Changed her mind

Damn, now that I look at this page on my regular screen, the colors are so different… I drew this when I was in Poland and very jet lagged haha Have mercy!

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I hope you guys are well! I just bought an apartment in Japan so my feelings are all over the place. It’s both wonderful and terrifying. Doesn’t feel like I own the place with that giant mortgage but oh well. It’ll still be a while before I can move since we need to renovate a little, but I’m already looking at furniture and cursing IKEA for not enough custom sizes.

Anyway, I finished reading Gods of the Wyrdwood. I don’t remember if told you? I read the entire thing (it’s a long book) but I’m not sure if I can recommend it. It’s interesting and some scenes were really masterful, but the whole story is about a guy who doesn’t want to do anything. It’s honestly very frustrating in places. And drags. I think I read through only because there’s a lot of nature themes and forest there and I just like that kind of setting so I was enjoying myself despite nothing going on. I’m also listening to Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures (that’s non-fiction) and it’s a blast! If you like mushrooms, give it a read, it’s great, both informative and philosophical.

And hey, I had the pleasure to draw another avatar recently! Thanks for supporting Replay, t3hOgre! <3

13 comments on “Changed her mind”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    That last panel is the smile of someone who clearly needs to be on fire as soon as possible.

  2. Jake Reply

    “I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t try.” – that makes more sense.
    The current: “I’d have never” – refers to past events – it’s a reflection not a supposition.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    “So what you say, give it a shot?”
    Ada asks, turned ’round.
    ‘But why? You said it’d be for naught?!’
    ‘No solace where we’re bound.’

    See, I would never have forgiven,
    myself to refuse trying.
    But Robert? No. That guy is driven!
    I will not leave him dying.

    I will not risk this poor fool’s life,
    will save him, come what may.
    With magic this stale air is rife,
    won’t let him have his way.

    I don’t know what to say to that,
    ‘Thank you’ doesn’t cut it!
    Thank me once we’ve killed this rat!
    Never been one to quit.

    Oh my, oh my, what have we here?
    A most pleasant surprise.
    Why have you come, to face your fear?
    Or have you now grown wise?

    The offer from back then still stands,
    come with me, be my queen.
    You’ll reign supreme over the lands,
    now please, don’t cause a scene.

    I’ve won it all, why can’t you see?
    Why insist on fighting?
    Come with me, and you’ll be free.
    Now isn’t that exciting?

    Julia, I’ve changed my mind.
    You did? But Ada, you were saying!
    Death for him is much to kind!
    And you’d better start praying!

  4. Alex Reply

    So she refuses to risk Robert’s life, literally seconds after she knocked him with a shovel hard enough to make him lose consciousness. Which incidentally also drastically reduces their total fighting power, thus increasing the risk on the lives of everyone present.

    Yup, that’s Ada being Ada alright. 😀

    I mean, one could argue that Adam might have no qualms killing Rob if he did something stupid, but on the other hand Adam wants to kill everyone anyway and Ada wants to kill him as well.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I think Adam doesn’t want to kill Ada. Much rather, it seems he wants her for himself. (Ruling the world is lonely business).
      He clearly violates number 53 (from the Evil Overlord List) with his continuous pestering and that may well be his undoing, but gotta give your villains some fault or two, am I right? 😉

      Regarding ‘not risking Rob’s life’…that actually implies that Rob’s somehow is safe from Adam the 3 meters away from where Ada and Julia are right now…not a very compelling case.

      But you are right, Adam would much rather remove Robert from the picture, cause he’s an obstacle on his way to win Ada’s…well, ‘affection’ is pretty much impossible, ‘obedience’ or ‘submission’ is more likely his aim.
      So as soon as Robert (who has been seen to be impulsive at times) leaves that barrier, he’s toast.

      On the other hand, Adam just might let him live if he doesn’t interfere…for the simple reason that he can’t gloat to his enemy if the enemy is dead.

      • Alex Reply

        On the following page it looked to me as if Adam had no problems letting Ada die, in contrast to the spirit-things:
        And on the previous page it looks like he wants all humans to die.

        I’m not saying what Ada did made any logical sense regarding saving Rob’s life. 😉 The only thing one could argue in her favor would be Rob potentially doing something stupid in order to save the girls if he was conscious, but I did mention the risk of reducing their combined fighting power.

  5. bh Reply

    Is the guy in the book who doesn’t want to do anything a prince in Denmark? Because if so, the author stole the story.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha no, no, at the beginning of the book he’s a complete nobody. Here’s the blurb:

      The northlands of Crua are locked in eternal winter, but prophecy tells of the chosen child – who will rule in the name of their God, and take warmth back from the South. Cahal du Nahere was raised to be this person: the Cowl-Rai, the saviour. Taken from his parents and prepared for his destiny.

      But his time never came.

      When he was fifteen he ceased to matter. Another Cowl-Rai had risen, another chosen one, raised in the name of a different God. The years of vicious physical and mental training he had endured, the sacrifice, all for nothing. He became nothing.

      • Alex Reply

        It’s sad to hear that a book with that premise ended up boring, because instead of not wanting to do anything, that boy could’ve taken on a more proactive role and started conflict about whether that god actually existed and if so, if serving them was even worth it or if they should just disobey, at the risk of humanity. You did a much better job at that in The Cleansed Ones.

  6. T3hOgre Reply

    Such a handsome and striking villain, and Adam looks good too. You’re welcome, NI, and Thank You! Hope your new home is a blessed one!

    Adam seriously needs to work on his toe-nails – ’cause dang bro them things are getting long. And Ada, why’d you put down the shovel? It’s already been proven effective in sedating sleepy-haired young men. Could totally see Ada whacking Adam with the shovel while he’s trying to monologue from No. 3 on the Evil Overlord List (from the Book of Extraordinary Villainy, seventh edition [now including translations from the original Minion by Kevin, and new illustrations by Dave] curated by Refugnic).

    Can attest, pestering is usually the ultimate undoing…

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