Surprise visit

I can’t help but think that Stefen has the most luxurious tent ever. Just to himself too! Sighh…

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First – special thank you to all those who sent me birthday wishes, thanks a bunch! I’m not a fan of birthdays in general but this year it wasn’t so bad. No, it was actually quite good. I played with cats, ate tons of strawberries and cakes, rested plenty. If you want to see some kittens I played with or wonder how amazing an all-you-can-eat-strawberry-buffet can be, just check out my Instagram: 

Apart from living through yet another birthday, I was mostly working on my novel this weekend. I want to finish fixing the plotholes until the end of this month… We’ll see how that goes. Still 6 chapters left, I went through 9 so far but it’s super slow. Editing is hard work, some of you know a thing or two about that.

Other than this, I started sketching out Sofia in a cosplay outfit hehehehehe… I’m going to post the sketch on Patreon in a moment. Those who are not part of the camp can try guessing what it’s going to be! And feel free to give me some ideas for other girls as well, let’s put Madoka-boys to shame! I already have an idea for Ada and Laura but until I sketch it out everything is pretty much in the air. So go! Throw your ideas at me!

24 comments on “Surprise visit”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Her tea senses were tingling ^^

    Happy to hear you had a fun day, and the pictures were fun going through 🙂
    You will get through it and if you miss a plothole, just say it was planned that way – yes I know it would drive you crazy, so easier said than done 😀

    And that cosplay drawing… its already looking great – for me its already amazing, for different reasons XD

  2. Refugnic Reply

    How do they say?
    You only start appreciating the little things you had once they are gone.

    And yup, that’s quite the luxurious tent.
    He has proper shelves, a working table, a gas heater and plenty of change clothes…all things considered, he’s really well off.
    Now if only he had any friends left to share that wealth with…unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be quite as blessed in that regard.

    Heh…so Laura is the quartermaster in charge of provisions now, huh?
    Hopefully she’s better at handling resources than she is at cooking, otherwise the camp will be in trouble soon. 😀

  3. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Ah, but, Nina, are you going to ask Laura about where Filip has gotten to, or about where you can find some tea? ;-p

    Stefan looks a little different, somehow; it may just be his clothing, though…

    • Refugnic Reply

      Why not both?
      Laura probably knows quite a bit about everything in the camp.

      She’s smart enough to have her ears open around the camp and friendly enough to have people actually feel comfortable enough to talk about things around her.
      One should think that people shouldn’t feel the need to have secrets in that kind of situation, but if you’ve lost everything else, your little secrets are sometimes the only thing you have left…meaning you guard them all the more carefully.

    • Browser Reply

      Perhaps the work art style bleeding over into the personal art style?
      To the author, I would like to express the following sentiment, in regards to this presentation of comic goodness: Thank you.

      • NotImportant Reply

        I don’t really draw manga at work~ But there’s no way that my style won’t evolve a little over time. Even anime I watched in the meantime might have affected it haha.
        And you’re welcome, Browser! My pleasure! 🙂

    • antrik Reply

      Yeah, Stefen looks kinda more like Robert here… While Nina looks more like Ada. I guess one could say the art style is converging?…

      (Hopefully not to the point that it will be difficult to tell them apart 😉 )

  4. xthorgoldx Reply

    Stefan seems like a man who knows how to set up his tents. Reminds me of what I’d see at Scout camp during the summer.

    You could always tell the difference between those who were merely sleeping in wall tents, and those who were living in wall tents. Usually you’d see it in the better counselors and the experienced Scouts, but on occasion you’d see a few more talented younger kids with a knack for making a tent a home. There’s three levels, mostly. At level one, you have the guys who just set up a cot and hang a lantern from the ceiling. Then, you get some more commitment and creativity when you’ve cobbled together a card playing table and have “appropriated” some firewood logs for stools. And then, you get the guys who literally have tiled paths leading up to their tent from hand-picked river stones set into limestone gravel hauled from an abandoned quarry a five mile hike from camp.

    Because that’s how you make a tent a home, damnit.

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Proof that though the world may end if you can have tea, everything doesn’t seem Quite so bad.
    Costume Idea source? Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ should suffice.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      The good thing about tea is that there are so many plants you can use to make it, at least herbal tea.
      Plus they are in the forest, so herbs should be abundant.

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