Mind the kids

Filip’s face in the middle of all this is my personal fav. Also hey, you guys wanted a bunny person so here’s my first try!

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And please, don’t tell me that it’s fine to take a break because it’s not. For a not-so-successful comic artist, it means dumping months of work into the bin. The last time I stopped posting new pages to redraw a bit of the prologue Replay sank from the 5th place on TWC to below 100th and from 100 comments under the pages we’re back to around 10. It’s extremely depressing and seems like a huge step back which I’m not sure how to even repair. I know some of you are real sweethearts and you want to support me and this story but most people are just looking for free entertainment and they’re not willing to put up with it being unreliable (there’s lots of other content out there after all).

In comics, update-schedule consistency is king!

And before you tell me that I shouldn’t care about people who are not devoted – well, this is how we all start, right? Also, the number of people reading this thing is proportional to my satisfaction from making the comic because I don’t get much fulfillment or pride from just drawing. I’m self-critical and don’t like my art 10 minutes after it’s done. I also like doing many different things and sticking with this particular one for this long is not easy, I need to constantly convince myself that it’s somehow “worth my time”. And since it’s not producing (much) money it needs to at least produce my personal satisfaction.

Forgive the little rant. Maybe that’ll help you understand a little bit how it works in my head.

I also hope you’ll continue reading and enjoying this, we’ll soon move into the next scene which is very hard and time-consuming so I’m already super stressed. I have a whole list of things I need to do asap so I’ll just excuse myself now… ( ̄▽ ̄)/ ♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪

Ah, about Historia! There will be an important update next week!

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  1. Noyb Reply

    What a verrrry good question, especially since he couldn’t do that magic before Julia came around in the first place.

    • T3h Ogre Reply

      There was that one seen before they our duo met the white haired chicken menace at Ada’s house – where rob dissected the leaping lizards from the motorcycle. Perhaps engaged by fear for himself and Ada? Boy, that would be an exhausting way to create magic…don’t tap anyone on the shoulder from behind or your a cutlet.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Actually, that’s exactly what he’s been practicing with Julia earlier.
        They call it ‘chaos magic’, as it doesn’t derive it’s power from the heavens above (or wherever), but from the nether regions, where ‘not being a virgin’, ‘being angry’ or even ‘being an ass’ are plus points.

        Of course there’s also the option, that neither kind of magic has anything to do with ‘heaven or hell’, but much rather both are connected to the innate power of the individual and their affinity to the energies that run our world in the background.

        But then again, what do I know, right?

      • Refugnic Reply

        @JW, in german we have a saying ‘Ein Schelm, der Böses dabei denkt’, which apparently translates to ‘Honi soit qui may y pense’, which is supposedly an internationally known quote…to be honest, I never heard it before.

        But yes, I do know what you are getting at, so at least I’m no better than you. 😛

        What I wrote was referring to the netherworldly regions, where, in this case, also the demons seem to be stemming from.

        Hah, now wouldn’t it be fun, if the demon scourge was actually a punishment from heaven, who got fed up with mankind?
        But then again, the Lord supposedly managed things like that by having fire rain from the heavens, make people turn to pillars of salt or by sending a flood in the past…

  2. Jim Reply

    Don’t get discouraged. Your comic is one I come home from deployment looking forward to reading (mostly because I care about the mains, and it’s hard waiting week to week!)

    • Refugnic Reply

      I second this.
      Replay has long since been part of my Monday morning routine and I appreciate every update.

      I also pop in occasionally during the week for the commentary, cause I also like the community, but that’s just a bonus. 🙂

      • NotImportant Reply

        Thanks guys! I’m not planning to stop and I enjoy doing this and reading the comments so please don’t worry. As long as you guys are here I’ll continue! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    @NotImportant: Did you notice if there is a change in number of votes when you explicitely write “please vote” and give link to TWC to click on compared to when you don’t mention it?

    • NotImportant Reply

      There is a difference but it’s not that significant. Replay had many more people visiting before the hiatus (some of them coming from TWC of course but not THAT many) and that was what made the voting more effective. Or maybe you need more votes now than you needed in the past? I’m not really sure. I only know that fewer people read Replay and even fewer vote compared to before.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Hmm, I don’t think you need ‘more’ votes now.
        A quick glance at the TWC list shows the most popular comic at the moment with 20k votes…and you had that many votes in the past, if I remember correctly.

        I have no idea WHERE all those people went, but I’m sure you are familiar with this quote: ‘Trust no statistic you did not fake yourself.’

        So don’t let low numbers get you down all that much.
        They’re just numbers.

        Those who make all the difference are at the core of things…right here in the comment section.
        Because we are not just numbers.
        We are people who enjoy your comic and interacting with you and each other.

        And while my art and the required effort does not compare to yours (not very well at least), I’ll remind you of something: If even one person enjoys what I make, it’ll already have been worth it.


      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        Well I’m forgetful, so I find it handy if I see “and vote here”, yes, even if the banner is few scrolls up, because it reminds me. It’s like YouTubers telling to like the video. I didn’t come with intention to vote or like the video, I came to entertain myself and since I’m not getting any endorphines from voting, I don’t push the button. I’m bad mouse… (bad lab mice pun)

        I think I started watching the comic after ‘hiatus’ since I’m not aware of any, but I have my moods where I can dissapear for months, so we just might had ‘hiatus’ at the same time. One thing that interests me is – if people come through TWC, how they stay? Do they bookmark and come back? Do they keep going through TWC? Are they intimate with the story and lore? BTW the cast page is great idea! and it’s readable (slight dyslexia). Did they deleted bookmark, or just stopped coming if they come through TWC? Did they read from beginning if they were first time comers…

        I don’t know, I just find TWC cumbersome if I wanted to check on my favourite comics, choosing it probably only to search for new comics to read… How many these people read? I have 22+ bookmarks, half of which I’m lagging behind, and I-don’t-want-to-count number of waiting comics opened in tabs to even start reading because I once went through recommended and thought I could like that story.

        That’s why I loved RSS, it could be half a year without update, but once it came, I knew instantly… However how many people knew something like that exists or how to use it, from casual audience. Then I saw many sites fazing it out, leaving only few. I don’t even know if aggregates does have such feeds. They of course would rather have you come to their site or use their app.

        I still think you give too much importance to the statistics from TWC. Does it correlates to monetization? If not, stop looking at them! From what I read it seems to me it makes you feel sad, perhaps thinking that comic somehow lessened in value or importance, that you give it more time than would be appropriate or deserving compared to other ventures and happy time. It’s hard for me to choose the correct words (i czesky) but if I’m close to feelings you got, stop checking the statistics… It will only create a negative feedback loop and it’s hard to break free from it to think positively.

        When I check my email, I still have that one with picture from Historia left in my inbox, so I won’t forget about it, waiting for more information. That’s how much you influenced my life. And when I finally repaint my room, your art piece will decorate my wall…

        • NotImportant Reply

          Awww thank you!!! There will be a very important update on Historia with the next page so stay tuned!

          And you’re right… I probably care about TWC too much. I guess it stuck with me because it was something I once had and now I don’t and I’m not sure why. Also, I don’t know any other places where I could advertise Replay and let people know about its existence. I’m not a social person so whatever forums or lists people use to find new comics – I don’t know about those lol
          Regarding the monetization… yeah, Replay had about $100 more on Patreon in its prime but most people stop supporting because their financial situation changed and not because Replay is not in top 5 on TWC. I agree that most of the traffic coming from there could have been bots. Still, it’s a high visibility spot and since it’s easy to find TWC when you’re looking for webcomics it was also easy to find Replay. Now – not so much. So it’s definitely worth something.

          For now I don’t want to worry about metrics too much, I want to continue the story and work on Historia project as well. There’s not much time left between those two, regular office job and sleeping. I might try to work on the marketing some more after Historia’s done.

          Thanks for your input, it helped me let go of that ranking a little 😉

      • G Reply

        I check in every other day pretty much, even when you were on hiatus, I just tend to get busy reading comics (I follow several) and forget to vote, will try to be more consistent

        • NotImportant Reply

          Thanks for visiting and the votes! But please don’t worry about it to much, I definitely don’t want to make anyone feel obliged.

  4. The_Squished_Elf Reply

    @NotImportant: I, for one, will say my lack of votes during the prologue redux was NOT specifically because there “wasn’t new content” but rather that the new content – the redrawn prologue section – didn’t feel necessary. Some comics have such a change in style and quality over time it feels worth it to see the first comics redrawn – for example, Not A Villain or Bittersweet Candy Bowl. One of the reasons I found I liked Replay was because the very first pages started from a reasonably high drawing quality. TWC has a lot of comics that start from really low quality, and Replay is just – not one of those. The interesting world and story is what kept me, but the prologue was already done well enough that I really didn’t feel like it needed updating. It felt like if you felt that quality shift was so large, you’d have gone back for two months every year to “fix” the lower quality stuff and eventually gotten stuck. Consistency is huge though just for sheer authorial momentum, I’ve seen a lot of webcomics where the author went on a break and just forgot what they were doing.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha yeah, that’s a matter of opinion I suppose. For me the prologue seemed absolutely terrible xD But I doubt I’ll ever want to redraw the first chapter for example. And if I ever change the style again I’m willing to accept the change and just continue.
      Thank you for the praise though! 🙂

  5. T3h Ogre Reply

    Those early pages, at least to my eyes, served to show how much you’ve grown as an artist (professionally speaking). No work is going to be perfection. You will only drive yourself bonkers trying to make it so. For example, if you buy the perfect sweater, only to find a pulled thread and keep tugging at it to fix it, eventually you will end up with a virgin killer…okay maybe, my analogies need work. The point is, we bought what you sold us in the beginning (the story, the characters, the way they looked, colors (colours) and all). If you feel that updating is what makes it a better story telling (and you feel you need the quality enhancements for consistency), then press on and absolutely do not bin your hard work. But, stories evolve as they are told, colors change, new lines are drawn (metaphorically speaking) – we can’t change the past, but we can all hold on to the future (even if it is a Dystopian drama that does not have one). Show us their future, NI.

    I’ll have you know, that I have worked very hard to be a curmudgeonly old knuckle dragging lummox, not a sweetheart. Knocking door to door did not work out for us, I may have to re-join Twitter to bring you more readers and convince all ten of my followers to read Replay. Or wear my virgin killer sweater…

    Mustache made me laugh. Also Bunny! Have a good week, NI (and the rest of you sweethearts).

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha, thanks! And I’m glad that I was able to make you laugh 🙂

      I don’t think I’ll be redrawing anything anytime soon. I really wanted to fix the first pages because I felt the style-shifts every 2 pages when I was experimenting might be discouraging to new readers. In the end, I lost a lot of followers by doing that but oh well, I can only continue now, right? there’s no helping it. Maybe one day they’ll remember about Replay and come back haha.

      By consistency in my note I mostly meant updates-schedule consistency. The style will always change, there’s no helping it. I want to grow as an artist so I actually don’t really want to draw in the same way until the end of this story. But the prologue was… well, I just wanted to fix it 😀

  6. NiWo21k Reply

    Man, and there you say I am negative o.O

    TBH, I have no idea what to do…
    All I can say, that during your hiatus, a lot has changed. Looking over the webcomic community, it looks like there was a small “crash”. A lot of artists disappeared, a lot tried to go exclusive with some portals, and in the end, there was also a lot of crap that suddenly appeared. Some artists tried to go all out and started advertising everywhere so people find their work, others just spammed forums. But in my eyes, that wouldn´t be the right thing to do.
    Some also tried to do collab work.

    I know you don´t want to hear it, but all you can do at the moment is staying consistent. But if you feel like working on your comic becomes a chore, then, as sad it would be, stop. Don´t push through just because you think you must. Because that is the way you will lose all the fun in drawing and writing.

    Ok, it is obvious you are still a way away from this, and you just needed to vent 😉
    But just keep it in mind. And – again, I know you don´t want to hear this – concentrate on the people that follow and support you. They are your “lifeline”. Trying to convince others might alienate these “important” people for you (in this case I know what I am talking about). So if you need someone to talk, I think there are enough who would listen to you and help you with everything 😉

    oh, there was still the new page ^^
    TBH, something like this actually happened not so long ago to me, with just one exception… I didn’t have someone like Laura stopping me – it was quite embarrassing XD

    • NotImportant Reply

      OH man, I’m a super depressing person :DDD

      But don’t worry! I’m not planning to ditch Replay or anything like that. I have thoughts like that but, like 80% of my thoughts, I just disregard them and continue. There are exciting things ahead and I want to show them to you guys so even though I’m discouraged by my own inability to succeed at marketing and advertising I still want to share the story. And I’d hate to disappoint all those who are reading it.

      Thanks for sticking with Replay! 🙂

      • Refugnic Reply

        Depression is just around the corner for many artists, so you’re definitely not alone there.

        I think anyone who ever even just tried to create something faced the ‘Why am I even doing this?’, ‘This is terrible’, ‘Nobody will even care!’ routine before.

        Good and true artists, like yourself, manage to push through that and enjoy themselves.
        You are also a programmer, so that’s a double depressing thing to do…cause all you ever hear about are problems, problems, problems…you always get told how stuff doesn’t work.

        People don’t talk about the stuff that does work…but it’s super important to remind yourself of all the things you are doing that people aren’t complaining about…because that’s the stuff you’ve done well. 🙂

        So yeah, it’s fine to have these thoughts (almost anyone has them now and then, myself included), but the important thing is to remember why you are doing it.

        I don’t know your reasons, but as I said previously: If even just one person enjoyed it, it was already worth the hassle…at least for me. 🙂

        • NotImportant Reply

          I just like making things. That’s why I do it. And yeah, dealing with social media and Internet in general is a hassle and it’s depressing to many but the only thing I don’t like about it is that I don’t understand how it works. I had more readers before but why exactly? No idea. It’s annoying but not important enough for me to even stop and re-think it. Maybe later. For now I just want to keep going with Replay and with Historia project.

          And I’m not a depressed person, I’m a depressing person, there’s a difference! But if I had to live off my art and rely on social media to get my income I’d probably be one of those depressed artists. Being a programmer might be tiring at times but it’s also good $$$. At least I don’t need to worry about paying my bills.

      • NiWo21k Reply

        “OH man, I’m a super depressing person :DDD ”
        Ok o.O – Then please tell what I am – I mean, I am depressed all the time, and had so many downs lately, you are a ray of sunshine in this regard 😀

        And I didn’t think you would ditch it 😉
        I just said, if you feel like you need a break, do it – if the fun is lost and it becomes work, it is the time to take a few steps back and see what way you want to go.

        And don´t worry about social media. TBH, the past years, I tried to be seen, and it never worked. Actually a reason why I said I take my leave from social media for a while and only use it to post my videos, nothing more. All my posts have zero views, and on Ko-Fi I actually am talking with myself XD

        TBH, the last 2 weeks, I am actually feeling better and since I ended my main YouTube channel and only concentrating on my second one, that has nearly no followers, I am actually having some fun again – even more, seeing there is at least one person who likes my stuff and actually is following me 🙂 And that is what keeps me going, even after losing the fun in writing (ok, that was taken from me, but let’s not talk about that 😀 )

        And also:
        If you fear to disappoint us, then please stop thinking that, because you cant. As long as you have fun doing what you do, you have nothing to fear – we would be disappointed if you just do it to please us because that would be visible.

        And just as a footnote: Please look forward to the upcoming weekend, I might have something that will cheer you up 😉

        • NotImportant Reply

          That’s the difference! You’re depressed, I’m depressing (I make other people feel depressed) 😀

          Yeah, it’s very hard to reach people, the Internet is too vast… I feel like especially on Youtube it’s just plain impossible xD Good luck with your channel, I hope it grows in time. And enjoy what you do!

      • NiWo21k Reply

        Ok, ok, you win (means you are right) 😀

        The problem is, the net became such a massive place, with so many people doing the same thing – at some point, you will disappear in this big sea 😉 Of course, you can go out and spam every forum, every board, and just push out stuff every day – but you know what?
        Seeing how shitty a lot of these “big” channels or names became, how they spam us with adds (One of the people I followed has reached nearly 35 percent of his videos are just adds for shitty mobile games and websites) that I am honest, I stay small, make what I like and just think about what is fun and how to entertain the few viewers I have 🙂
        And that is what I can tell everyone – yes you might not get that famous that quick, or be able to earn a lot of money, but your work will stay constant, you dont have to stress yourself or fall in a hole if people stop following you. But I promise you, one day you will reach a specific point where your hard work will be worth it – and I believe you already have seen that happen 😉

        And Thank You 🙂
        For me, that channel is just a hobby and some distraction from my job – it is just fun 😀

  7. Alex Reply

    I understand the importance of consistent updates, but does it have to be time-consuming comic pages every week? I mean, if your health is affected, then it’s not worth it in the long run, but there are alternatives:
    E.g. in GirlGenius there are fillers with characters and various items of clothing, so you can print everything, cut it out and dress the characters up. I never did it, but it’s a fun idea nevertheless. Unless it’s not saving you any time.
    Or El Goonish Shive has science corners where characters explain the lore in front of bare-minimum backgrounds. Also he’s mostly doing grayscale, with only his blog having occasional colored pics.
    By the Book has occasional Q&A’s where characters answer user questions. I once got an entire page dedicated to my questions only. ^_^ Those fillers reuse art a lot and are basically text-updates. Also he did a bunch of huge text-updates delving deeper into the Gnoll lore, but given the sheer size of those I’m not sure if they saved him any time at all. Each of those could’ve been split into at least 3 updates easily.
    Flipside does movie reviews, small misadventures, lore explanations or other filler stuff with little to no background art and with the characters being drawn in a super simple style.
    Frivolesque has profile pages, but I don’t think they were meant to be filler. The comic strips with Laurence however were, and they had a serene type of humor to them (again those were pages with very little background art). She’s the girl I’m currently using as an avatar.
    Not A Villain did some fun Q&A’s, too. There also were some “Dude the Great” misadventures, but I’d wager you don’t want to do stick figure art. 😉

    I think I could really go for some chibi-style fillers with your characters playing off of each other. 😀 But really I’m gonna be fine with whatever you can think up to get out of your rat race before it’s too late. I know you love drawing beautiful detailed pictures, so don’t ruin your fun by forcing too many of these on yourself all at once.

    And if you end up freeing time there might be space for some simple vote incentives. Maybe you can change the dialog of a page into goofy exchanges.

    • NotImportant Reply

      For now my health is fine (I think?) so no worries there. I draw Replay in high quality because that’s the only way for me to actually feel like I’m improving and polishing my skill. And if I’m not growing by doing this then I get bored quickly, I want a bit of a challenge ;D

      But yeah, the next scene will be hard because of the backgrounds (you’ll all see in a couple of weeks….) so if it takes too much time I’ll probably post it unfinished or something like that and go back to it later. I’m not going to sacrifice sleep or work for Replay~

      Those are great ideas though! I wouldn’t do those instead of the comic but I really want to do them on top of regular updates… Just think about it! How cool it would be to actually have a catalog of all the demons and such! Like a bestiary! So nice…. Maybe after I’m done with Historia project hahahaha… Or when I quit my job lol ….

      • Alex Reply

        Thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with. 🙂 If a comic page takes too long to finish you can still post filler stuff like bestiary entries instead of an update without having to feel like you’re getting bored, right?
        And if creating a bestiary is something you find interesting, then how about you post even more of those as Monday updates, freeing up time to work on the comic buffer (or to relax or whatever)? That would be the best of both worlds, right? Depending on how much time that saves you you could do 2-3 filler updates per week (or throw some of those to the vote incentives instead) and hopefully increase viewership again. Currently it seems like a good time, since the comic is explaining lore right now anyway.

        Also it’s good to read that you’re not sacrificing work or sleep for Replay, even for the upcoming scene. That’ll be beneficial to you in the long run. Do I sound like an old man writing that? XD

        • NotImportant Reply

          I did something similar when I was finishing the last chapter. Instead of updates I posted illustrations – those take less time and I was very busy travelling at that time so drawing those while preparing the next chapter was easier for me. But yeah, I’d be a bit reluctant to do that in the middle of a scene haha xD

          Thanks for all the ideas, always good to have some options when I’m feeling stuck or too tired.

          And I like sleeping way too much to sacrifice any of it hahaha XD I like my work so I want to give it my best there as well. There’s never enough time to do everything or take things slowly but oh well, I don’t think I’m going to fall apart anytime soon 😀

  8. Andy Reply

    Regarding TWC: I *AM* a statistician, or was when I was able to work… I had a good careful look at the voting when you first mentioned your problems with the TWC voting and initiatives. Now, without access to the page hit statistics, I may be way off the mark, but my analysis leads me to ‘guess’ that there is a significant amount of ‘machine voting’ going on, despite protestations otherwise and apparent ‘checks’ performed. I may be wrong, but when you have a couple of obviously ‘dead’ comics way up in the ratings, you do have to ask why that might be, especially when, in my opinion, they are not of a particularly high standard. With that little observation (I then watched for a short while), I would personally count the TWC effort as a gimmick, a rather nice and useful gimmick, but not particularly of any actual concrete authority. Again, I could be wrong, but I personally would not pin any hopes and dreams on that site. Just me you understand…

    Secondly – as an answer to a previous comment: Yes, if you were to give me any substantial volume of data, and tell me what you wanted it to say, then yes, I would (mostly!) be able to make that happen for you. We have a saying in the UK, it may not be worldwide, I don’t know, but: “There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    Bunny is indeed cute, but really – he would make a very, very fine ‘Night Fox’ or ‘Snow Fox’ or something of that general genre. Hopefully we have enough time to see him when he ages a little and is somewhat larger/chunkier. (And grows into his ears!)

    And, hopefully without falling into the same trap that some of the previous commentators have fallen into… *Is* Rob a dog?

    Apologies for any spelling and typing errors I haven’t caught – I no longer have full control over my hands and arms, so am gradually losing my ability to type. Hey! c’est la vie!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yes, I have to agree, I believe there’s some machine voting going on and I suspect Replay once upon a time also had a fan that supplied such votes from the comic. It’s not that surprising for me since I’m from a technical background, I’ve got lots of friends who would be perfectly capable of doing it and probably considered it a little pat on the back or something. Maybe Replay never had enough “true” votes in the first place….

      It had more traffic (probably thanks to TWC as well) but it’s hard to say if those were bots or real users. So it might as well be that the position on TWC doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t give anything and I shouldn’t care at all. But then… how do I get readers? Maybe I should just start investing in Google ads again, sighhh…

      And to answer your question – Robert is a wolf! Well, he’s supposed to be.

      Thanks for reading and for this comment! I really appreciate your input!

  9. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I’d missed loads of updates and I love how this has developed. A slow chapter increasing the depth of the world of just my jam.

  10. Raven Reply

    I understand your comment about the consequences of you taking a break. And, as a young writer, I also understand that it is quite depressing to see less people reading or caring the stuff you put so much effort into -especially since Replay is shown to be heart-made, and the quality of the art and the story reflects this.
    But please do remember that even a failed project is never as bas as severe mental or physical issues, so… keep doing great, OK ? As for the comic, we’ll stick around and we’ll love every bit of this story you’re telling us until its end. Don’t worry about that.

    (Sorry about the broken english^^)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Please don’t worry, I’m doing just fine 🙂 Thanks for reading Replay and I’m glad you enjoy! Losing readers is a bit depressing but I can only continue and hope that they’ll come back at some point. It’s hard to reach people, especially when I hate social media and don’t care about my presence there. And your English is not broken, don’t worry! Thanks again for the encouragement and good luck with your writing!

  11. TimeScratch Reply

    I finally caught up after finding this late last night! The premise of this story is just so intriguing, and your art style is just simply charming! I’ve definitely been reading far too much into this, but there’s so much to unpack, especially in the latest chapters! Keep up the good work, but don’t forget to take care of yourself!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Welcome and thanks for reading! 😀 Very happy to hear that you enjoy!
      Do you mind letting me know how you found Replay?

      • TimeScratch Reply

        Well, funny thing…
        I was actually just going through my twitter feed when your handle came up, and I saw a few pieces of your art and I was like “Oh! This is pretty neat! This person is really talented!”
        So I scrolled down your twitter for a few seconds before finding this, and seeing as I’ve been looking for some new content to enjoy, I decided to check it out!
        Best decision of 2020 yet!

        …I do actually need to start following you on twitter though, I completely forgot to when I started reading haha.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I SEE! Good to know that my Twitter account is actually useful haha! Thank you!!!

  12. ThreeDomeHome Reply

    Really, please do keep up the work if you can! Replay has been a awesome source of entertainment to me and during the hiatus, I periodically checked on the progress, but it’s the first time I comment.

    Some love from Slovenia 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Sending some love back from Japan <3

      I plan to continue, no worries! Glad you enjoy reading it, it's always so motivating to heard comments like that. Thank you!

  13. Crestlinger Reply

    Good save Laura, though I don’t think there’s anything that can save Filip now…

    • JW Reply

      Well, the kids probably don’t know that sleeping has another meaning than napping. And even if they did, “you’ll lose the ability to do magic” is probably the best deterrent you can give to promote abstinence. Not sure how good “you’ll lose the ability to draw circles” is, though.
      I can’t draw circles for the life of me. Unfortunately it is uncorrelated sleep(ing with).

  14. ToxicSkull Reply

    Hi, I just wanted to say that this is an amazing comic, keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Dragon Master Reply

    LOL Laura’s got an “Oh crap!” look on her face at the end. Not that I blame her.

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