Poor Robert.

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I’m moving apartments in a week! I live in boxes now. I think only about furniture.

Also, I took apart the big Ikea wardrobe today and I don’t blame Japanese movers for not wanting to deal with it. I can’t imagine how anyone would be able to disassemble this and put it back together. We didn’t need an axe but definitely broke A BUNCH of parts. Oh well. It’s going to trash anyway.

10 comments on “Skittish”

  1. VVIZRRD Reply

    Poor Robert? Nah, Ada made her feelings clear a couple chapters ago. And from context it doesn’t seem like that was the first time. Robert and Sofia are no different, Sofia’s just more direct.

    • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

      Do you mean by kissing him, or by distancing away from him, even trying to couple him with Sophia?

      I won’t lie, I’m starting to dislike Ada, because Robert seems to be… I don’t even know the right word, because he’s not stupid, he’s not submissive, I guess he’s not empathic, so maybe blind and kinda… doggish. Battered wife syndrome came to my mind a while back. That was before the shovel q-: But still there’s too many unknown from their relationship and past to be able to predict too much. I just don’t like what I’ve seen.

      • JW Reply

        Maybe Ada had a vision where Robert dies. And the only way she thinks she can save him is to push him away, even though she doesn’t want to.
        And Robert would definitely get himself killed if he thought it’d save Ada, so she probably wouldn’t be wrong.

        Eh.. So many options of what it could be.
        My main bet is still some psychological hang-up Ada needs to work through. And I like damaged heroines that struggle to overcome themselves, so I like what I’ve seen so far. Unless it turn out that I’ve been completely wrong, then I will retroactively have always disliked it. Unless it’s an even better twist.

        • HKMaly Reply

          I don’t think pushing him away would help even if she would be really consistent and didn’t show jealously when he’s with other women.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Out she goes, gives private time,
    ‘long overdue’, she thinks.
    To stick around would be a crime,
    knows not of arcane links.

    So what, my friend, did happen then?
    After I knocked you out?
    Ah well, you see, woke up again.
    And what was that about?

    I went and fought him, tooth and nail,
    and all he did was laugh.
    Left destruction on my trail,
    but I only saw half.

    He moved the stones with just his mind,
    and broke right through my barrier.
    He truly is one of a kind,
    I’ve never seen him merrier.

    So the magic failed on him?
    The monsters boss’ immune?
    I must admit, it does look grim,
    but we will kill him soon!

    On the sly, a gentle touch,
    ‘Say, since we’re here alone…’
    Her fist fast tenses, t’is too much,
    he really should’ve known.

    The girl who wants you, you rejected,
    the girl you want — no chance.
    This tragedy you have perfected.
    Say, would you like to dance?

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Corporal | |
      | |
      \ /
      Perhaps, my dear Robert, I would have let you touch my hand so soft and pert, had you only kept on your shirt.

      • T3hOgre Reply

        Awwww – it stripped the spaces. 🙂 NI, you should have left your bureau with a sign reading “Never mind the knocking. And if you enter, take snacks and a cheese grater. And whatever you do, never left!”

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Shovel Knighty night. This week: The lying, the witch, and the wardrobe.

    If not already poof. If you have any bits left over from it, easy shelves! Just need some steel L brackets and knowledge of stud locations in new place.

  4. Matheus Reply

    In the end we will learn that every single freckle in Ada’s body corresponds to one replay she had to do.

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