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So! I moved apartments. We give up keys to the old one (rented one) on 30th, but I probably won’t even go there in person anymore. I can’t say I’m all settled in, but after a week of frantic shopping and putting together furniture, we at least have all the basic things one might in a house. There’s still plenty of boxes around since I don’t have any bookshelves and my art albums and books are all still packed but I’ll get there eventually. We also had a minor disaster already with a coffee pot (the one you put on the stove) exploding. It was a literal explosion, spraying everything (freshly renovated walls included) in 5m radius in coffee. A disaster, true, but only the wallpaper was permanently hurt, thankfully… I was 1m from the thing when it exploded. I had coffee in my hair. Coffee in my eyes. I cried coffee tears. Screw the wallpaper, at least I still have a face.

Other than that – I did nothing. I was focusing on putting together desks and such. I imagine there will still be a page next week, unless something demands a lot of my attention. I really want to go back to my routine. I haven’t touched my writing in a while and it bothers me, plus I bought an easel (an actual easel!!) and still didn’t get the time to use it. I did finish listening to Two Twisted Crown  and all in all it was a pretty decent duology (though heavy on the romance, as is trendy nowadays). Then I started listening to An Inheritance of Magic and hot damn, this is pretty good. I dunno if it’s just the urban fantasy nostalgia or what, but I’m looking forward to drawing the next comic page while listening to the rest of it. If you like urban fantasy based in London, with lots of crafty magic and secret societies – check it out! I ‘m also in the middle of Wyrd Sisters because I need to commute to work from the new apartment and need to read something on the train. It’s as one would expect – hilarious. I love powerful grandmas. I love putting them in my books as well. It’s silly in the best way possible.

That’s all. Thanks for waiting and reading! Two more pages on Patreon if you want to support Replay.
See you guys next week 🙂


10 comments on “Silly not silly”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Since the comic is named “Replay”, perhaps they are visions of the past? Maybe this is how things went wrong last time, and the current events are an attempt to “replay” the past and get it right this time? Just a thought!

    Also, I wouldn’t be so casual if I was Robert. Pretty sure “get bonked with a shovel” is a perfectly plausible future for him. 😉

    P.S. Glad the coffee explosion(!) didn’t do any permanent damage to you!

    • Refugnic Reply

      Old theory there, but it seems like more and more people are getting the same idea. ;P

      According to the archives (a.k.a. the fanart section) I first voiced the theory around July 2015…dang, I can’t believe I’ve been reading this for more than 8 years now. 😀

      • Thisguy Reply

        Yeah, lotta people have that theory.
        I think the Red Desert at the start was the “bad ending” and everything reset, now they get flashes of what happened last time to try to aim for the “good ending”.

    • WingedKitsune Reply

      Well, you know what they say. The future isn’t set in stone. So things they’re seeing in this dreams could possibly not even come to pass.

      Rob may not end up being in a relationship with Julia. As with anything, the future is always changing.

      • Refugnic Reply

        That’s part of my theory, actually.
        If we assume a groundhog day scenario, the same chain of events would repeat ad-infinitum without any ‘external’ influence introducing a ‘change’. The visions are that ‘external’ influence. I consider it to be likely for them to be memories of previous runs, meaning that they are events that did happen on a different timeline.

        Seeing the visions however can have an impact on their actions though, like for example Ada only got the idea to test the magical aptitude of ‘the kids’ after seeing that one vision with Laura.
        Sure, she would’ve discovered it eventually, but the vision sped up the timetable, which prompts more changes.

        If you recall, Kasper refused to let Ada and Robert go, because Ada was the only one to keep up the barrier.
        Thanks to Laura being able to take Ada’s place in that regard, Ada and Robert ventured out, found Julia, the other settlement and brought back the blades.

        Quite possibly, in the other timeline, Robert went out himself, found Julia alone and their relationship evolved from there, I don’t know. So yeah…knowledge is power. This is especially true for a groundhog day scenario. 🙂

        • WingedKitsune Reply

          Exactly. The comic itself is called “Replay” for a reason.

          It may have taken several different “replays” to get Ada and Robert to the point they are now where she’s willing to be in a relationship with him.

          I also believe these dreams are flashbacks to a previous timeline. These are possibly timelines where they failed to stop Adam.

          But who keeps sending them back? Is it Ada, or some other force, possibly even Adam?

          One of the big reasons this comic is so good in my opinion, is because it keeps you guessing.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Don’t worry, girl, it’s just a dream.
    I’ll always love just you.
    My love for you, it stands supreme,
    with all that we’ve been through.

    So tell me, are you jealous, girl?
    Over a made up future?
    You’ll always be my one true pearl,
    my love don’t need no suture.

    A dream, you say, but then tell me,
    just what are all those visions?
    A fate to come? A dream run free?
    Result of our decisions?

    A gentle touch, no pulling back,
    a rare and tender gesture,
    this world of our’s, out of whack,
    true love…or just a vesture?

    Now wouldn’t that be fabulous!
    If we knew things to come?!
    To know such things, not marvelous,
    now where would be the fun?

    Besides, you see, me loving Julia?
    No way, not now, not ever.
    That train of thought, just too peculiar,
    no way, not even clever.

    But see, how can you truly know?
    I do know, I’m quite sure.
    This love of mine stood every blow.
    It’s true, it’s strong, it’s pure.

  3. Alex Reply

    I have no idea what these two are talking about right now. I checked the vision again and there was no romance between them and the interaction between Rob and Julia didn’t seem particularly romantic either, so that doesn’t seem to be it, but why would Ada be jealous of a future and why is Rob sure that it can’t be a vision of what’s to come?

    Sorry to hear about the exploding coffee pot. I hope your face is alright again, with no lasting burn marks or cuts from flying “shrapnel”.

    Also Wyrd Sisters is awesome indeed! I hope you’ll remain interested in the witches at least until you make it to my favorite witches novel Maskerade, which parodies Operas and the phantoms thereof. 🙂 But reading the novels chronologically is best of course.

    • Matheus Reply

      He is “jealous” because she believes a dream more than him. AKA he’s needy and lives off of Ada’s attention.

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