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Hey guys! I’m back from my birthday-trip with a new page! Grab two more if you support Replay on Patreon:

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AND NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT NEWS! The first chapter of Historia VN has been officially released and that means you need to go HERE and download the game! It’s $5, not free. We plan to continue with the project regardless of the funds but it would still be nice to get back some of the money the team poured into this project. Thanks in advance! The initial reviews were really good so we’re excited about the next chapter (hopefully to be released in a year) and OH WELL JUST GO AND PLAY IT ALREADY.

Sorry for all the shouting, I’m just so excited to finally be able to share this with you guys. I worked really hard for this project and I’m super glad I’m part of this team. If you want to read more about how it all happened there are some posts on the blog and the official launch announcement:

14 comments on “Not my business”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Well, word travels fast in such small encampments…cause no matter where you are, there’s bound to be gossips nearby, who have all too fine hearing when it comes to things they’re not supposed to hear.

    Also…not your business, Ada?
    Why then, pray tell, are you getting so worked up over the subject then…if it doesn’t concern you in the slightest?

    Gotta adore the little guy falling asleep when Ada’s just about ready to murder Filip though.

    Reminds me of that one time, when my little guy was just jumping around in one moment, then laid himself on the bench in the living room and *bang*…out like a light.

    Had to carry him to his bed, so he wouldn’t fall off the bench. 🙂

    I fall asleep fairly quickly myself, but that one was just surreal. 😀

    Also, congratulations on the release of your first chapter of Historia.
    I hope it turns out to be successful. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you! I also hope that everyone likes it. So far we only heard positive feedback and we’ll be brainstorming the next part this weekend. Making a visual novel was a first for me but I’ve always wanted to do it so I’m really happy we released it! 😀

  2. Bry Reply

    lol if imma be honest, Filip should be glad Ada’s fist connected w/ the table and not his nose. just spouting gossip like that a) isnt any of his business and b) in front of children is not ok…not to mention it is more likely than not a sore topic for Ada so another reason not to bring it up. as we heard a couple pages back, Robbie-boi is spending more time w/ Julia to train his own magic capabilities, so Ada likely doesnt get to see him as often and it makes her upset since they use to do such things together. even if it’s true Ada doesnt love Rob in that way, theyve been through a lot together and they always had each other’s backs, so it would still hurt her that Rob is going to someone else for training and guidance instead of her.

    all that aside, congrats on the game upload, Notimportant! all the luck to you~

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hehe what are you saying, that’s Filip’s most charming point! ;D And thank you! Releasing this game is a very exciting thing for me!

  3. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    You had birthday? Then I wish you even more birthdays I can wish you the best late for!

    • NotImportant Reply

      I wish I could have his attitude towards people lol Glad you find him entertaining! ;D

  4. T3h Ogre Reply

    Laura’s magical power is – naps…Nap-a-cadabrah! Are Ada’s bouts of grumpy linked to red locks? Does it make one grumpy to have flaming red on your noggin?

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Well yes when you’re surrounded by anxiety-ridden adults and a hoard of youngsters/orphans Sleep Is one of the first spells you would want, if only for a few minutes of peace and quiet to yourself.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Sounds coming from the radio have semi-transparent background to differentiate those from characters’ voices.

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