Nina the nurse

She not half-bad, for her first time.

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I managed to actually move forward with my writing a little bit, so I’m going to be brief and get back to it. Maybe I can squeeze out a couple hundred words more before the day ends… I actually got a very sweet rejection for a partial (this is were a literary agent requests a longer piece of the book, but still not the whole thing), telling me that they’d really read the book but wouldn’t be able to represent it. There was a lot more in the email, and I’m telling myself that it wasn’t a form rejection and someone actually cared enough to write 3 paragraphs about how they’ll keep rooting for me. Gotta keep writing!

For reading, I started The Way of the Shield (again Maradaine world) but that one seems weirdly lower quality than the previous books from this author that I read. Badly edited, with repetitions and such… Well, it’s short and I want to continue the series, but I don’t recommend starting the adventure with Maradaine world with this one. And I started listening to The Will of the Many and wooow, that’s going to be good, I think. It’s giving me Red Rising vibes. Let’s see.

Not much else happened. Ah, the “something” that got me sick last week was apparently covid, but apart from terrible muscle pains I didn’t suffer much. And I’ll be going to Hokkaido for a week starting next Friday, but I’m taking my tablet with me so hopefully there’s no break in the comic.

See you guys next week!

7 comments on “Nina the nurse”

  1. Mark Reply

    Dude as if it couldn’t get any much more worse than it is. It just does, like I can just tell by his face how he can’t take any of this much longer and is drained mentally of the bullshit magic and this apocalypse keeps bringing to this camp. I can’t blame the guy, after all that’s happened.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    What, oh what, what shall we do?
    Of all the things we have been through!
    This is the worst! You hear that noise?
    An urgent plea, a silent voice?

    Come over here, and do be quiet!
    You! Stay put! Don’t start a riot!
    You’re really not so good at this…
    Scram! And don’t you dare expect a kiss!

    Tell anyone you meet to run,
    and don’t they dare to bring a gun!
    Send Rob and Ada, if you can!
    And now get out this frying pan!

    Nina girl, what’s going on?
    She’s been at this, well since this dawn…
    Stefen will know how to explain.
    And hopefully, will ease that pain.

    So what about the big boy there?
    Oh dear, I know, the world ain’t fair.
    But don’t you worry, she’ll be fine.
    Now get a grip! No time to whine!

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Watching the bleak soul destroying resolve take holed that if something is not done you Are going to have to off your crush who you did not even Know Was your crush until just now.= Kaspar’s face. Poor guy.

  4. Alex Reply

    Get well soon!

    Which of your books is the one that got the sweet rejection? And when they say they wouldn’t be able to represent it, does that mean they had a reason besides being on a limited budget and having tons of applicants?

    I swear, if the market wasn’t drowning in books you would already have a publisher by now. Keep your confidence by remembering how Replay and NAV used to be consistently share the top 2 spots on TWC a few years ago despite the fact that you’re both not relying on fan service. I’d say that’s a huge achievement!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hah, thank you. I wish the low confidence just didn’t hinder me, because I’m questioning every sentence I put down. But I think I’m slowly getting out of that stupid slump.
      The rejected one was Mind Drummer. And I have no idea about the reason. It might be just that the agent thought the book wouldn’t sell on the current market so it’s not worth pursuing right now.

  5. Bruudwin Reply

    for your reading , i’m seeing a bit of fantasy type stuffs in your suggestions.
    i highly recommend the Malazan Tales of the Fallen series! though its not for everyone since they’re big lengthy books. and that every chapter its jumping to another character\group’s POV every time it seems.

    to me i sum it up like if a small japan island sized nation with angry european types with access to grenade \ explosives in a swords n magic world go wild on everyone around em while the gods and demi gods play their games with the mortals. full of bloodshed, comedy, magic, heartache etc you name it!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll definitely take a look!

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