Attempt at diplomacy

Some people would argue, Adam.

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Phewww I spent an entire day at IKEA yesterday and guess what, of course they don’t have furniture in sizes I need. I have this impression that their stuff is so customizable, that it’s so easy to get some basic shelving and desks at any size you need… ehe, I wish. Everything is too big lol They overestimate Tokyo apartments, clearly. Anyway, the apartment is now waiting for a renovation that will start next week and I’m looking at moving companies and furniture that I’ll want to replace. Also trying to finish editing the book I’m working on right now. In the last edit pass I left myself 1000 comments and now someone has to fix those lol (don’t fret, most of them are typos or sentences to rearrange or remove).

And I’m trying to tame the acrylic gouache I bought recently, so there’s some painting and youtube tutorials involved. There’s a national holiday this Monday and it’s raining so I hope I’ll be able to work on both the book and paining a little.

Also, guess what! The scenario for the third (and last!) chapter of Historia VN is done, so we’re putting things in the game engine and I started sketching the missing assets. We’re hoping to finish the game sometimes next year! 😀 If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here:

11 comments on “Attempt at diplomacy”

  1. Alex Reply

    “to tame the acrylic gouache I bought recently,”
    Looks like experience told you to never write “paints” again.

    “work on both the book and paining a little.”
    Yup, with 1000 comments that sounds painful right. 🙂

    Where’s Rob btw? Did she slowly drag him behind the house while in Adam’s plain sight or did she dump him somewhere outside the circle?

    I like Adam’s white stripes in his pony tail!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Lol I just wanted to be specific (but fair, I also know that you guys all know what gouache are at this point hahah). And yeah, 1000 comments are a bit tedious, but at least it’s a proof that I take my editing seriously! You will probably leave a 1000 more once you get that book hah!

  2. someone Reply

    Well I don’t see him crossing the border, I just see him using telekinesis to try to disrupt it.

    In other words, myth not busted yet.

  3. Matheus Reply

    You know, I wonder if Julia’s still got feelings for Adam. Something feels off. He did seem like a nice guy back at the party in Ada’s vision. And after all hell broke loose, his wish still wasn’t granted. Did he somehow wish for Ada by his side or something? As in, he’s had his eye on her since the beginning for her potential?

  4. Refugnic Reply

    It’s so nice to see you here,
    a truly greatsurprise.
    Won’t you come? Do have no fear,
    my most sought-after prize.

    Don’t worry, Julia, he can’t cross.
    No monster can come through.
    Sadly, Ada, I’m their boss.
    Hold on, I’ll come for you.

    Honestly, I’m disappointed,
    far less than I expected.
    This circle quickly is disjointed,
    and you will stand corrected.

    Did you think this simple thing,
    could keep me out? Away?
    This silly hope to which you cling,
    please come along. Your friend can stay.

    You promise then you’ll spare her life?
    If I just come with you?
    What is life, but hurt and strife?!
    But yes, this I can do.

    A hand extended, proposal made,
    despicable and charming.
    Fight and die or live and fade?
    The choices are alarming.

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    ‘A barrier is it?’ *I move a rock.

    Oh an IKEA hunt? If not too personal can let know the dimensions you are working within. Some neat, decently priced, stuff from a cursory online look you may like, if available* listed by their keyword and -what it is + dimensions.
    Burhult/Sibbhult -Wall shelf, white/white, 59×20 cm (23 1/4×7 7/8 “)
    SKÅDIS -Pegboard combination, white, 36×56 cm (14 ¼x22 “) – have one of these myself, LOVE the customization options for it
    MICKE -Desk, white, 73×50 cm (28 3/4×19 5/8 “)

    *Canadian listings online here, may be different there, some quick things that may (or may not, not sure) be of assistance. Colours Usually white/black

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