Memories of rain 3

Damn it, Ada, why won’t you say anything? You are just too easy to bully…

It’s probably not of much importance to most of you but I have uploaded a revised version of the prologue. Dialogues have been changed a little bit, typos fixed, pages enlarged. If you feel like re-reading Replay please go ahead and let me know what you think. I’m happy with the changes, at least all those annoying repetitions I knew about are gone now. Something new readers will appreciate, I imagine. Big thank you to Exael for proofreading everything and for all his helpful suggestions (°◡° )~ ♡

I’m flying to Tokyo on Friday so the incoming week will be a bit busy for me. I certainly hope you enjoy the new page and Ada’s memorable school life. And thanks for all those votes on TopWebComics… It’s simply unbelievable, I’m starting to get suspicious, how do you even manage to do that..? Anyway, I’m very grateful and of course very happy.

30 comments on “Memories of rain 3”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    It would appear that Ada has been overlooked (I don’t think it was malicious intent that made Mr. Dog Ears bump into Ada, which would be the prerequisite to bullying)…however that he didn’t even stop to apologize (he had to notice the bump if nothing else) is just plain rude and that Ada didn’t speak up or complain doesn’t help either.

    But then again, a knight in shining armor isn’t worth all that much without a damsel in distress, is he? 🙂

    • Adriano Reply

      Judging by Ada’s reactions, I’d say her father is abusive and beating her/her mother, and might even be alcoholic. You usually don’t answer to violence in such cases and then you do the same everywhere, I guess. Just a theory.

  2. Ooorah Reply

    Oh man, and I can just see the next page. Robert helps pick up her notebooks, and she gets angry at him instead of the donut-obsessed jerks who caused the issue in the first place. Fortunately, Robert knows a Tsundere when he sees one.

  3. Zero Reply

    I been waiting for this. Kinda reminds me of the plot to Toradora!, great anime btw.

    • JW Reply

      Hmm. I can’t help but think Taiga would’ve slammed those guys through a wall. Nobody messed with her.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Ada is way more timid than everyone assumes. At least at that point in her life. In the previous flashback she did the exact same thing – avoided conflict, shut herself in, let them do whatever they wanted.

        • Zero Reply

          True, but if I know anything about characters like Ada, it’s that they eventually turn into characters like Taiga.

          • NotImportant

            It can be the other way around as well – they are violent and rude, then meet someone who cares for them and grow more timid and relaxed with their surroundings.

            Ada was always only ‘violent’ towards Robert, but it’s something you cannot really help when you fight with wooden sticks together. A lot. But she isn’t quick to hit someone she isn’t close with. In real life there are many ways to intimidate and impress other people when you are a small female, it doesn’t have to be a fist or rude retort. It can be competence, it can be charm, it can be a tall best-friend… ๏◡๏

  4. GhostlyYorick Reply

    I like the improvements to the prologue. Now the jeep-scene makes more immediate and character building sense. (It felt like something was a little “off” or maybe ‘lost in translation’ before. – It’s much better now.) Cheers 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh yes, thank you! You have no idea how sweet your words are to me, two weekends spent on fixing it suddenly felt worth it! Thanks!

  5. xthorgoldx Reply

    In going back to the prologue to re-read the re-write, I just realized that I have the coveted FIRST POST. Muahahaha!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Very true! I remember about that every time I see your comments ๏◡๏

      • xthorgoldx Reply

        It’s both a good thing and a shame editing comments isn’t possible here. On one hand, I can’t do fun edits from the future. On the other hand, I can’t do evil edits from the future. Maybe it’s for the best 😛

        • NotImportant Reply

          I think it’s possible once you have a WordPress account or something. But maybe I shouldn’t have said that lol

          • Refugnic

            No, it’s not. At the very least not as far as I know.
            And yes, I’ve tried. (So many typos…:P)

          • NotImportant

            Oh I was under the impression you were successful!

    • Refugnic Reply

      And I hold the title of ‘First Replay fanfic’ as well as the title of ‘Most Replay fanfics’.
      But none of that is really important, is it? 😉

      The important thing is, that we keep supporting NI, while she keeps up the good work of unfolding this story. 🙂

        • TheOtherOne Reply

          Shipping NI with anyone might end in permanent ban from reading the comics, body harm or sudden apocalypse caused by demons.
          I’ve got your IP and I’m coming.

          Nah, I’m only joking … or aren’t I?

        • JW Reply

          If I recall correctly, he’s already shipped married.
          I mean, it’s really people’s own decision who they want to ship with whom, but I’d at least stick with single (and also fictional) people.

          • Refugnic

            Yeah, my personal ship has long since sailed and landed on the shore.
            Furthermore, as far as I’m informed, NI is already with someone too, so we’re good. 😉

            Though I would like to know why anyone would ship me with someone. 😀

          • xthorgoldx

            Hey, now, don’t toss out the possibility of an OT4.

  6. antrik Reply

    Every time I read this page, I can’t help but to think that none of the borrowed BCB characters would actually behave this way, for all I know… While David tends to be pretty reckless, I believe he is also too good-natured to just shove aside an innocent bystander. Paulo is a total Player: he wouldn’t just ignore such a Hottie IMHO — not even a recluse like Ada. And Mike is a Nice Guy through and through: I can’t believe he wouldn’t stop to help a Damsel In Distress…

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