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Some new tricks from Ada 😉

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From life news: the renovation of my new apartment has started and is going well so far, I went to a writer’s conference in Nagoya this weekend and had a blast chatting with all the aspiring and published writers living in or visiting Japan, and I got officially married last Friday hahah Figured that Friday the 13th would make an excellent date (yes, I’m a person with that kind of sense of humor). This felt like a very productive week even though I barely did any editing, hah. Still, I’m hella motivated after the conference so I’m going to try and wrap up that edit pass by the end of the month. 400+ comments left to go!

Btw, is anyone attempting Nanowrimo? I probably won’t since I want to outline and I’ll be moving and stuff, so it’s unlikely I’ll have the time to write that much in November.

Oh, and reading, I think I told you guys already about the mushroom book: Entangled Life. It’s amazing. Go and read it, learn all about mushrooms. I’m also reading The Trouble with Peace which is just amazing (I’m starting to believe I just love Abercrombie’s writing and don’t much care what he writes about) and started Sanderson’s fourth secret novel, The Sunlit Man, but I can stomach about a chapter or two at a time. Not sure if I can finish it… But if you like neverending action and lengthy descriptions full of technical details then go for it. To me it just feels incredibly boring so far (15% in).

Okay, see you next week and thanks for reading! Also, you can make me happy and toast my marriage with your favorite beverage! 😀

6 comments on “Close enough”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    No, no, please no, this cannot be!
    The barrier is failing!
    I thought I’m safe, I thought I’m free!
    Panicked face and wailing.

    The stone falls down, a hole created,
    that should’ve been expected.
    The moment’s come for which she’s waited,
    the spell she has selected.

    ‘Fine…’, she says and clenches her fist,
    the game is on again.
    Yes, I’d say, she is quite pissed,
    her power’s flow insane.

    The magic hums, a bloody red,
    I see, you’ve come prepared.
    Now you’ll pay for all who bled,
    revenge I have declared.

    ‘Not a monster,’ you did say?
    Ah well, you’re close enough.
    I suggest, you start to pray,
    you’ll see, you’re not so tough!

    Julia’s exasperated,
    she’s quite out of her depth.
    This bout to come feels like it’s fated,
    two giants in their breadth.

    And here she stands, between the two,
    no way to go or flee.
    The magic rages, running through,
    through blood it will run free.

    • HKMaly Reply

      Congratulation indeed, although it makes one wonder what other kind of marriages happened at different opportunity.

  2. alex Reply

    Looks like Adam took a page of OG Faust’s book and became the rat that “nibbled” at the magic circle.
    Even though in the original it was very different, i.e. it was a Pentagram and the rat had to nibble at the wood it was painted on to let Mephisto out of Faust’s house, I like thinking of Adam as a rat, so I’m sticking to making that reference. 🙂

    Also congratulations on getting married!

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