I’m not all that good to begin with and I’m kind of even worse than usual right now from lack of practice)

          • ety

            ah, wait, do you only have 11 fanart drawings? wow.

            btw, generally speaking, fanart really just isn’t something I do…

          • NotImportant

            Yeah… I suppose they are too tired to draw after all the voting lol
            But you can probably imagine how excited I am to hear that I’ll get something more ;3

          • ety

            REPALY IS IN FIRST!

            last time I checked. like. woo! that’s totally awesome! congratulations!

          • NotImportant

            Thanks! It’s all thanks to those awesome people who lurk in here, somewhere \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

          • Refugnic

            Well, if you want some, I’m sure I can whip up something for in between two NaNo sprints (I see you’re still keeping up fine. Good job!). 🙂

            But then again, I’ve proven that I’m plain out terrible at fanfics.
            Never seem to get the characters quite right.

            I guess that’s either a testament to my overflowing creativity which demands originality, or my complete lack of the ability to get into a character of someone else. 😀

          • NotImportant

            You know, it probably doesn’t help that this comic is still so short! XD I’m sure that the main issue here haha because your stories were entertaining and fun to read!
            But I wanted to see some cute Ada drawings! People just don’t want to draw (╥﹏╥)

          • JW

            Well, I’d like to draw, but I’m terrible at it. You ever watch Yuruyuri? Chinatsu draws better than me.

      • antrik Reply

        Nobody feels up to the challenge of making cute drawings of Ada… You set the bar way too high with yours 🙂

  3. Doom Reply

    A waste of time? I disagree. Humans do not function well without entertainment. You, NotImportant, seem to quite enjoy making and talking about this comic, and we therefore get to enjoy reading and talking about it too.

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    You’re not going to behead it just in case. I’m err on the side of caution with these monsters!

  5. ny Reply

    nitpick: I expected “supply tent”. Like “supply drop”, “medicine cabinet”, “telephone room”. I’ve got no idea why it’s singular, but it is. 😛

  6. Em Reply

    I’m making some Ada fan art. Do you have an instagram so I can tag you? Or is there another form of getting it to your eyes

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yaay!! I don’t have an instagram but it’d be awesome if you could send it to ni.replaycomic @ or give a link here even. I’d add it to the fanart section~! :3

  7. Lone Wanderer Reply

    “The covenant are attacking!”

    Might I just say, the detail you make for your clouds and grass is really something? It has such a clear design to it, that it looks like you could just pop in, and see it in 3D.

    And I should know! I spent a few evenings watching the clouds. :3

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