The man she needs

Sofia doesn’t have enough experience with apparitions to know that you should not indulge them.

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Welcome in 2024! As you have probably heard Japan had a rough start this year, with a terrible earthquake in Noto area (and subsequent tsunamis, and fire, and landslides). I live in Tokyo which wasn’t affected so please don’t worry about me, worry about all those people who just basically lost their entire towns. It’s a bit scary for me since we were planning to go for a little trip in that area (I’ve been there before and liked it a lot) but decided against it since the weather forecast was bad. Such a trivial thing…

From other news, I finished listening to A Murder of Mages from Maradaine series and liked it a lot. I started the next one now, which is The Holver Alley Crew and it started strong, we’ll see. And I’m in 40% of The Wisdom of Crowds which is Abercrombie’s 3rd volume of a trilogy and damn, that book is just plain delicious from the start. I wasn’t sure about this series in the first book but the second one bought me completely and the third one is going strong. I hope there’s a good ending to all this, I don’t want to be disappointed at the end haha

As for my own writing, I’m still waiting for one feedback to the novel I recently finished but I started working on an edit for the Pratchett-style one that I drafted a while back. It’s slow-going for now. Writing funny prose is difficult! It’s so easy to overdo it… And it takes courage to try and be funny in front of other people. It’s definitely an interesting exercise. We’ll see if I can finish that by the end of February. That’s what I’m hoping for.

Alrighty, see you guys next week! I hope you plan to continue reading Replay this year as well!

6 comments on “The man she needs”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    I’m torn between concern for her safety and being REALLY curious about Mr. Snake Dagger’s motives.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    That voice again…it’s in my mind?
    My mouse…your heart’s been broken?
    No warmth, no presence, words so kind…
    Your tears, your black heart’s spoken.

    My heart is black…why would it be?
    Your heart is black and sticky.
    Burned like tar, yes, I can see.
    The heart, ever so tricky.

    Am I wrong, my little mouse?
    Is your heart light, aflutter?
    Or heavy, black, my darling spouse?
    Your heart lost in the gutter?

    I can take good care of you,
    just take my lips, be mine.
    My little mouse, the things we’ll do,
    don’t run and you’ll be fine.

  3. HKMaly Reply

    Why is everyone thinking the dagger is evil? Maybe it’s nice sympathetic … entity who will help her with her mental health.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Interestingly enough I came across a quote that matches your question:
      ‘The place would be much nicer, if the guy didn’t talk like he’s just waiting for a chance to kill us and eat our liver!’

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