Time to check on our little troublemaker~

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I went on a little trip this weekend to reset a little. At least my head is not full of furniture anymore, so that was a resounding success. We visited Nikko (a yearly tradition), for first time this late in the year, but the marshes were still fantastically beautiful.

4 comments on “Waaaah”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Fine. Okay. T’was just a dream.
    And nothing more, I swear.
    A little blow to self-esteem.
    Shut it! Like I care.

    Really though, this magic spell,
    that took out Adam’s mount.
    If only ’twas enough to quell,
    and take him out for count…

    Confused and lost, left in the dark,
    Julia listens in.
    The things they speak, a hidden spark,
    a vision where we win?

    Somewhere else, not far away,
    a kitten’s bawling hard.
    I’m stupid, dumb, why won’t he stay?!
    I’m dirty! Tainted! Marred!

    I’m sure! I’m sure, he hates me now!
    I’m sure he doesn’t though.
    He fainted! Fell! Went up and ‘ciao’!
    So hard my foolish blow!

    And when I shook him back awake,
    he just ran off! To her!
    Left me sit there in his wake!
    Calm down, your words’ a blur.

    Look here, Sophie, it will be fine.
    Just give him time and space.
    There is no merit if you whine,
    and you’re still in the race.

    See this shirt here that I wear?
    ‘Keep swimming’. Just do that.
    Seriously, these kids, I swear,
    she really has it bad…

  2. W. Reply

    if she knew the truth, wouldit make it better (she was not at fault with his fainting)…
    or worse ? (how could she compete with someone her crush share prophetic dream with ?)

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    And That starts One who Knows on the path of clairvoyant dream research. Keep her Away from Filip.

    This is a comic/chat where when the author says their head is not full or furniture anymore, we are concerned that something crashed into Their cranium recently.

    Great view!

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Yup. But you live and learn Sofia, just do better in future! Everyone makes mistakes, they’re only unforgivable if you repeat them instead of learning from them and improving yourself.

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