Just keep moving

We’re finally there! Well, almost, but close enough to celebrate. Weird stuff has happened but first, we gotta do what we came here to do.

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How are you guys doing? I hope you managed to avoid getting sick so far. I wasn’t this lucky and I even managed to pass it to my fiance. Or he got his cold from someone in the office, who knows? Everyone’s sick nowadays. And parties everywhere too, end-year parties, Christmas parties, farewell parties, parties, parties, parties, I’m not a very social person.

But! I still managed to draw a bunch of new assets for the visual novel project and we might have a demo ready for the end of the year! That’s very cool and I’m super excited. I really want to show it to you guys and hear what you think. I really enjoy making it.

You guys are so quiet recently! Or maybe half of you left when I was redrawing the prologue? Anyway, is anyone watching anime this season? Anything you guys recommend? I looked at the Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken but yhhh I’m not amazed. I mean, cool idea and a good joke made out of all those harem-like stories with rebirth in a fantasy world but I don’t need this many episodes. Goblin Slayer looks better, maybe even because I like the music in this series, but I watched maybe 3 episodes so far. Lots of overdone drama in that one too. And I still haven’t finished Sanderson’s new book because — no time for reading, bummer.

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  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Poor NI 🙁
    Hope you are doing better now (and your better half of course). Sadly it’s getting worse every year because everyone just keeps working instead of looking out for themselves. Hope the assets you drew for the little VN project were at least fun and distracted you a little bit. Looking forward in what you were involved 🙂

    I can’t say for sure, but a lot of readers of webcomics became quiet for different reasons (i just can say for me, that I had to take a small break to get a new view on life) but I was still there reading your work 🙂

    Sadly wasn’t able to watch Anime in the past months, had to focus on to much personal stuff – but at least I was able to continue reading some of Refugnics stuff ^^

  2. JW Reply

    Yeah, they did that on their own.
    In the face of even the slightest adversity, demons just fall apart.

    • Speedy Reply

      Patsy Cline
      (Written by – Harlan Howard – Hank Cochran)
      © ’60 Tree Publishing

      (You walk by and I fall to pieces)
      I fall to pieces each time I see you again
      I fall to pieces how can I be just your friend
      (You want me to act like we’ve never kissed)
      You want me to forget pretend we’ve never met
      Oh I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I haven’t yet you walk by and I fall to pieces
      I fall to pieces each time someone speaks your name
      I fall to pieces time only adds to the flame
      (You want me to find someone else to love)
      Someone who’ll love me too the way you used to do
      But each time I go out with someone new you walk by and I fall to pieces
      You walk by and I fall to pieces

      [Strangely, this song was replaying in Rob’s mind and the demons’ minds at the same time]

  3. JW Reply

    How are you guys doing? I hope you managed to avoid getting sick so far.

    No such luck. Been sickish for the last two weeks. Hopefully it’ll be over somewhere this week.

    Anyway, is anyone watching anime this season? Anything you guys recommend?

    I haven’t watched anything from the current season yet, but I have my eye on “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara”, “Zombieland Saga” and “Yagate Kimi ni Naru” (as well as sequels for SOA en “Toaru Majutsu no Index”). No idea if they’re really any good, yet; haven’t checked reviews either since I added them to me to-watch list.
    Of the last things I’ve watched, “Asobi Asabi” was pretty funny, and “Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro”. But nothing epic comes to mind.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…Ada seems to be in denial.

    I wonder why that is…probably because Rob being able to pull off magic like that (without any sort of pentacle and therefor highly efficient) kinda trumps her position as special cookie in the party.

    The good news: Rob has no idea about how he did it and it may well take quite a while for him to figure it out…but I think Ada has a better idea than him about it.

    ‘In order to do magic, one must first confess all of their sins before God’.
    Ada may well be remembering this very first rule…and dread the implication of ‘Robs secret sin’.

    Regarding sick…eh, the good old flu. More annoying than serious, my tissue consumption is terrible, but that’s about it.
    So yeah, nothing that could stop me, so I’m good.

    Lotta parties going on, huh? Well, I have my very own ‘party’ to attend these days, so I often find myself struggling to keep up with my writing, but I’m managing, more or less.
    Recently there would have been a party at my workplace…I chose to abstain.

    Even though you probably don’t care, something to be said about me is: ‘The more people surround me, the more alone I feel’.
    I’m weird like that. 😛

    Can’t say anything about Anime, that really drew the short stick in my current phase of life, but well, you know how it is. Life.
    It sure beats being hunted by demons, that’s for sure.

    And I’m not any more quiet than usually…I think?

    • JW Reply

      probably because Rob being able to pull off magic like that (without any sort of pentacle and therefor highly efficient) kinda trumps her position as special cookie in the party.

      I’d rather have someone around that can set up a persistent protective barrier, than someone that can slice and dice demons with the wave of a hand. For the simple reason that Rob can’t be awake all the time.
      So I don’t see how his ability trumps hers. But they make a useful combo, now Rob can more effectively protect her (and the group), if they want to pack up and move.

      And of course Ada stopped being the only magic cookie when Laura was discovered to have the ability. She didn’t seem to have any issues with that.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Yeah well, mostly because for Laura, she was the teacher. The master. The experienced one.

        Rob just pulled off a move like that without even knowing what he’s doing.
        I imagine that feels a lot like as if some random dude just waltzes into your office one day and does a far better job than you’ve ever been able to do and when you ask them where they learned to do that, they just shrug and tell you that it ‘kinda comes naturally’.

        I mean, how would that make you feel, when all the hard work you’ve put into something just gets outclassed by some random guy, who just ‘does it’ without any sort of training, experience or study? (Not very likely, but that’s essentially what is happening here, isn’t it?)

        However I have to agree with you, a persistent protective barrier most certainly is useful, just like a city wall was far more important to the defense of a city than any given number of stationed bowmen…you know, back in the day before they learned how to just lob widespread destruction at the heart of the city at the press of a button.

        I think her biggest qualm with the current situation is not, that there is suddenly yet another magic user…but much rather, that it is Robert.
        I don’t know why she has a problem with that, but I still think it has to do with his confession a little while back…his final sin left to confess.

        But all speculation about Ada’s reaction aside, Rob’s new ability will do little good, unless he figures out how he did it and how to execute it at will.
        Because an unreliable ability should never be counted on.
        Especially not during a life and death situation it usually would be called upon.

        Plot armor is only that thick after all. 🙂

  5. G Reply

    I actually had left, but came back on a hunch you might have started up again I read a lot of on line comics, so it gets a little time consuming to open those that are not updating on a regular basis, now that I know your back and weekly again I will be reading as I love your story and your art

    • Refugnic Reply

      The important thing is not, that you had left.
      The important thing is, that you came back.

      Welcome back and feel free to join into the discussions. 🙂

  6. RAGE Reply

    I realize this is an old anime but I really liked chuunibyou. Keep up the awesome work This is my favorite web comic.:)

  7. Onceller Reply

    I really enjoyed the demons in the last few frames. I like good monsters, and those were.

    Sorry for being quiet; I really appreciate what you did with the prologue. It was good in its old form, but the refurbished version has higher line quality and solidifies the characters a little bit better. Just know you’re appreciated NI.

    If you’re looking for a really nice relaxed/slice of life kind of anime to watch when it is cold outside and you’ve no particular desire to think about anything to deeply, Yuru Camp is a pretty good show. It has nice low stakes and a really neat art style.

  8. Departure_Dave Reply

    This probably helps explain how Male_Protag was able to chop up all those demons earlier. Think of what he could do with a gun!

  9. Alex Reply

    I left during the prologue redrawing, too, but returned on a hunch. My calculations told me to return in February instead, but a few weegs ago I got curious.

    As for Anime: German Netflix has finally gotten its hand on One Punch Man, so I’m finally able to watch that show, and correspondingly, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is also a series I’ve come to enjoy recently.

    Oh and I couldn’t help myself from finally checking out Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (on Crunchyroll), because there are SO MANY memes and references to it. It’s basically an Action Drama, but literally all the characters are so far over the top that you can’t take anything seriously, and that’s what makes it so funny. I can’t wait to see the character who got referenced by Touhou’s Sakuya. ^^

  10. Luis Reply

    As far as anime goes, I’ve been trying to get back into it, what with work being a pain in the ass nowadays (I’ll have you all know Christmas at a bakery isn’t easy!) so I went with one of my first recommendations I’ve had some time ago: Date A Live

    • Alex Reply

      I can imagine working in a bakery being tough all around the year, but yeah, especially near Christmas.

  11. Regis Earsquake Reply

    To be honest, reading replay kinda dropped out of my schedule. So I find myselve remembering it every few weeks. I mean, it has tha Advantage, that I get more than one page at a time. I usually don’t comment in those cases, though. I guess this will go back to normal in a few months or weeks, but for now I read unregular.
    I can imagine that I’m not the only one who this applies to

    • Regis Earsquake Reply

      Oh, and Anime aren’t that bad this Season. I kinda like the slime one. Golden Kamui is great, if you like strange ones. The Bunny Girl one is interesting, but I gonna binchwatch it once it’s done. I watch Tsurune, but only because it Looks great. Storywise it’s standart. I look forward to the next Season with Promised Neverland and for Spring when Neon Genesis Evangelion Comes to Netflix.

  12. xthorgoldx Reply

    My GF and I swear by Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Senpai this season. AOTS – and that’s saying something with how many bangers are in the Fall 2018 lineup.

  13. maarvarq Reply

    Every time I see the current voting incentive, I think that in that situation I would not want a bite of Ada’s pretzel, as a gentle nibble of her neck 🙂

  14. Dragon Commander Reply

    Slime is actually pretty good show, it’s world building and kind of low key for the first little bit, but we’re about to hit the first big arc. Our beloved slime leads war and founds a nation. Shortly afterwards he’ll have to deal with overly curious demon lords messing with him and his people.
    Also how can you not like something that in the first couple of episodes the MC literally EATS a dragon. You don’t see that very often. 🙂

  15. antrik Reply

    Like Ada, at first I was suspecting someone else might have stepped in… But with that special effect around the hand that appears to be Robert’s, that really doesn’t seem that plausible.

  16. antrik Reply

    She totally should have said “baka!” 😉

    (Well, I guess not, since Robert is the weeb… But still, that exchange totally calls for it! 😉 )

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