Somebody help this guy out.

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No note because I was painting until late and now I gotta go to sleep and tomorrow is Monday which sucks and Happy Easter if you’re celebrating!


3 comments on “Backup”

  1. HKMaly Reply

    I agree, they do and if there wasn’t that little issue of harming everyone around it might be worth exploring.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    And back to hand, Robert thinks ‘crud’,
    more trouble is afoot.
    A lovely couple, forged in blood,
    no way that can be good.

    Out of ideas, panic is rising,
    could I get backup? Now?!
    I’m trying, not done analyzing!
    I want to help, but how?!

    Hang on a bit, stall them some more!
    Easy for you to say!
    Mental won’t work, what else in store…?
    More blood’s the price to pay.

    Maybe though, this one will work,
    she says, and draws the glyph.
    Why’d she contract a royal jerk?!
    Robert, give them a biff!

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