Hey guys! I’m dead tired after the 14h flight. Please enjoy!

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12 comments on “Wham”

  1. Alex Reply

    “Wham” –> Wake me up before you gogo don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.

    But seriously I am curious who in their right mind would knock out Rob while “he” (probably Adam) is arriving, unless some other bad guy arrived whom neither Julia nor Ada saw.

    • WingedKitsune Reply

      Well, considering we don’t see Ada in the last few panels, I’m willing to bet it’s her that smacks Rob with the shovel.

      She sees no other way to get Rob to leave other than making him leave, unconscious or otherwise.

  2. Sabreur Reply

    Man, I wish *I* could end awkward conversations by hitting people with shovels. It would make my life so much easier. 😉

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Great thing about using a shovel is you can cover up your mistake if you hit them too hard.

  4. Hypatia Reply

    Duh …

    Guys … what about the flying Demons from last week’s page ????

    Perhaps one the FLYING DEMONS hit him with the shovel ???

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ohh you’re right. I’ll fix when I get back from Poland. I don’t have the pad file with me. Thanks for pointing it out!

  5. Matheus Reply

    I just realized Rob fell asleep at the beginning of september. Is he the vocal of Green Day?

  6. Refugnic Reply

    “It seems, I’ve run right out of time,”
    Julia says and frowns.
    “Is it him?” you hear Rob chime,
    and desperate he sounds.

    “You two should go, and leave me be!”
    Julia seeks to argue.
    “No! We’ll stay! I will not flee!”
    ‘Why, you stupid fool, you…’

    “You cannot beat him, none of us!”
    “I’ll live, now go and run!”
    Leave me be, don’t make a fuss.
    You die and he’ll have won!

    More words lost to red sand’s shade,
    fighting with Rob is no mean feat.
    ‘Wham!’, it goes, with shovel’s blade.
    An argument that’s hard to beat.

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