Not quite birds

Doesn’t the “future” look interesting??

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Just a quick update: I’ll be flying to Poland next weekend. That means I’ll be jet lagged and also visiting family. I will also not have my usual drawing setup. I’m not yet sure if I’ll be able to take time off from work entirely, or will need to work at least some (just because I happen to be a team lead and other people are taking vacation too and my team is currently very small). So it’s possible that the updates will be slower in September while I’m there, although I’m taking my tablet with me and will attempt to draw whenever possible.

Other than that, I’m still reading Gods of the Wyrdwood (this book is damn long) and the draft I’m working on right now. Almost done with the latter. I’m hoping to spend half of my glorious 15 hours of flight editing haha we’ll see how that goes.

Well, see you guys next week (hopefully) and thanks for reading and supporting Replay! šŸ™‚

26 comments on “Not quite birds”

  1. Alex Reply

    Flyers come
    now we’re done
    let’s start over, everyone

    Need no food
    it’s all good
    maybe next time, knock on wood

    Let me just prepare
    to replay despair
    how often we’ll lose, I no longer care

    To give you a tell
    let me cast a spell
    before we go in a hand basket to hell

    You two will get vision
    of our attrition
    to choose better next time and that is your mission.

    – Julia

    • Alex Reply

      @Refugnic: I didn’t mean to take your spotlight. You can add your weekly poem, too. šŸ™‚

      • Refugnic Reply

        Just did, actually.
        And don’t worry, there’s enough ‘spotlight’ for everyone.
        I was merely preoccupied by other matters, hence the delay. ;P

        I enjoyed reading your poem, by the way.
        Feel free to post it in the fanart corner of the Discord channel.

        If you want to italicize it, here’s the regex I use for Notepad++ to surround the (raw) text in asterisks.

        Regex: ([^\n]+)
        Replace: *\1*

        • Alex Reply

          Thanks, your poems are nice to read as well (though I don’t always read them). šŸ™‚

          Looks like I need to learn more about both regular expressions and what you can do in this comment section.

          *So any line that begins with an asterisk is italic?

          • Alex

            That did not seem to work. I tried your regex in Notepad++ and it added asterisks to each line and added a bunch of empty asterisk lines as well.

          • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller

            The website is made through wordpress, I guess, and from what I tried only markdown or subset of markdown works.
            It seems only markdown or subset of markdown works for formatting, so while this doesn’t work: italic text, nor this: [i]italic text[/i], but putting text betweet asterixes will italicize it, so you can put one on beginning of line and one on the end of line (or *just part of sentence*). Bold text can be done by using two asterixes, so instead of one on start and end, you use two on start and end, **making text bold**.
            Ad regex: it’s good to know that end of line character (\n) is used on Linux, while on Windows you can encounter \n\r where the \r is carriage return character – most applications today deal with it automatically, so it usually doesn’t do visible issues, but with regex it’s good to keep in mind that it might not be just \n but \n\r also. You might detect end of line \n but if text continues directly on next line, you won’t find \r, but if there is a whole empty line, then you get \n\r. In such case
            ([^\n\r]+) would work. Might not be issue you have with it though…

          • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller

            Oh, now the <i>italic text</i> works, funny… So this can be used too, the normal html tag.

          • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller

            Oh c’mon… You know what?
            *If this works*
            and is in italics, just put one asterix on start of line, and one asterix on end of line

          • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller

            Facepalm… If only we had edit… Then we could know for sure.

          • Refugnic

            On the website (here), you need to use HTML tags, so <i> for starting the italic block and </i> to end the italic block.
            The asterisks are for the discord channel, one for italic, two for bold.

            To make something bold in HTML you use <b> and </b>.

            Please note that you need to open every stanza anew, carrying the italics over paragraphs doesn’t seem to work.

            So you need to do:

            <i>Line 1
            Line 2
            Line 3
            Line 4</i>
            Empty Line
            <i>Line 1
            Line 2
            Line 3
            Line 4</i>

            To copy it to Discord, you then copy the text without the markup (from the finished entry), make sure that your ‘End Of Line’ in Notepad++ is set to Linux (\n instead of \r\n) and use the RegEx to wrap the single lines in Asterisks. (Because the asterisks don’t carry over at all)
            If you don’t set it to Linux, the asterisks will be misplaced, because of the (invisible) carriage return.

            This is actually from the days of ‘writing with typewriters’.
            When you hit ‘Enter’, it was actually two operations being performed: Carriage return (\r, the sleigh returned to the leftmost column) and Line Feed (\n, the paper was advanced to the next line), allowing you to continue writing at the start of the next line.

            In this context, it’s technically possible to do ‘only one of the two’, however it makes little sense.
            If you only did the carriage return, you would type over the letters you already wrote, causing an unintelligible mess and if you only did the line feed, you’d still be at the end of the line, writing past the end of the paper.

            Hence typewriters (and Linux) decided to only use one operation which does both.

            And now I feel old again for knowing all that crud. šŸ˜€

  2. HKMaly Reply

    Well, the “future” exactly seem to have more action, but there was more readers interaction in “present” in scene where nothing happened. Well, at least nothing Sofia wanted.

    • Matheus Reply

      Everything in the “future” goes around Ada somehow, and she just isn’t likable.

      • JW Reply

        Just because you don’t happen to like her doesn’t mean she isn’t likable.
        There’s plenty of people that like Ada, and not just fictional ones like Robert.
        I like her strength, her recklessness, her emotional awkwardness, the inner conflict tearing her apart inside, her moodiness, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s pretty either. And probably some of those are precisely what you dislike. And maybe some of things I like are just what I’m projecting onto her because the story hasn’t contradicted it.
        But I like her. So she’s likable.
        And sure, you dislike her, so she’s dislikable, too. But let me have some Ada for a few pages. (Well, that’s not up to you anyway šŸ˜› )

  3. Crestlinger Reply


    This flashback just went from not important to IMPORTANT. Hopefully he gets either of them to believe him as they seem to be relevant Right Now in the current present.

  4. Matheus Reply

    So… let me guess, the reason Ada “can’t” be with Rob is because in one of these replays she had to die as some sort of sacrifice in order to close the demons out and she didn’t want Rob to do something reckless and get himself killed? I mean, we’re talking about magic here, is that the best she could come up with?

    • Alex Reply

      Based on my experience from proof-reading both of NI’s novels I trust her to have something better than that in mind. šŸ™‚

  5. Refugnic Reply

    Thank you kindly, there’s no need,
    I promise, I’ll be fine.
    For sins committed, I must bleed,
    this is the will divine.

    Please don’t make that gloomy face,
    we had a good time, right?
    We’ll meet again in better place,
    and forge a future, bright.

    I want to try and change their minds,
    so that you can come back!
    You’re not at fault, can’t close their blinds,
    cause they do not know Jack!

    What happened to ol’ Filip boy,
    it just wasn’t your fault.
    For him the magic was a toy!
    He took a step too bold.

    Alas, poor Filip, knew thee well,
    what happened to the fool?
    I reckon he’s not feelin’ swell,
    I bet he’s not feelin’ cool.

    In the meantime, from above,
    winged terrors come a-flapping.
    No time for kindness, nor for love,
    no time to snooze or napping.

    A warning cry cuts through the dusk,
    as Gargoyles are approaching.
    Impossible in old world’s husk,
    the new world is encroaching.

  6. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    * italics *
    ** bold **
    _ italic _
    __ bold __

    I had to test it…

    • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

      Sub message

      * italics *
      ** bold **
      _ italic _
      __ bold __

  7. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    Ok, so the italic text – written as <i>italic text</i> and bold text – written as <i>bold text</i> works for me now

    • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

      Sorry, the bold text is <b>bold text</b>
      I shouldn’t try solving things right before I go to bed…

      • Alex Reply

        That was so hilarious to read! šŸ˜€
        So the tags work to make it italic or bold, but Refugnic must’ve found a way to make asterisks work as well, hence the regular expression.

        • Refugnic Reply

          As I said in the other comment, I didn’t make asterisks ‘work on HTML’, but the asterisks are the markup for another platform (Discord, to be precise).

          Please note that discord can’t handle newlines in their markup, so you need to mark every single line (hence the regex wrapping every line)

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