Something for the ache

If only some herbs could fix this silly cat.

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Not much has changed. I’m still buying and putting together furniture for the new apartment, trying to survive work, and whining that I want to do my hobbies instead of everything else. Thankfully I think we at this point have the basic furniture and unpacked most of the boxes. The house is slowly starting to look like a home. I even managed to paint a little in my new “workshop” corner so it feels even more like I’m slowly returning to normal life. FINALLY.

I finished An Inheritance of Magic and even though I liked the book overall, the ending was pretty disappointing. It really is an introductory book. No plots have been closed! I’m also almost done with Wyrd Sisters and it’s been exactly what you would have expected from Pratchett. As for my own writing… it’s actually hard to get back into it right now. Maybe next week? At least I don’t have any furniture coming so it should be a less busy week.

And I managed to go hiking over the weekend, and was lucky enough to catch some autumn colors! It feels like I lost this autumn because of the move so this was a nice surprise.

5 comments on “Something for the ache”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    For your mind to simmer down,
    (and so you’ll stop to play the clown),
    I think I’ve got some St. John’s left,
    to calm you down, oh girl bereft.

    Any herbs left in your garden,
    to maybe mend a broken heart?
    Apologies, I beg your pardon,
    I never should’ve left my guard.

    Ha, I wish, if that were true,
    of those I’d keep around a few.
    I’d give you wine, but it’s not yet done.
    Just wait for me, my oh distressed one.

    She keeps on crying in defeat,
    and bumps against the crates.
    A broken heart, won’t stop to bleed,
    but temptation awaits.

    Hello ‘old friend’, how have you been?
    Hello, lil’ heart of tar.
    It’s been a while since last we’ve seen,
    and haven’t you come far?

    I could help you overcome,
    fulfill your hearts desire.
    There is no need to feel so glum.
    The man that you admire?

    It’s simple, really, take me up,
    I’ll show you what to do.
    And soon that silly, ol’ enamored pup,
    will be all over you.

    Hello Sofia, I’ve returned,
    alas, my dear, for what you’ve yearned…
    Just where did my lil’ Sophie go?
    I sure hope she’ll respect his ‘No’…

  2. Thisguy Reply

    Oh no… I really hope we don’t go down a ‘Dark Sofia’ path… The cutie deserves happiness, with herself first of all, but also to find someone other than Rob.
    But I suspect the dark path where Sofia goes crazy trying to get what she can’t have is where we’re heading.

    • Mark Reply

      That seems to be the case in this apocalyptic scenario. Isolation even in groups and distrust or just losing that humanity, hell so far it’s Ada and Rob who seem to have a stable relationship, least a little bit held by a tiny thread. Some are close colleagues or friends, while some others are falling apart or just being detached from any humanity left, kinda like the walking dead. Hopefully Sofia doesn’t turn into Shane

  3. Michael L Reply

    You might enjoy “Billy Bob Space Trucker” on reddit. There are even audiobooks (free) on Youtube.

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