Bad dreams

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Just the page today since I’m both sick and sad. The kitty I had in Poland passed away due to aggressive cancer… I still can’t believe I was playing with her just a month ago and she was fine. Love your pets. Their lives are so short… RIP sweet kitty.

11 comments on “Bad dreams”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Did I wake you? Sorry there.
    Worry not, cause I don’t care.
    Grading homework of the kids?
    You really love these kids to bits.

    I concur, it’s entertaining,
    a worthwhile pastime, when it’s raining.
    They’re getting better with the magic,
    their math, although, is pretty tragic.

    Oh wait, your face, why are you crying?
    A frightful dream, bout someone dying?
    Tell me, Ada, whom you lost,
    and curse this war and all its cost.

    No, my friend, it wasn’t bad,
    these tears of mine, they mean I’m glad.
    A dreamed a future, where we win!
    There’s work to do! Let us begin!

    • Mark Reply

      Man it’s kinda sad to think how the old modern ways of life have ceased to exist in this world, even to the point how kids aren’t being taught the basics in math, but focused more on magic. Like I get the importance of magic of course but, it sorta feels like the story is going towards a walking dead route of hopelessness. Kinda like from season 1 to season 3, where everyone slowly de attaches from their humanity to just ruthless survivors with no emotions

      Also condolences

  2. Sabreur Reply

    A vet once told me that pets give us the best days of our lives, followed by one worst day. Thank you for giving your kitty love and shelter for so long.

    As far as the page goes, I think they need to work on an incentive system. No new spells unless you get an 75% or higher on your next math test!

  3. Alex Reply

    “No. Not at all. I’m crying because I wanted to keep dreaming until I figured out how I controlled Adam’s demons. Also because I don’t know if I caused Rob permanent brain damage again, but mostly the thing about the demons.”

  4. ArthrFrDent Reply

    My Condolences, about your cat… it is one of the saddest parts in life, that we see pets lives, shorter than ours. Wish you the best.

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