Please die quickly

He’s in a hurry, okay? Please cooperate.

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I’m glad I took a week-long break, the 19th page was a bit challenging and took me way more time than usual to finish, ugh. Anyway, I’m all good, not jetlagged anymore, there should be no break until maybe the end of the month when I’ll be traveling but I’ll try to make a page in advance so that I don’t have to skip again. I want to finish this scene and get back to the forest which has easier backgrounds lol… But I hope you’re enjoying! I really like this particular flashback.

Many of you are probably curious about how it’s like in Japan with the coronavirus. Not so bad so far. The government closed the schools and canceled all big events to contain the spread. There are hand disinfectants in most shops and cafes. It’s now impossible to buy (online or offline) toilet paper, tissues, hand soap and masks (masks have been gone for weeks, toilet paper madness started last Friday). Many people are encouraged to work from home if they can and on train stations, they suggest to avoid rush hours. All in all, you can tell that something’s wrong and it’s hard to just ignore it.

What is sad is that misinformation is creating a lot of panic and causes problems. Like with the masks – there’s no reason to wear it unless you’re coughing. It helps contain the spread but doesn’t really protect you. You can read that on the WHO site or look up studies about flu spread in countries that use face masks a lot. Another thing is that damned toilet paper – people went crazy because someone suggested that it’s made in China and would run out. It’s not made in China, it’s too cheap and too big to transport… Anyway, trust but verify, there’s a lot of stupid rumors floating around. Also, it’s not like the flu. No.

What else… Plums are blooming! It’s really pretty! I hope my friends from Poland who are supposed to visit in 3 weeks really will be able to come over, heh. It’s not that bad in Japan yet… We’ll see. I’m also reading Dorohedoro manga (it’s so long…!!!) and short stories by Ted Chiang (Exhalation Stories). Both are entertaining!

Thanks for reading guys and see you next week!

15 comments on “Please die quickly”

  1. Lone Wanderer Reply

    When your satanic ritual is about to start but your sacrifice isn’t showing up.

  2. Lone Wanderer Reply

    When your satanic ritual is about to start, but your sacrifice isn’t showing up.

    • Lone Wanderer Reply

      No idea why it posted twice, it told me it was already posted but I saw nothing.


  3. Crestlinger Reply

    And at the end of the world there was a great influx of coloured fabric as all the dye shops in the world heard ‘please dye quickly’ and thought there was going to be a demand for their wares.

  4. JW Reply

    He could have at least explained what he was trying to achieve. As public service messages go this was less helpful than usual.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I don’t know what kind of government you have, but ‘not knowing what they’re trying to achieve’ is pretty normal for whatever the Bundestag is proclaiming.

      Seriously, sometimes I think that they aren’t all too sure about that themselves.

      At least Faust has made his message quite clear without hiding it within 200 paragraphs of meaningless babble.

      ‘Please die quickly’ – You can’t get any more concise about what you want, can you?

      Why, if it was my government, it would probably be phrased as, ‘Due to the increased demand in wares and commodities, the government has conceived a plan to counter the increasing shortage of available resources, by extending a recommendation of utmost important to the people, which asks you to gather in public places and await further announcements, while our newly formed task force against overpopulation begins its work by enacting the mid-term plan of terminating all humans of this country and, by extension, the entire planet, which will, in response, solve the overpopulation crisis once and for all.

      Thank you for your cooperation’.

      Just with more gibberish. 😀

      • JW Reply

        I don’t know what kind of government you have [..]

        I don’t think he was in government yet, but just trying to get elected (until he decided on a different approach with this).

        Seriously, sometimes I think that they aren’t all too sure about that themselves.

        Oh, I’m sure they know what they’re after. They’re trying to be seen to do something. It doesn’t really matter what, as long as they can claim they did something. I mean, that’s what the people ask for whenever there’s a problem or crisis: “why doesn’t the government do something?”

        Just with more gibberish.

        Yeah, I was gonna say; too many words that are still intelligible.

  5. Alex Reply

    We thank you for your hard work and congratulate you on your early retirement.

  6. DKpsyhog Reply

    He’s probably not too happy about all these survivors in the camp, then. How dare they so rudely refuse to die?

  7. Alex Reply

    Here in Germany, the health insurance doesn’t even pay for it if you want to do the Corona check, unless you were in contact with a confirmed case. So I’m at home with flu-like symptoms and I’ll just rest this entire week. Our government apparently refuses to gain the information it desperately needs, so I think Germany will not be able to contain it.

    And yeah, there are no face masks or disinfectants available here, either. I wanted to wear one to protect others from me while shopping, but humans’ misinformed egos prevented me from doing that.

    • Refugnic Reply

      The government of Germany (at the very least the current one) is notoriously bad at information management.

      Look at the refugee ‘crisis’ and the rise of the right wing (which also is happening in other countries).
      Honestly, a frigging TV SHOW is doing a better job at informing people why ‘fearing migrants in general’ is a terrible idea.
      Certainly, there are some black sheep among those who are coming, but the great mass are decent people, who are just happy to have gotten out of the warzone.

      But the picture the media is painting is not one of ‘people who trying hard to fit in’, they are painting the image of an ‘invasion’ as the black sheep seek to force their culture on us (instead of adapting to ours).

      And then there’s of course the public image of ‘them’ getting everything for free we need to work hard for.

      And what’s the government doing to take care of this issue?
      Make sure, that the migrants do something productive for the money they’re getting? – Hardly
      Inform people how many migrants have actually come and do help the country thrive? – Not on the news.

      But what the people see is: ‘More refugees are coming and threaten our way of life’.
      And this enforces an image, which is very convenient for the right wing…which is why they propagate it with all their might.

      …but then again, I wouldn’t know how to do it any better, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

      In regards to the current viral crisis…yeah well, if people would just stay put for…let’s say 6 months and use the information infrastructure we have for their meetings, the spread wouldn’t be close as bad…plus, it’d be great for the climate, because for 6 months, there’d be no airplanes burning gallons of fuel just to get people from A to B. 😀

      • JW Reply

        I think you replied to the wrong post 🙂

        The government of Germany (at the very least the current one) is notoriously bad at information management.

        Well, to be fair, the last time they were good at information management, it didn’t turn out so well :p

        But the picture the media is painting [..]

        .. probably attracts higher ratings than an accurate picture would.
        Even for public broadcasters, were you’d hope a fair and balanced picture of reality is more important than popularity, if they don’t get enough ratings, they’re deemed irrelevant and have their budget cut.

        [..] if people would just stay put for…let’s say 6 months and use the information infrastructure we have for their meetings [..]

        It’s pretty horrible, to be honest. I have colleagues that sometimes call into stand-ups or other meetings and I often can’t understand half of what they’re saying because of the poor quality.

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