Happy Holidays!

I’m going to take a little break over the holidays to let my body rest.

I hope you’re warm and comfortable wherever you are and see you next year!

Replay will resume on 8th Jan!

14 comments on “Happy Holidays!”

    • El Suscriptor Justiciero Reply

      “Pretty Ada” is technically redundant, but understandable in this context.

      Merry xmas and a Pippin new year.

    • Doom Reply

      Adding a little more feedback:
      Ada’s ears, face, and hair are very good.
      Both arms and the visible hand feel subtly wrong.
      I like the dress. Wish we could see it from more angles.

  1. alex Reply

    It’s beautiful! I hope you’re going to have lovely holidays.
    That art style looks similar to the A.I.-generated Ada you created a while back. Is it A.I.?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, I generated a bunch with AI then picked one and painted over it. I still have mixed feelings about the whole AI-and-stolen-art dispute but it’s definitely helping me learn faster so I’ll likely keep playing with it and practicing.

      • alex Reply

        I understand your concerns, but I guess all we can do is brace ourselves for massive changes, because this trend seems to accelerate more and more. I’ve seen stories from ChatGPT that can keep up with the stuff soulless companies dump into the cinemas and TVs (but nothing that can compare to good independent artists like you), and there are even A.I. girlfriends out there people are paying for (but currently I’d say you’d be better off playing a free cheap dating simulation instead), so it looks like a ton of people from various industries are jumping on the A.I. bandwagon.

        I guess all we can really do is roll with the punches and adapt. A lot of art is going to be stolen and “derived” from and there is going to be outrage and then we’ll see what happens.

  2. nobodyforever123 Reply

    Her left middle finger tip portion is what gave it away, otherwise great A.I render!
    Happy holidays!

    • NotImportant Reply

      That’s me being sloppy and rushing to do this this morning hahaha Happy holidays!!

      • JW Reply

        Luckily it’s easily fixed by a strategically placed snowflake. (Which, sadly, is about as far as my drawing/editing skills go.)

        Thanks for this wonderful Christmas present.

    • alex Reply

      I hadn’t realized that, but now that you mention it it does look a bit too big. For me it’s her face as a whole that stood out, because all other Ada pics except for the other generated one I’ve seen have a different style. She looks softer in both generated images.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    From winters Eve to crack of dawn,
    from mighty king to lowly pawn,
    from east to west and north to south,
    you hear the words, the words of mouth.

    Rejoice, oh world, your savior’s come,
    Rejoice, oh world, don’t be so glum.
    In forest-scape, a vixen sits,
    her festive gown quite firmly fits.

    Gone for a moment, hatred, strife,
    gone for now, the lows of life.
    Gone for a second, the shoulds, the mays.
    Now here’s to you, oh holy days.

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