Constant assumptions

Honestly? I just wanted to make fun of Ada a little bit.

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More comments than usual in the last week! That’s nice! I hope you can stand Filip for a little bit longer as the poor guy tries to understand our miraculous witch and join the inner circle. So far… not so good. Those who visited the cast page already know that he’ll eventually succeed but, for now, his only magical power is making Ada scream from anger.

Anyway, I had a longish break from work and have been slightly lazy in the last week. We’ve been to the ocean, we’ve been hiking, we’ve been to Comiket to see Historia VN pre-release in person too! I think I’m supposed to keep the actual release date of the first part of the game a secret so I can’t tell you much more but I promise to announce it here as soon as possible. It’s soon! I’m super excited to hear what you think. I enjoy working on this project a lot… If you like it, then maybe I could turn Replay into a visual novel style game?… With choices and even worse endings? Ah, doesn’t that sound brilliant?

So many possibilities, so little time.

Ah, right! Thanks for the wishes last week, my hand is way better and drawing isn’t painful anymore! At least so it seems! My eyes are still very upset if I sit in front of the screen for too long but it seems to be a dryness issue. I’ll be testing a bunch of eyedrops this week heh.

Tomorrow I gotta go back to work and it’ll be harder to find time for everything. Right now, apart from drawing Replay, I’m writing the plot for the second part of the Historia project. Yep! I’m the writer of the second part! Isn’t that exciting!!! I want to finish the second part by the end of 2020, it’s an ambitious goal but I hate feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything when the year ends. I always get super depressed over this. I hope you guys can help me stay motivated~!

So what are your resolutions? Anything new you want to learn? A place you want to visit? A goal you want to achieve?

13 comments on “Constant assumptions”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Looks like you found a new victim and Robert can have a breather for now 😀
    But still, Laura, do it 😀

    Hey, Replay as a VN? That would actually be one amazing thing 🙂
    But, and here I am honest, not really from the view of our beloved characters, but more of another survivor who crosses paths with them. it would be so much more fun – I mean you know what my Idea with “The Huntress” was ^^

    But for now better concentrate on the one you are working on. And I am really happy to hear you have this chance to continue working on it. Supporting you in every way – so dont get depressed, or if you feel like its going down, come to us to talk 🙂

    Also, I am happy your hand is doing better, as I said, it is a really shitty situation (I am glad I am able to use my right hand again – and look what I did, I doodled again some sh*** 😀 )

    And about resolutions? You know, after knowing we all cant keep with them, we decided our resolution will be to have no resolution – now let´s see how long we can keep up ^^

  2. Doom Reply

    Part of why people keep assuming Ada is dating Rob: Rob very clearly desires Ada. Another contributing reason: many people assume a boy and a girl cannot be friends without wanting to date each other.

    My favorite part of this page: child playing with Laura’s hair. It waves! So cute!

    • glitterboy2098 Reply

      also: Ada very clearly desires Rob, even if she hasn’t been able to admit it to herself yet.

      • JW Reply

        She’s certainly possessive about him.
        Not sure if I’d use the word “desires”, though.

    • Dragon Master Reply

      IIRC at first I thought Laura was twitching her tail in an effort not to laugh.

  3. Treviisolion Camp dweller Reply

    So Filip will probably never get to use this magic, as I imagine doing a 3-day ritual every time after he does the thing would put quite the stress on his relationship.

    • JW Reply

      Well, you never know, maybe there’s some kind of prophylactic he can use to preserve his “purity”. We don’t know all the rules, so there could be ways to work around them.

  4. Ooorah Reply

    “I’m not interested in [creating real, proven magical effects],” said no one, ever.

    I mean, I can understand preferring one type of magic over another, but there must be some serious drawbacks to chaos magic to be legitimately not interested in learning it. If this system is rooted in current real-world ideas about magic, then I guess I’ve heard some things about chaos magic that would make me wary. But the lure of something that legitimately worked would be mighty hard to resist.

    • Golnor Camp dweller Reply

      I would assume Chaos magic is somewhat unpredictable. I’m just guessing here, but getting the wanted result from Chaos magic might be a bit harder than herding cats.

  5. Alex Reply

    When I was in Japan I bought some eye drops against dry eyes as well and I was super happy with them, but I only remember that they were in a small violet bottle. I just went into a drug store in Tomakomai and asked for eye drops and that was the one they gave me.

  6. Dragon Master Reply

    Something really cute about the last couple of pages is how well Ada seems to get along with the kids. To me she seems the kind who while not a child-hater, would be distinctly uncomfortable and awkward around them.

  7. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Just went back a few pages, looking for something.

    Guess what, this page still makes me smile. Love the interaction here and especially Laura trying not to laugh… 😀

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