Bye Julia

But is it for long…?

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Guys, a little announcement that I doubt I’ll draw anything next week with the travel, jetlag, work, and apartment purchase prep. I will be a zombie due to jetlag anyway and I want to focus on the apartment stuff because that’s kind of a big deal. See you in two weeks!


5 comments on “Bye Julia”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Now my last plea, take care of him!
    No need to tell me that.
    And please forgive my foolish whim,
    the one who has gone mad.

    Sluggish steps, why you so heavy?!
    Can’t get away like this!
    Why you insist to be a Chevy!
    The one I’d dearly miss.

    A prolonged sigh, yes this is futile,
    the enemy’s closed in.
    This battle’s end, it will be brutal,
    so let the end begin!

  2. Matheus Reply

    “Hey, I just realized this guy outweighs me about 25kg. I’m dumb and I can’t carry him all the way. Help me… please?”

  3. Alex Reply

    Something just occurred to me: Isn’t this Rob’s vision? While he’s knocked out?
    Seems like he’s going to have to ask Ada what happened during the time everything was black.

    • Refugnic Reply

      It stands to reason that those who perceive the vision do so from an observer’s perspective, like a mute specter.
      As in: The vision occurs regardless of whether the person within it was actually there or not.
      All visions have been from the 3rd person perspective, never from one of the protagonists.

      However this assumption would stand in conflict with the theory that the visions are memories from a different timeline.
      After all, that would insinuate that the magic ‘shared’ the memories.

      There is yet another option though: The visions are the memories of an unrelated entity who went back in time.
      Ethereal much like the drifter, however they have yet to reveal themselves to the cast.
      We’d refer to said entity as the 4th wall. 😀

  4. T3hOgre Reply

    Ada’s grumble grumble face is beautiful. Grumble heavy drag, Grumble tell me what to do, Grumble ate my chicken…

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