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Real quick today, because it’s late already… Had a busy week since it’s taxes time.

I finished listening to The Will of the Many and it was amazing and alrea devoured (can’t call that reading…) The Tainted Cup which was also great! I recommend both books, they were great! I haven’t picked the next audiobook yet but for reading I took The Garden of Empire which is a second volume of a debut series I started I think last year? I never caught up on it when the second book came out.


2 comments on “Chained”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Stuck in her darkened heart of tar,
    chained up, in silk and leather.
    Open your eyes, look where you are,
    these chains are now your tether.

    What happened here, what is this place?
    Just what is going on?!
    From far away, a voice, a face,
    how far, girl, have you gone?

    ‘Snap out of it!’ Robert calls out,
    a most frantic appeal.
    But he can’t hear Sofia shout,
    too stuck, too strong the deal.

    This can’t be true, this isn’t right!
    This body is now mine!
    Run, Robert, run! Away! Take flight!
    Oh isn’t this just fine…

    I’ll rip him up, and rip him good,
    and gorge on your emotions.
    His blood, his suffering, oh it should…
    say, do you feel the motions?

    I dance, I swirl, I cut, I laugh.
    No suffering, no sorrow.
    I’ll cut him down on your behalf,
    and dance until tomorrow.

    Good luck, ma boys, stand strong and fight,
    and free your friend in need.
    For she, as well, deserves the light,
    rip out that snake-faced weed!

  2. Brendan Corporal Reply

    It seems like your art style has changed slightly, im looking forwards to seeing how else your art evolves during the making of the series!

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