Serious talk

She doesn’t look like there’s anything to talk about, Rob.

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Thank you for all the kind words last week. Thankfully, the approaching move to the new apartment + my husband getting sick + me getting sick have all distracted me rather splendidly.

I finished reading The Trouble with Peace by J. Abercrombie just today and damn, what a book! It’s the second volume in the trilogy and I can’t wait to start the third one (this is extremely rare that I read the second volume of anything at all). If you like grimdark, it’s a damn good series. I need to read his previous books too. I’m also listening to Two Twisted Crowns (The Shepherd King). Also second volume, since a friend recommended that it was decent and I want to find out what the ending is, but it started with an insta-love so I’m not super thrilled so far. We’ll see. This one is way heavier on the romance though it tries to be a bit dark too.

Keep your fingers crossed so that I don’t get sick and can still draw next week!

5 comments on “Serious talk”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Just woke up, ‘Where is your shirt?’
    as Robert barges in.
    An evil eye says ‘Go eat dirt!’
    cause you’re not gonna win.

    Erm, you see, it was like that,
    someone needed it more.
    Better not say it was that cat,
    or what she had in store.

    Regardless though, say could you please,
    give us a moment here?
    One moment, sure, enjoy the breeze!
    A moment and I’ll clear.

    Whilst she shuffles and collects,
    the topic hangs unspoken.
    Math and spells are her subjects,
    a smiley face her token.

    Each knows what the other’s seen,
    say, is your head still hurting?
    Where are you going, where’ve you been?
    This is no time for flirting.

  2. Matheus Reply

    Yep… she’s the one who caused the replay. She was crying because she knew Julia died on that last vision, which is why she had to replay again. And I’m betting Faust’s wish had something to do with Rob having to die. Not because it’s “him”, but because, idk, maybe Rob is human and his wish was that all humans were gone? Something like that? In the end, for some reason, there would be only Ada left? And that’s why she won’t let him come closer? Because she’s trying to keep him from doing something stupid? I know I’m half right. Don’t change the plot 0-0

  3. alex Reply

    I call the first thing he says is:
    Ok, before we get to the point, let me make it clear that I’m not letting you near any shovels ever.

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    And now Sofia is walking around with ‘Ada’s pet’ on her. Questions will be asked if seen. If not by anyone else, then by Laura. Hopefully with Kaspar in earshot.

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