Being cautious

I think it’s the first time we see Ada like this haha~

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It was a non-standard weekend for me. A friend from work is relocating back to Seattle and she was staying at our place for the last two days before her flight. It’s so strange to see people “go” but on the other hand, the world became so small in the last years (from my perspective)… One thing for sure – I’ll be looking forward to trips to States way more now!

From other news: you might be able to see a demo of the visual novel project I’m working on and very soon too! Winter Comiket is just around the corner and I’ve finished all the assets I wanted to draw for the part so I think we’ll have a demo for download at the very beginning of 2019. I’m very excited to hear your thoughts about it~!

How are your Christmas preparations? Gifts bought? Tree ready? Christmas in Japan is always really weird for me. There’s no time off (well, there’s Emperor’s birthday on 24th but even that will go away next year) and everyone’s goes crazy about eating fried chicken and strawberry cakes. There are commercials on the trains with moms putting berries on the creamy surface of perfectly round and perfectly white shortcake and places full of chicken wings and such. In Poland, we eat fish for Christmas. Everyone’s so shocked when I tell them that. Yes. Fish. A carp, actually.

Anyway, thanks for the comments last week! Work is very busy so I didn’t find the time to reply but I’m definitely reading.

14 comments on “Being cautious”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    One more week of work before I head home for Christmas. Gonna spend it writing curriculum for a new training program… it’s gonna be slow going.

  2. NiWo21k Reply

    Ada has found her one and only love <3 XD
    And looks like Rob was right, there is more to maybe hurt them ^^ – but I have the feeling we have found a survivor 😉

    I am quite interested to see the demo of what you worked on/with 🙂

    And how did that saying go: other countries another way to do things – or in a similar way. But I feel you will get used to it – heck I only lived a few years around the world and have witnessed Christmas in so many different worlds, that I have to say, it's always the best time together with the people you love and like. And i hope you dont stress yourself too much out 😉

    • antrik Reply

      Well, we pretty much already knew from the chapter cover that Julia was squatting at the cottage?… Didn’t know she’s a witch — but it certainly explains how she prevailed thus far.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Hmm…that ring of stones around the house and that distinctive glow are extremely suspicious.
    Ada only discovered how to perform magic while they were already on the run, so it cannot be her barrier…unless she prepared it way in advance (while fooling around) and it only triggered after ‘magic returned to the world’.

    But I think it’s more likely that someone else is in that house.
    Someone capable of using Ada’s spellbook to create a barrier of their own.

    Curious to see who it might be. 🙂

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Though it could be anyone whith magical ability. And if I found what’s basically a spellbook after a demon apocalypse that I survived by hiding in a random hut, I’d definitely be trying those weird pentacles.

  4. Potatoman Reply

    Whoever’s inside the house definitely heard them arrive. Motorcycles are NOT stealthy vehicles.

    • JW Reply

      The person inside might have earplugs in so the screaming of people outside being slaughtered by demons doesn’t disturb her sleep. Or wearing headphones while listening to music. Or might be deaf. Or just sleeping really, really soundly.
      So I wouldn’t say definitely; just very, very likely 😛

  5. Arsivnet Reply

    I’m really glad that the pot plants you drew 2 pages ago healthy and alive in front of the house with a watering can next to it was not a mistake, That it was an actual hint of someone living there. Obviously pot plants can’t survive without a caretaker~

      • Arsivnet Reply

        i mean come on, just because there are demons running around doesn’t mean you can’t chill :>

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