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Don’t worry, Sofia will be back in a moment.

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Really short, because I had a tiring weekend and now I’m terrified that I need to go to work tomorrow BUT! The kitty was found! So my friend actually ended up hiring a professional pet detective (apparently it’s a thing) and when she was showing the guy around the area in the evening, her kitty made an appearance! The hired guy was supposed to search the entire night and then make posters in the morning and interview the neighbors, but since he knew where the cat was, he sent my friend home and safely captured the little troublemaker. So she had the kitty back in a couple hours, and it was actually on her birthday when she got him back 😀 The best birthday gift ever! And yes, my birthday happened last week too, it’s actually the next day, right after hers. We’re birthday siblings 😉 Thanks for all the best wishes and for support regarding the lost kitty.

Well, that’s it. I’m going to go and maybe do some sketching before sleep…

Enjoy the page!

10 comments on “Kids talk”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Oh man, the Dagger didn’t even let her stay for tea? He really is a monster…

    P.S. Glad to hear the kitty is home safe!

    • HKMaly Reply

      Maybe he doesn’t LIKE tea? Wait, that’s just confirming he’s monster, doesn’t it?

      Seconding the PS: Glad the kitty is home.

  2. Shawn Reply

    Median age for “losing your magic” (a new euphemism!!) in the USA is about 17th bd, might be earlier in less uptight cultures — better start explaining the connection or you’re going to be losing your magic users tapping a certain magic well. It’s one way to get ratted out — can’t do magic suddenly? We ALL know what you did! Better start sitting under a waterfall…..

    btw: Great news that the kitty got found safe, nice to hear good outcomes for lost pets

    • HKMaly Reply

      In their situation, it might be kinda hard to do that without anyone noticing, but still yeah: you SHOULD be explaining stuff like this before you THINK they reached the right age, because you think wrong.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Here you go, here is your tea!
    It should…where did she go?
    Sofia, girl! Where could she be?
    Did she climb rise from her low?

    Ah well, I guess, it’s all the same.
    She’s done with being stupid.
    I just hope, she’ll change her game.
    And stop to chase her cupid.

    In the meantime, somewhere else,
    the school is now in session.
    Come on, you kids, do earn your belts,
    Filip, answer my question!

    You shouldn’t listen to that cat,
    she doesn’t even know me.
    She calls me ‘flirt’? She’s just a brat!
    Shut up, how hard can that be?

    But you dumped Nina, didn’t you?
    Ugh gossip! Talk be damned!
    I wanted magic! Get a clue!
    That is, why I clammed!

    Uh, what does magic have to do…
    Not age appropriate.
    I’m 15! Tell me that you knew!
    I won’t take that bait.

    In the meantime, quite nearby,
    Kaspar’s splitting wood.
    So that is how you chose to die.
    Your ‘sorry’ should be good.

  4. alex Reply

    Congratulations both for your birthday and for finding the cat again.
    Since the cat showed up just like that I can’t help but envision the professional simply shouting “Stardenburdenhardenbart” and the cat just appearing right away. 😀

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      Apparently putting something inside these brackets >< makes it disappear, I guess that's an HTML think my bad. The missing bit just before the y was [redacted]

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        *thing. Oof. I should either learn to spell or proof-read, preferably both.

      • Refugnic Reply

        If you want to write >< in html, you need to write &gt; and &lt;.
        Those are HTML escape codes, because all HTML tags appear in these brackets.

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