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Just going to drop the page and disappear since it’s late. Hope you like it!

9 comments on “Trouble”

    • Alex Reply

      Indeed, Laura actually did the right thing and ran the hell away. What a good girl. 🙂
      There’s no way she’s just sitting there watching wood being in pain, but Filip makes the other kids endure it.

  1. Refugnic Reply

    And suddenly, a scream! Alarm!
    A thwack, the block? No more.
    All senses up, keep them from harm!
    An ax, a man, what for?

    You lot stay put, right where you are.
    Filip, take care of Laura.
    That scream was loud, it can’t be far,
    yet I don’t feel their aura…

    If it’s the demons, ax won’t help!
    Stay here, I’ll be right back.
    There’s just no way! You heard that yelp!
    Won’t wait ’til you’re a snack!

    “Laura, wait!” Filip cries out!
    His voice falls on deaf ears.
    “Jeez, that runt, what’s she about?!”
    he thinks, stricken by fears.

    Follow? Stay? What should I do?!
    Screw it, I’m out of here!
    You guys stay put, yes, I mean you!
    Or calculus, all year!

    • Refugnic Reply

      It’s an easy joke to make, because most children dislike math, because math teachers all over the world fail to convey what’s fun about math or what it’s good for.
      I mean, in grade school, math is still fun, because you can actually apply multiplication and stuff to your daily life.
      But beyond that? Algebra, Geometry, a load of formulas you never learn (or find) any practical application of…that kinda math is easy to hate.

      I was a grown adult and had finished my training in programming (most of what I know today I learned afterwards), when I realized the simple truth of how our numbering systems actually work, how digits can be expressed in ‘power of’ and how that helps with converting from A to B.
      Agreed, it’s a very ‘Programmer’ thing to want to convert from Binary to Octal or Hexadecimal, when everyone else just works with Decimal, but that was math I could actually wrap my head around.
      And I even found a bloody use-case for that knowledge, when I was told to convert a Base 16 number to a base 36 (Alphanumerical) number, while keeping the output intact.

      No math teacher ever managed to make ‘Math’ seem like fun. They all made it seem like a chore.
      So yeah…’math’ is easy to hate. Just like history or geography, which is all about memorizing arbitrary facts that make no logical sense whatsoever.

      Sure, if you go traveling, it’s great to know that Spain is to the southwest of Germany and that you need to go through France to get there. But personally I could care less about the name of a river somewhere in Africa, unless I intend to visit there. And if I intend to do that, there’s plenty of material to learn about the place I am going to.

      History…well, there’s an old saying regarding history.
      ‘Those who fail to remember history, are doomed to repeat it’.
      History is important, because it tells us about the mistakes our ancestors make.
      But it’s reduced to a huge mess of dates, locations and other arbitrary data that pupils need to memorize (and then forget about).
      It’s about the data, not the lessons that should be learned.

      So some Austrian prince got thrown out of the window and because of various treaties, suddenly everyone and their mom was at war. What do we learn from that? To stay away from windows if you’re Austrian, cause you might start a war?

      Sorry for the rant, ‘school’ is…a bit of a sore spot for me.
      I sincerely hope my son will have better memories of it when he’s grown up.

      • HKMaly Reply

        Memorizing formulas is definitely not fun. Being shown how you can actually derive those formulas is much more fun.

        Well … Franz Ferdinand of Austria was Archduke, not prince, he was shot, not thrown out of the window, in fact he was shot while in car, and if you really think the war wouldn’t start if he survived you really didn’t learned anything.

        Meanwhile, knowing it happened 28 June 1914 is TOTALLY USELESS.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Best ask the americans. The British supposedly spell it as ‘Axe’.
      Both works.

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