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I don’t really want to explain why the characters behave this was or that. Sometimes you should be able to figure that out, sometimes it will be explained later on. I get that it’s difficult to remember things that happened 5 years ago and such, but maybe some of you still remember Violet? Hmmmm? Okay, anyway. We’re switching the scene, and these two will need to finish their little discussion later. Once Robert is maybe a bit more conscious. And hopefully Sofia will not touch what she shouldn’t touch in the meantime 😉

Oh boy, I’m busy again, but it feels like we’re getting somewhere with those loans and renovation discussions? Still, it seems I might be able to move in to the new apartment November the earliest. It’s going to be a hectic couple of months.

I’m listening to Gods of the Wyrdwood now and it still seems quite good although a couple hours in I still don’t know where we’re going with this. The pace is very slow so far. Which I don’t really mind. Books should be relaxing, right? It’s relaxing. And interesting. Apart from that, I’m doing a quick read-through of the novel I’m working on to give it to a couple people sometime next month. I like this story a lot. I hope they can help me make it even better. I just got back from the writer’s meetup I frequent and the people there liked the rewrite of the first chapter so yeey! Being able to get feedback is great.

I hope you guys are surviving this scorching summer. It’s pretty tiring. Remember that if your body runs out of salt, it doesn’t matter how much water you drink! Take care and see you next week~

13 comments on “Julia”

  1. Thisguy Reply

    I think to date I’ve mostly figured out why characters do what they do. Or at least have my own theories. I wouldn’t say anything is unknown. All actions seem in character so far.

    Can’t remember if I’ve made this theory before, or if someone else has mentioned it, but my theory about the ‘visions’ is that they are of the past. ALL of them, even those that appear to be in the future, are in fact a past version, and what we see now is in fact a “Replay”. Starting over and playing the events again, while seeing visions of the past to try to guide towards a better outcome than last time.
    The Red Desert we saw at the start was the last scene before the timeline reset.
    Anyway, that’s my theory, and we’ll see how accurate it is eventually.

    • Matheus Reply

      And maybe Faust isn’t the real bad guy, maybe his wish has nothing to do with the world going chaotic but instead it has to do with the Replay itself. And that explains why he tried to approach Ada at that ceremony, he was trying to tell her something because somehow she’s the key.

      • Matheus Reply

        I wonder how many times NotImportant had to change the plot already because we’ve figured something out

    • Refugnic Reply

      I’ve voiced that theory as well. A good while ago too. Heck, I even made it into a story. 😀
      I think it’s rather likely that the ‘visions’ are little more than memories of a past lost to the vortex of time.
      Someone caused a ‘replay’…whether it was Adam or Ada, I don’t know. The story assumes ‘Ada’, because they were stuck in a dead end in the red desert. Turning back time was the only way to ‘fix’ things.

        • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

          Interesting idea, haven’t thought of it before either. Replay…
          You also have made me fear there might not be enough years to tell the full story q-:

      • Alex Reply

        Oh, right, I hadn’t even realized that this is the one comic where I don’t know what the title actually means. Other than this theory there hasn’t been any kind of replaying going on in all these years. Unless you count the non-timewarped flashbacks, but so far those didn’t seem to have more meaning than flashbacks in other franchises. I personally love stories like Groundhog’s Day or that one Ghost In The Shell movie that used that trope, and I also would’ve loved it when Haruhi did it if the Anime hadn’t turned it into ~8 nearly-identical episodes.

  2. Alex Reply

    I do remember that Rob had an ex who broke up with him and made Ada grin without realizing it until she saw her reflection in the window, and then Ada proceeded to cheer Rob up, cancelling a trip of hers. But I don’t remember if that woman’s name was Violet, but I’ll just assume it is.

    But if she’s Violet and if your mention of Violet has a deeper meaning than “and THIS is why Rob will never love any woman besides Ada”, then I’m not getting it. But if I got it correctly, then I guess Rob isn’t giving up hope because he doesn’t understand Ada’s feelings yet and he wants to figure her out, hoping that she’s like “I love him but because of reason XYZ I can’t be with him”, and that he can somehow obliterate reason XYZ and be with her.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I won’t explain! I’ll let Robert do that for me in a couple months haha ;D

    • W. Reply

      a couple where both people love each other, but have different want or expectation about the relationship can happen.
      In story, I think that this is what Ada think is in play , with her wanting compagnionship and expecting rob to hope for something more involved, and eventually building a family

      In another webcomic, ‘this is the worst idea you ever had’, there is a similar dynamics, (with gender reversed ): two people of similar age, living together, one permanently celibate and likely ace, the other with several short terms superficial relationships. The two being “just friends/roomate” that still trust and rely on each other a lot more than they do the rest

  3. Matheus Reply

    So… NotImportant, what we really want to know is: will Julia and Rob be a thing?

  4. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    “I don’t really want to explain why the characters behave this was or that.”
    To be honest, you would be a bad author if you did. You have story and characters to do that themselves with plethora of options how to do it. Don’t mind us, keep telling your story, we’ll wait.

  5. Refugnic Reply

    And there he lies, out like a light,
    far from voices, far from blight.
    Dreams of things that might yet be,
    dreams of deserts, reigning free.

    This just can’t be the only way!
    I will convince them, make them sway!
    And bring you food in a few days!
    He proclaims in sun’s last rays.

    Leave me be, deserve much worse,
    once my blessing, now my curse.
    Leave me be and live your life.
    Too much hurt has brought my strife.

    Ada though, she just stands back,
    stands before a lonesome shack.
    That someone stands, when all is gone,
    her hiding place from dusk till dawn.

    In the present, far away,
    Sofia shouts, ‘Are you okay?!’
    But silly kitten, he can’t hear.
    He’ll come around, please have no fear.

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