Actually Sofia

One of the few scenes that made me draw everything else in this chapter haha Enjoy!

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I hope you guys are keeping warm. I was, but still got sick this week since my husband brought something from work. Still, it wasn’t bad enough to stop me from drawing, so Replay continues! This will be the culmination scene for this chapter. Buckle up!

I finished reading The Wisdom of Crowds and damn, that trilogy was so good that I went and bought paper version as well to put it on my bookshelf (which is full of artbooks, I don’t buy physical books anymore). I loved it. I wasn’t that sure after the first volume but the third one was plain amazing. I need to read his previous trilogy * _ * I finished The Holver Alley Crew as well and it was good, but it was fast food good, not like Abercrombie’s trilogy. Still, I’ll continue with the series, most likely. And I listened to On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft which is the famous Stephen King’s book on writing and it maybe wasn’t super informative but it was useful and entertaining. Why was I reading a craft book? Well, to be honest because I’m stuck. Beyond stuck, actually. I’m down in the dumps and I haven’t been able to write much since November? I guess November. Or maybe a bit earlier even. Why? No clue. I suspect it’s the low self-esteem, because I seem to be able to write to the drawer but unable to force myself to edit, because editing means someone will see the thing, and that’s just no good. Brains be dumb like that, sometimes.

Well, I hope you guys are doing good and will enjoy this page!

9 comments on “Actually Sofia”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    I’m not an expert on sword dancing, but I’m POSITIVE that’s not how you’re supposed to do it…

    • HKMaly Reply

      Actually, sword dances began as a military training exercise with swords and spears, sooo …

      Now, this seems to answer the question about the motivation of the spirit. Seems he just wants to kill and doesn’t care whom.

      … at least she’s happy. Pity she can’t be this happy somewhere else, for example in that demon-infected city.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Reminds me of a quote from Zero from Borderlands 2 ‘No man is truly happy until he is dead. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy, Happy…’

  3. Refugnic Reply

    And on the scene, a gruesome sight,
    there’s blood and death for all.
    But yet, no trace, of demon’s blight.
    Pray tell, what made them fall?

    There’s stabbing wounds, there’s slice and dice,
    I can’t believe my eyes!
    She’s always been, so very nice!
    albeit not very wise.

    And at the end of carnage row,
    Sofia, is that you?!
    She does a twirl and does it slow,
    as if this was her cue.

    Ah yes, her friends, how nice, you’ve come.
    and look at what we did!
    It’s been so long since I’ve got some,
    and she’s such a good kid!

    You see, this girl, has built her pyre,
    of sadness and regret.
    Now hear! My song, of blood and fire,
    and I’m not quite done yet.

  4. Alex Reply

    I’m torn between the creepiness of possessed Sofia and thinking that this guy is really stupid for making her slash and stab random people. Cue some soldier shooting Sofia in the legs, her getting tied up, and Ada casting some spell to re-banish that guy again (and then casting a healing spell on Sofia).
    I mean, even if that guy was banished a long time ago and can’t know about guns, he still experienced getting banished at least once, so him immediately attacking random people after all this time is just foolish.

    Maybe you can tell your brain that you still plan on dethroning Sanderson. 🙂

  5. Thisguy Reply

    Oof. I hope those wounds are largely superficial. If she ever gets better, that’s going to haunt her.
    That said, pretty clear it’s some sort of possession.
    I honestly thought it would be more subtle. Deaths in the night, etc… I hope creepy guy has a way to shield Sophia from bullets.

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