Prince in dirty socks

Rescue is here! Unfortunately our cutie went unnoticed and never got a chance to introduce herself. But that’s ok! She lived, so there’s still a future. Next week we’ll meet some new people, while Ada and Robert run around the camp and save the day.

From other news: I have removed the VOTE button from the menu and added a banner under the comic page instead. I hope it doesn’t distract you too much, but distracts enough to actually go and vote. Replay really really needs you! We still get new readers mostly from Topwebcomics!

I hope I’ll be able to finish new print before next week ends so cross your fingers for me.
There is honestly not enough time for all those things I want to do (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

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33 comments on “Prince in dirty socks”

  1. Anonymous K Reply

    Another demon killed which means still a lot more to kill. Luckly Ada and Robert make a good demon clean up crew.

  2. xthorgoldx Reply

    “Who are those people?”
    “They’re main characters, dearie. Your best bet is to run as far away as possible to avoid being a background character that’s killed tragically; otherwise, get as close as possible to try and get behind their plot armor.”

    • JW Reply

      She’s on the cast page, so she probably has plot armor too.

      I hope Robert and Ada don’t get arrested for perpetrating a hit-and-run.

    • NotImportant Reply

      “plot armor” – that’s simply brilliant xD
      And I am kind of tempted to add someone to the cast and kill him/her brutally few pages later, just to shatter your expectations ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

      • JW Reply

        I saw an anime once were they killed off the whole “cast” in the first episode. That was .. surprising.

        • xthorgoldx Reply

          Gai Rei. That actually really turned me off from the show – killing off characters is one thing, but if you kill off characters I haven’t even had a chance to learn the blasted [i]name[/i] of yet then I can’t really be bothered to care. I think it would’ve had more impact if I’d read the manga (to which the series was a prequel) first, but after three episodes I was pretty bored with the series. “Oh look, they’re being overpowered by some supernatural demon force I have no idea what it’s about, I have no idea why they’re having trouble fighting it, and everyone’s dying faster than my crew in KSP.”

          • NotImportant

            I liked that first episode for visuals and dynamics, I didn’t like some of the ideas and I don’t think anyone assumed a viewer would be sad for the dead characters. It was supposed to be intriguing and shocking, not sad. I couldn’t read the manga, don’t even remember why, possibly because I didn’t really like Kagura (that’s the name of main heroine with short hair?).

    • Lone Wanderer Reply

      Plot armor… Gonna have’ta write that one down in a notepad, and use it later. XD Funniest thing I heard in awhile.

    • NotImportant Reply

      True! They are indeed similar in looks. I don’t read Uberquest so I’ll just hope they are not similar in character too xD

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        I wait to discover with anticipation maxed out! Right now I’m just glad she’s out of immediate peril 🙂

  3. Red Cloak Reply

    I like this comic so far, I haven’t found any good comics near there start that weren’t on a perma-hiatus.

    Love the art skill you’ve got in general, although animesque isn’t really my taste.

    The dialogue seems like it needs more work though. You aren’t terrible at it, I’e seen way way worse.

    I’m not sure exactly WHAT i don’t like about the dialogue in general, but it feels a bit… blunt, maybe, or maybe it seems forced to me.

    Your art skills, in my opinion, are pretty much awesome already. While i see most people evolve their art skill mostly over the course of a comic, I’ll be just as satisfied watching a dialogue skill evolve!

    (because most people i see writing comics seem to have expereince in writing or drawing before hand, seems like you got drawing first.)

    • NotImportant Reply

      English is not my native language, if that can pass as an excuse. But you do have a point, I will focus on the dialogues and writing in general since I am pretty happy with the art right now. Can you point some comic/book/whatever where you find the dialogue to be entertaining enough? It would be awesome if I could compare what I did here to something supposedly good. Thanks a lot!

      • Takoshi Wolfite Reply

        I can list a few that i’ve read,
        they are not in any particular order but they should be of use and probably a good laugh or two

      • Sarnak Reply

        It might be because I’m a straightforward type of person, and pretty blunt in my on conversations, but I like the dialog so far. I blame it on being from Texas.
        Loved to comic when I stumbled upon it, and love it even more now.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha very happy to hear that there are people who still find it enjoyable! It might be that I just feel bad about writing lengthy dialogues when I can only produce one page per week… I will try to give the dialogues some more love after I’m done introducing the cast since we will want to get to know them better and see them interact with each other~

    • NotImportant Reply

      You sit and wait for next pages or travel forward in time (╯°□°)╯

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        Patience is a virtue, especially for something as good as this is shaping up to be!

  4. Dyson Reply

    The term “Dirty Sock Syndrome” is used to describe unpleasant odors that arise in building heating and cooling systems. US have been noted as frequent offenders.

  5. Blob_Cake Reply

    hey just started this comic last night and WOOWW it’s beautiful!! anyway i know that Robert has that strange katana with the markings but does Ada have one too? She killed the demon that was attacking Rob with a similar sword but I couldn’t tell if she grabbed Rob’s from next to him or something…idk

    • NotImportant Reply

      He’s got two swords and lends one to Ada if the need arises 😀 Thanks for reading and glad you enjoy!

  6. Capt. leon Reply

    oh my good, the fox girl and the wolf boy saved the cat girl!
    shes a cat girl right?

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