No touchy

Oops. Someone forgot to think a little before he got all grabby.

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How are you guys doing? I started watching Three Body Problem tv series and it’s quite good! I honestly didn’t have high hopes because I loved the books, so I knew it wouldn’t be as good, but I actually quite like the adaptation. Two episodes left haha.

Not much has changed in my life since last week. Didn’t even get a lot of time to read so I’m still trudging through the same two books. Work has been draining recently and I have little strength to do anything after I come back from the office. And it’s not even the job itself, I know how to do it well by now, but the stress of other people that sucks the life out of me. I don’t deal well with other people’s problems.

Well, at least it’s getting warmer in Tokyo. I’ll post some spring photos on Discord!

9 comments on “No touchy”

  1. W. Reply

    the possession went much faster for him.
    he is comparatively weaker minded ?
    or is the knife more awake and stronger for it ?

    • JW Reply

      Maybe the blood on the knives makes it stronger?
      In a human-poor world, that would be a good reason to nick people, but avoid killing them. So you can cut them again later.

      At least it’s easy to tell when someone’s possessed.

  2. Alex Reply

    Since he took over Kasper he now has to become a friendly ghost. Trust me, that’s how it works.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your comment, otherwise it may well have turned into a pit take.
      Thanks for the smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Wait a moment, Sofia calls,
    and more, it does not take.
    A smack and down one dagger goes,
    come on, Sofia, wake!

    But alas, it’s not to be,
    the danger’s not gone by.
    Kasper, how dense can you be?!
    He grabs the knife…good bye.

    A warning yelp, alas, too late,
    and out the lights for him.
    Possession is a gruesome fate,
    things rarely look this grim.

    Honestly, are you this weak?
    Do fight, and call his sister!
    You’re strong enough to fight this freak,
    throw down, give him the twister.

    As for Sofia, all disarmed,
    will she come back to now?
    Bet she regrets having been charmed,
    and maybe wonders, ‘how’?

    She may not have Kasper’s brute strength,
    but guys do have some weakness.
    I’m pretty sure, she knows at length,
    this is no time for meekness.

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    So now is it operating at half possession strength for both of them, or is it an asexual possession and two halves of a whole mean two whole, complete separate possessions like how an amoeba reproduces?

  5. Michael L Reply

    There are two “3 Body Problem” series available now. IIRC one was on Amazon Prime and is need of a lot of editing to reduce the number of episodes and slow parts, but is also much more Chinese oriented and explanatory. The other series is on Netflix and seems to skip over some stuff. Both more or less keep to the books, though I haven’t seen all of the Netflix version yet.

  6. Matheus Reply

    “So, Nina, now that we’ve both been possessed by the same dude… I guess we have something in common. Wanna hang out?”

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