Memories of rain 4

Robert to the unwelcome rescue! And guess what he found? That terrible spell, which is apparently repeatedly giving her troubles. I wonder if you can foresee his reaction ๏◡๏ Drawing their past is fun as well, I have many events figured out and planned but if I focus on that I’ll never move forward with the plot… It’s always so troublesome, you make some characters, figure out their past and it’s so interesting, that suddenly you don’t care about the main plot anymore. Well, shit.

From other news – I’m already in Japan and I’ll be sharing tidbits of my journey on the Tumblr ( if you don’t know it yet). Today we managed to take part in the Tanabata festival near Asakusa, it was certainly something else! Saw some taiko drummers perform as well (I don’t have a photo, sorry… We’ve filmed the performance but the video is really big, I’ll try to convert and upload it when I have a moment).

And thanks for the votes! You guys are just crazy! ʘ‿ʘ

32 comments on “Memories of rain 4”

  1. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    She’s going to get really mad at you nosing in her stuff Robert, just FYI!

  2. JW Reply

    Early update! Benefits of Japanese times, eh 😉

    If she’d thrown a shoe at them, not only would her books/notes be on the floor and wet, she’d be missing a shoe. Or at best would have to hop through the rain on one leg to retrieve it (or suffer a wet sock, which probably happens anyway even if she doesn’t put her shoeless foot on the ground).
    In short, hurl insults, not shoes. They’re harder to dodge and there’s an endless supply..

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, updating Sunday evening as always but it’s still several hours earlier. And I agree about the insults, but Robert prefers ‘flashy’ over ‘makes-more-sense’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        That explains it. Not that I’m disappointed by the early updated, but I was surprised and at a loss to explain it.

    • antrik Reply

      Actually, considering how oblivious these guys were, I think a shoe would actually have gotten through way better… Though I can’t deny that i would have kinda back-fired in this situation 😉

  3. Ooorah Reply

    “Whatever! I can pick it up myself.” (as she makes no move to do so)

    “What’s this? Magic? You’re not planning on summoning a bunch of demons to take over the world are you?”

    “Nah, of course not. Why ever would you think such a thing?”

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Eh…Ooorah beat me to the punch line. Ah well.

    Regarding his reaction…well, judging from Ada’s immediate reaction (i.E. vote incentive), he’s likely going to say something that Ada understands as ridiculing her.

    Though, quite honestly, I could imagine him saying ‘Ah, so that’s where the downpour is coming from.’ 😀

  5. Zero Reply

    Good thing I’m not a night-owl-fanatical-pokemon-trainer, otherwise I’d miss out on new content.

  6. Beret Guy Reply

    Ahh – that awkward moment when your friends find your spells.

    I can totally relate with that.

  7. Alex Reply

    Well, I guess if you want to tell us about a huge chunk of past events without taking years until the present plot can continue, then maybe you can put them into a couple of text updates and voila. Maybe mix in some pictures of Ada to appease her fans. 😉
    Or – even better – tell us about those scenes by having us read some pages out of her diary if she has one. 😀 A girl’s diary is kind of a holy grail, right?

    • NotImportant Reply

      I was thinking about a side-story maybe? I need to see how much time I’ll have after I get back from Tokyo. No promises for now.

    • Alex Reply

      A text-based side-story? Sure, I would like it!
      As for time: Shouldn’t writing text instead of drawing a page free up time? Or are you thinking about doing both? Don’t overwork yourself. 🙂

      • NotImportant Reply

        I’m thinking about drawing it, in maybe simpler style or something? Not sure yet. If it would be something like 20-30 pages it should be doable. And I’d get it out of my head haha. We’ll see!

        • JW Reply


          Do you do good stick-figures?
          I still think back fondly on “tuesday comic” which had truly sublime stick-figures.

          • NotImportant

            Sure! With practice, I should be able to pull it of somehow!

          • Alex

            That sounds really cool, too! Maybe the characters could have a chibi-style. Angry chibi Ada would explode the internet with cuteness. XD

          • JW

            Nah, it’s the best stick-figure comic, but that’s because what he does with them; the stick-figures by themselves aren’t that good. For example, the ones from “Life on a Stick” are a lot better, imo; e.g. they’re cleaner and more expressive.

          • Alex

            Xkcd? Life on a Stick? Nah, the obvious champion is The Order of the Stick! 😉
            I’m just kidding, obviously everyone has their own preferences. I just like OOTS best, because they have a deep fantasy D&D-ish story. Also they’re in color.

        • Adriano Reply

          Oh, oh! NI, can you please maybe draw some 3-strip comic? Like, in b/w and very simple design? That’d be so cool! Like a mini-side-comic! That’d be so cute

          • NotImportant

            I was thinking about a kind of 4-panel comedy style but you know how it is – always tons of ideas and never enough time for all of them lol

  8. ChuckTheProphet Reply

    “…you make some characters, figure out their past and it’s so interesting, that suddenly you don’t care about the main plot anymore.”
    Tis why I’m not a writer.

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