Pulling on the chain

Keep at it, Sofia! And maybe you won’t become a mass murderer just yet.

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I’ll be quick because I’m very tired. I’ve seen Dune 2 and loved it! Go to the cinema, it’s worth it. I’m still reading The Garden of Empire but I’m in 25% and not much happened and I’m starting to get impatient. The Shadow of the Gods is also pretty slow and so far the world is your typical nordic mythology thing so I’m not sure if it’s worth it to make the beginning so slow. Somehow, after two amazing books I picked up two so-so books, but let’s see, maybe they’ll redeem themselves yet. The fact that I’m tired and salty lately probably fuels some of my disappointment.

As for my own writing, I’m moving forward with the absurd novel, but my brain is still stuck on “this is not good writing, and you shouldn’t even try to publish anything you’ve written”. If you ever wondered if it’s possible to be productive while self-sabotaging this way, it absolutely is, and my husband still laughs at the jokes in the text and enjoys what I write, even if I don’t feel super optimistic about this whole writing thing at the moment. I guess many writers feel that way at some point. I wonder when it’ll go away, but I kinda don’t want to waste any more time just waiting.

I hope you guys are doing good and enjoy Rob getting a beating! It’s payback time for shouting at her earlier.

7 comments on “Pulling on the chain”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Looks like the knives did manage to mark him in the last panel. Better than getting straight-up stabbed, but still ominous…

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Swipe and miss, just by a hair,
    a ‘pow’, I’ve got your nose.
    That’s it for you, now please play fair,
    and take the final blows.

    No! You can’t! Leave him alone!
    A voice cries from within.
    For this one sin, I can’t atone,
    I cannot let you win.

    A painful swipe, but just a scratch,
    instead of deathly blow.
    Alright demon, now meet your match,
    that girl’s begun to grow.

    You think you can push her around?
    Exploit her weakened heart?
    You had your fun, your end’s inbound.
    Sofia? Do your part.

  3. Alex Reply

    Emotions can be tough to handle, so I understand why your confidence in your writing remains low despite getting positive feedback. The psyche simply isn’t logical. But man, if I didn’t already know about Sheena and Maki the curiosity regarding how good your novels actually are would’ve killed me by now.

    As far as Sofia is concerned I wouldn’t even know how to handle someone who attacks people with knives while you can’t really fight them because they’re being possessed and have super strength. Tranquilizer darts come to mind or maybe non-lethal ammo for the guns, but I guess non-lethal weapons were the last things on their minds when even lethal bullets can’t kill the demons. Other than that, I guess shooting her in the legs and using healing magic later might be an option. But just fighting her unarmed like what Rob is doing is stupid even though he knows that she hasn’t killed anyone (yet).

    Also: This is not punishment for yelling at her (because that was justified), it’s punishment for him throwing away her sandwich. πŸ™‚

    • Alex Reply

      okay correction I see now he’s not actually unarmed, but still, not a wise choice to just go up to her.

      • T3hOgre Reply

        Panel One – nothing in my left hand (unless he’s holding pennies). Last Panel – nothing in my right hand. I am unarmed and intend only to tickle her furiously – after dropping my pennies, of course – which t3hogre would not recommend doing as with NI’s grass, you would never find your pennies again.

        Now “technically,” NI did draw him with arms, so you could “technically” say he is armed… πŸ™‚

  4. HKMaly Reply

    Yes, many writers felt like this at some point. JRR Tolkien, for example. He was never satisfied with most of he wrote and kept rewriting it.

    So, seems Sofia still has some say. Maybe that’s why noone died yet.

  5. T3hOgre Reply

    “Eat this knuckle sammich, Rob!” NGL – the mask is freakin’ me out…it’s cool – but, **shudder**

    I too struggle with rewrites, maybe someday in my 60s I’ll actually publish something. I admire your ability to push the publish button! Also, all in for an NI comedic tale – the mind wonders at the possibilities. Dark Comedy, Tragic Comedy, or Slapstick? Certainly not Romantic Comedy… πŸ™‚

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