Not a big deal

Someone here doesn’t know when to give up. Maybe even two someones.

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My flight was uneventful (thankfully) and I’m back in Poland! It’s definitely nice to see my family in person after 3 years, hah… I’ll try to draw another page this week but if I don’t – well, you know what I’ve been doing. Especially since I will still need to work remotely this week.

For books… I finished reading The Atlas Six and it was a weird book. It had very little plot since it’s very characters-driven and prose itself is very different, somehow. I would recommend it if only to see something different, although I can’t say I was blown away by it. It’s weird. Another one I started is Aspects and I’m in 30% and plot is nowhere in sight. The world-building is excellent though! And I dropped Wild and Wicked Things because I couldn’t make myself to continue listening (I was listening to the audiobook). I picked up A River Enchanted instead and so far so good!

Well, see you guys next week, hopefully! 🙂

5 comments on “Not a big deal”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    No big deal, it’s just one spell,
    and afterwards, I’ll rest.
    No way I’m walking through this hell,
    must do what I do best.

    Just one more time and we’ll be home,
    so fetch the swords for me.
    We skip this world where demons roam,
    and soon we will break free.

    Once the blades are all enchanted,
    we’ll take the fight to them.
    And I’ll make sure my wish is granted,
    and end Adam’s mayhem.

    Just one more spell for me to prove,
    that I am good enough!
    I will prevail, I’ve got the groove,
    won’t bail when things get rough.

    ‘No big deal’, is what she claims,
    yet I can’t help but worry.
    Can see her going down in flames,
    too late then to be sorry.

    • Gonnhirrin Reply

      She’s got her personal identity and percieved value to the group tangled up as spellcaster.

  2. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Ada, no!

    She needs to swallow her pride and talk to Julia, in my opinion, who is the most knowledgeable about the theory at least. I mean, Robert will probably be talking about it with her anyways during training…

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