Familiar voice

Uh huh.

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I’ll be brief because I still want to pain some and it’s already late and there’s work tomorrow aaaa

So I finished Wyrd Sisters which were as good as one would expect. I picked up A Murder of Mages (as an audiobook) and it’s good? A fantasy murder-mystery but the characters are pretty cool and so far I’m having fun listening to it when I draw. I’m also doing some beta-reading for a friend so I can’t share that one. All in all, I have a bit more time for reading because I now need to take a train to work haha…

The sad news is that Christmas is coming and I don’t have the script for the next scene so it’s both busy and more work with the comic right now. We’ll see if I can manage.

See you next week and thanks for reading!

10 comments on “Familiar voice”

  1. Matheus Reply

    I suppose Sofia has been carrying these daggers around and doesn’t remember, like she goes in a trance.

    • Refugnic Reply

      No, that’s a misconception.
      Stefen packed them up and hid them in a ‘Do not touch’ box, because he sensed the danger emanating from these.

  2. Sabreur Reply

    I know I should be concerned for Sofia’s safety here, since she’s apparently attracted the attention of an extremely sketchy individual with unknown powers. I can’t help but laugh at her reaction, though!

    That being said, I find it EXTREMELY alarming that a snake-themed dagger calls her a mouse…

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Wobble, wobble, tilt and crash,
    the box goes tumbling down.
    ‘Don’t touch’, it reads, now don’t be rash,
    no glass! No need to frown.

    Oh no, what’s this! The knives are back!
    What are they doing here?
    Sofia’s lost, her mind’s a wreck,
    a pang of primal fear.

    Nina? Stefen? Anyone?
    Won’t someone heed my call?
    The joke is over, had your fun?
    Where have you gone, you all?!

    We meet again, my little mouse,
    a coincidence most happy.
    All alone, in this small house?
    What’s with that face, so crappy?

    There’s so much fun left to be had,
    so much yet to be done.
    I’ve chosen you, aren’t you glad?
    Your worries’ll soon be gone.

    No more worries, no more fear,
    no more hurt or pain.
    Just pick me up, my mouse, so dear,
    and see what you will gain.

    The little witch you dread so much?
    I’ve met her once before.
    She’s not so tough, I’ll tell you such,
    a loser! And quite sore.

    Pick me up, and I’ll show you,
    the path you need to walk.
    And once with them us two are through,
    on your door he will knock.

  4. Alex Reply

    “I’ll be brief because I still want to pain some”
    I’m glad to be on the other side of the planet. 🙂

    Don’t forget your Goulash.

      • Alex Reply

        “\/ Corporal” ?

        I honestly have no idea who some could be. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next update. 🙂

        • T3hOgre Reply

          \/ Corporal

          “\/ Corporal” is my official unofficial camp status flag thingy. If you notice my neat new avatar drawn by our favorite webcomic author. Whilst they wast creating itst, I made a change to my account which broke the thingamahjiggy that controls the whosit on the whatsit as t3hogre is known to do on occasion to dear author. So as a piece of humor I place this as a reminder of my shame. They have not banned me yet for breaking things and years of trouble. And I might be on the pain list 🙂 I did suggest that they draw a curly mustache with a big nose, bushy eyebrows, and glasses on my old avatar but they declined.

          The goulash joke never gets old btw and I lul every time I see it. Where I’m from it’s called gwarsh like Goofy says “gosh” but with a whuh in it. The pain that is not the stew. 🙂 We also wharsh our clothes, send our taxes to Wharshungten, and say “garsh” just like Goofy says it without the whuh in it. And if you pronounce Cincinnati like SinCihNatee instead of Cincuhnatuh we know you’re from out of town or Indiannuh.

          We have goularsh too. Only we call it beef stewlarsh with no noodles (too exciting) and we use pepperika instead of paprika for seasoning. When we want to go wild we have boiled dinner. Which is beef stewlarsh with pepperika, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots too. And in our part of the world a three-way is Cincuhnatuh chili, spaghetti, and cheese. I ordered a three-way outside of Cincy once and almost got arrested. I asked them to kindly wharsh their brain out and go to church.

          There are better ways to find a guyfriend, Sofa-cat! Ni’s totally gonna make her dance like Britnuh Spears with the knives. I rambled again. 🙂

          • Alex

            I see, so you’re one of the Knights who say “NI”, and a fallen one at that. Thus, to get off of the pain list, you have to bring her a shrubbery.

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