No complaints

Hey guys! I’m in Poland and spending time with my family, but found the time to draw another page! Please enjoy 🙂

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7 comments on “No complaints”

  1. anon Reply

    Hopefully whatever kemonomimi species these people are doesn’t get permanent brain damage from any and all knockout blows to the head, the way humans IRL tend to.

  2. Alex Reply

    I just can’t help but envision whoever’s coming watching all of them from above and seeing Ada slowly drag Rob away. 🙂

  3. Matheus Reply

    Still can’t see how is Julia gonna fend off all of those things by herself while Ada drags a dead body around with the strength of a little girl.

    • JW Reply

      I wouldn’t underestimate her strength. If I recall correctly she practiced sword-fighting as a hobby before the demon apocalypse happened, and she’s been swinging swords at them ever since.
      Though, you are of course technically correct (the best kind of correct), since she is little, and a girl.
      (And even if she were as strong as Robert or Kasper, lugging an unconscious body around for god knows how long/far would not be easy either.)

  4. W. Reply

    It could be seen, out of context, as a reversed stereotypical-caveman seduction rite : instead of the male knocking a female out with a primitive weapon and kidnapping her toward his home, it is a woman using a modernly made tool to then carry the victim away from a danger

    except those two are already a platonic couple

  5. Refugnic Reply

    And from above the sleeping beauty,
    now stare down, the not so cutie,
    a surprised stare. At least he’s quiet.
    so tell me, Ada…how’s your diet?

    Cause that’s a tall ol’ lump of meat,
    and you’re about to attract heat.
    From above the death’s a-flapping.
    T’is hardly a good time for napping.

    Yet their banter is still going,
    that’s a bump he will be growing.
    What I meant to say was ‘thanks’.
    this is no time for filling blanks.

    Don’t mention it, t’was not for you,
    but this ol’ fool won’t get a clue.
    We need to move, no time to waste.
    he won’t accept, that we are chased.

    So you see, it was for me,
    endless discussion, must break free.
    For he who’s wise and runs away,
    may live to fight another day.

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