Memories of rain 1

And so the flashback begins! Those of you who vote on TWC will recognize that big bottom panel. I have already changed the vote incentive to something different, I hope you’ll enjoy the new illustration! I will add it to the wallpaper section in the gallery sometime this week, maybe some of you will be interested.


I’m kind of worried about the comments. Did you guys get bored or just waiting for the big fight at the end of this chapter when everyone dies?

59 comments on “Memories of rain 1”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    …wow, can I just say I love the composition of the second-final panel? There’s something about the way it’s set up that just transitions the mood really well.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! I’m glad it worked… That panel was in my head for months lol

  2. Avenger Reloaded Reply

    The art is always on the epic master level. Leaves me speechless most days.

  3. Zenanii Reply

    I think you’re worrying about the comments too much 😛
    It’s just that in some pages there isn’t that much to discuss. When there is important plot development (flashbacks, new characters, violent demon attacks) there tends to be more stuff to discuss. The parts that are more “transportation” between the more important events doesn’t create as much discussion (that doesn’t make those parts bad, mind you, it’s just that you can’t make every single panel super interesting).

    That, or your entire fan base is dying off 😀 (But considering you’re ranked #3 on TWC I wouldn’t be too worried about that :P)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Just wanted to give your guys a nudge 😛 Sometimes even I get slightly demotivated (for example when I need to draw a complicated scene and there is a lot of painful things to draw) and your comments and excitement help tremendously. Plus I get very jealous of other comics who have a lot of active commenters ლ(o◡oლ)

      • JW Reply

        From my perspective it’s always a fine balance between too many comments to keep up with, and too few comments to bother. I like that can keep up here, and there’s something new most days. (Though it could use some more activate in the second half of the week.)
        Not sure what could be done about it though. For my part, I’m more of a responder than a topic-started. If there’s nothing I feel I can respond to then I’m out of options.

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        Even if we’re not commenting actively, all ya need to do is take a gander at TWC’s rankings. Those ain’t bots putting you at #3 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          You know, after that initial burst which caused Replay to reach top 10 I am never sure haha. But yeah, lots of people voting, you guys are simply the best ♡

        • Beret Guy Reply

          I’m sure we could take care of that, especially given how many programmers are here.

          Replay for mayor!

  4. Adriano Reply

    Too bad for Superman cuz he’s surely gonna DIE
    (no mercy)

    Anyway, I bet on Robert giving her a ride, bcs of the rain.

    • JW Reply

      Like, what, a piggy-back ride? 😛 Cause they’re the same age, so I doubt Robert’s got a car.

      • NotImportant Reply

        In some countries you need to be what, fifteen? So technically he could own one and it would make some sense.

        • JW Reply

          In the USA you need to be 16, I think; but I’m kinda assuming they’re not from an alternate-universe USA.
          There’s probably also still countries where there are no laws regarding driving-age. Or where people just don’t adhere to them.

          • NotImportant

            Nah, more like Europe, although it probably wouldn’t show in the comic too much. But I’ve never been to USA, it would be kind of awkward.

          • Zenanii

            Funny, I thought you were actually from the USA since the comic seems to update around 1-3am CET monday (I’ve been trying to pin down the exact time), and I assumed you wouldn’t be updating in the middle of the night.
            While typing this (and looking up PST) I realized USA is behind Europe in time, so that assumption made no sense at all >_<'
            Still, you are getting enough sleep I hope? You're not slaving away into the wee hours of the night just to get mondays update out?

          • NotImportant

            Hahah I actually update around 11PM (or a bit later) Sunday CET. Current place of residence: Wrocław.

  5. Ooorah Reply

    She’s so cute. They’re so cute. Kiss her you fool!

    But yeah, don’t worry about the comments. I rarely comment, but I vote every day. I’m loving the story, the characters, the art… this is an awesome comic.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for letting me know, for reading and for all those votes! Makes me very happy to hear that you like the story and the characters, I get a bit anxious sometimes, such comments help a lot \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Refugnic Reply

    There’s no need for you to worry about the commentary, really. Most webcomic readers are silent (personally I only comment regularly on two comics, this being one of them) and just enjoy the show.

    Personally I adore the last panel with that blank stare into the bland world outside.
    The tears of heaven are falling for all those, who don’t have any tears of their own left to cry.

    Regarding Rob’s statement…yep, clueless as ever. He really reminds me of myself with that. 😀

    Regarding the new VI…I wonder why she looks so annoyed in it…also, maybe it’s just me, but that picture kinda gives off a ‘Zombie apocalypse’ vibe, though I guess ‘demon apocalypse’ would look similar. 😛

    • NotImportant Reply

      Might be, but I always look at Not A Villain and sigh with awe, those people are so much into it! I hope I’ll be able to do that too, in time. NAV is much, much older than Replay after all. And comments help with motivation, you guys spoiled me! 😀

      She looks annoyed on the vote incentive because that’s her tsundere way of living!

      • antrik Reply

        I’d like to point out that Replay has had more comments than NAV per page on average for some time now…

        It’s true that the comments are quite different in nature: NAV tends to see more regular speculation about plot developments — but that’s because, in all honesty, NAV is just a more complex story: with lots of lots of mysteries and hints and intrigues… Replay (so far?) doesn’t have nearly as much of that. And quite frankly, fairly few of the comments on NAV are really all that interesting IMHO… I tend to enjoy the discussion here much more 🙂

        (Another comic regularly seeing lots of non-trivial speculation is Unsounded — again, a very complex story with a lot of unforeseen twists…)

        My favourite comment section over the last year or so however has been on Data Chasers. Sometimes there are all kinds of interesting random observations; sometimes very insightful analysis or heated philosophical debate; and sometimes just plain good fun…

        Though over the past couple of weeks, the comments here actually got me engaged a lot more — I wonder whether this will persist? 🙂

        • NotImportant Reply

          I sure enjoy reading what you write haha~
          Regarding the plot in Replay (cause I feel like defending myself a little) – sorry for being so slow! NAV has a lot more pages. If you looked only at the first 150 ones you’d see that there’s not all that much plot. And Replay’s setting is simpler so questions don’t arise that naturally. There’ll be time for twists, don’t you worry~!

          • antrik

            You don’t need to “defend” yourself, as it was never meant to be any sort of attack… Just an observation 🙂 Not every story needs to have the same complexity…

  7. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I love it when the TWC voting rewards finally appear in the comic proper. Nice farmhouse on the new one.

    I’ve been on holiday for a fortnight, and I only post a comment when I have something to say beyond what has already been said. I’m still enjoying your work on this series.

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      I also meant to say that I prefer the world/character building sections to the action sections so there’s no worries from my point of view about the pace of progression. I like the depth of the story and think that is as important as the momentum.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you..! 😀 They will be travelling a little bit in the next chapter so I’m trying to prepare. Never been good at painting landscapes, took me a lot of time to finish this one too. It’s going to be a challenge~!

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        You do lovely trees and shadow effects! You’ll be ok if they stick to the woods 😀

        • NotImportant Reply

          I am most afraid of the part in which they visit the city hahaha, that will be a challenge! Greenery is way easier than architecture.

  8. Micah Reply

    Not sure why it was quiet last week. But for this week I must say this looks super great! So does the vote incentive. You’re on top of your game this week. Also, does this mean Ada’s spell worked? Or is this a different point in time?

    • NotImportant Reply

      That’s a different point in time, she’ll be reminiscing about the moment she met Robert. We’ll be back in the camp in a few pages to see if her spell actually did something :3

      • Micah Reply

        I meant her last flashback, she made a rain spell, not the toothpaste spell. Here it is (glad my memory isn’t wrong). But cool, I look forward to their meeting.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Ahh! Sorry, I misunderstood! If you check the spellbook you will see that it has to be engraved in silver to work.So no, it’s a completely random, 100% natural rain.

  9. Crestlinger Reply

    The last day it ever rained. the coming of the demons stopped it.
    Now is that heart sticker on that locker plot significant?

  10. PickYerPoison Reply

    Hi! I’m a new reader and I’m really enjoying this 🙂 keep up the good work! I like freckles…

  11. Rick Reply

    Sorry, I know it sounds weird but I’ve been so wrapped up in the story. I forgot to comment.

  12. Dusk Reply

    I for one am still reading. Cannot exactly comment much though. Ada does just look so adorable in that shot <3

  13. Ktrimbach Reply

    Seems like most of the commenters are commenting about the last panel, but I think you did an excellent job on Ada in the first panel. With her long red hair and her bushy red tail alluringly swaying from side to side [implied].

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha thank you! I wanted to create a kind of contrast between top and bottom panel, on the first she is quite happy, scene is lively, while on the bottom is dull, almost colorless, her posture still and a bit depressing.

  14. BakaRamune Reply

    Eyyyyy, shout out to the lil kid in the Supah man shirt. BTW I love your comic, it’s amazing.

  15. Alex Reply

    Panel 2 is one of those very rare panels in webcomics where I just stop and stare in awe for a couple of minutes as if hypnotized.
    Sooooo beautiful, I have difficulties putting it into words. On the one hand the rainy and foggy atmosphere of a peaceful yet somehow melancholic-looking town, on the other hand the (mostly) dry school, where you’re safe from the rain, but the metal and the walls are cold and sterile and at first I thought that there was cold and sterile neon light, too, but it seems the pupils prefer a dark school. And then there are the fire extinguisher and the sign pointing to the emergency exit, which look so very out-of-place that you just know that whoever built this school was purely pragmatic. All of this makes for a perfect atmosphere, at least for my taste.

    Do you have a version without panel 1 and panel 3 taking out bits of it? That would make a nice wallpaper.

    • Alex Reply

      Never mind, I just went through your gallery and it looks like you already uploaded it. 🙂 This is my new Desktop Wallpaper now!
      Man, there are quite a lot of new really pretty pictures in there ever since the last time I checked it out!

      • NotImportant Reply

        Hah! Thank you! Glad you like it! Do you want me to make it into a wallpaper or the image is enough?

        • Alex Reply

          That depends. Will the wallpaper be cropped top and bottom compared to the image (which is something I could do myself real quick if I wanted to) or will you take the time to add more stuff to the left and right? Or do you already have more stuff you just left out to fit the image into the panel? Or is adding more stuff relatively easy, because it’s just more and more lockers?

          So, as long as it’s not about cropping the image, a wallpaper is something I would like to see, thanks for the offer!
          But if it costs you too much time to do that for me, the fans might get mad at me for eating up some of your buffer. 🙂 It might make for a nice poster / mug / etc., though. It would be the first of its kind in your shop, atmosphere-wise.

          • NotImportant

            I don’t have more, I’d have to crop it or add to it. I’ll think about it! Drawers are kind of boring to draw, you can probably imagine.

          • Alex

            I see. 🙂 Well, in that case you really don’t have to do it for me, but thanks for the offer!

  16. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    If those actually are lockers, I wonder who would be able to use the top ones (apart from Robert). I think that they are not higher than the door, I can remember that much about perspective from art class 😉 And Ada would have a difficult time using even the fourth row (counting from the bottom).

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