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Very entertaining discussions under those latest pages! I’m glad you guys find this development interesting haha

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I’m stressed and tired so I’ll just stop this page and go chill before my weekend ends. I’m going to be like this until I actually buy and move to the new apartment, I’m afraid.

I started listening to Gods of the Wyrdwood and it’s a bit slow but interesting. It’s cool that it has its own monsters and weird religions and politics, seems like the author really invested in building their own little world.

15 comments on “The point”

  1. Thisguy Reply

    Finally. Would have been easier if Rob had been clearer earlier, but he was hoping she’d get the message.
    Honestly, I think that Sophia’s early ‘permission’ from Ada spurred her on.
    Hopefully Sophia can bounce back from this. Had to happen, but I feel the kid is barely hanging in there, and he obsession with Rob stabilised her a bit, gave her hope.
    Hopefully she doesn’t go crazy or try to get herself killed or anything.

    • sibercat Reply

      I have a feeling your hope isn’t going to pan out, and that dagger from a while back is going to take Sofia on some kind of crazy ride.

      • HKMaly Reply

        Yes. It may even get to the point he will regret he didn’t have sex with her instead.

  2. JW Reply

    I hope that finally makes it clear she won’t be getting in his pants.
    But at least she got in his shirt. 😛

  3. Shawn Reply

    “Consider me married or dead” might not be the best thing to say when magic is running wild and strong, someone might prefer the “or dead” a tad too much — words/thoughts express intentions, intentions shape & project the magic within, magic alters reality to fit the intentions.

    I put the blame squarely on Rob for this situation getting to this point (which raises the question of why the author wrote him this way – oh, yeah, story drama, got it). In spite of what’s popular amongst certain groups, there is something that everyone owes other people in these situations: clear communication from the start. Leave the “hints” behind and speak kindly, but clearly, about your interest or lack thereof. I do like the inclusion of the “what if I were a woman and you a guy?” — a lot of societies IRL need to grasp the concept that if it isn’t okay for a guy to do to a woman, then it isn’t okay for a woman to do it to a guy (& the reverse).

  4. Alex Reply

    She needs “I undressed myself for Rob and all I got was a stupid shirt.” printed on her shirt.

    I noticed that the images on Patreon are a lot blurrier now than up to last week. Looks like I wasn’t the only one who tried to deciper the dialog. 😀 But since I didn’t see anything along those lines here in the comments I assume that something must’ve happened on Discord or Twitter somewhere.

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    It’s Right There on the shirt, you can do it! (Lol if she’s behind him right now wanting a shower herself)

    Like the ….into the author name.
    ‘that’s …’notimportant.

  6. VVIZRRD Reply

    it really wasn’t too long ago that Rob tried to force Ada to admit to feelings for him, after she’d tried to tell him he should give Sophia a chance because Ada didn’t want that kind of relationship.
    Demanding Sophia accept that he doesn’t have those feelings after refusing to accept the same from Ada. Gets no sympathy from me.

    • ABunchOTrees Reply

      All we need is for Ada to be attracted to Sophia and we’d have a perfect(ly horrible) love triangle.

  7. Thijs Reply

    I really feel like this was the only way this was going to end, and I do feel a bit bad for her. The one thing which struck me as odd in this page, and to a lesser extent on the previous page, is that Rob is “blushing”. The text conveys a level of anger/frusteration which is matched by the facial expression, but the blush instead makes it give off a strange “bashful” vibe. That being said, it’s still a very satisfing conclusion to this romantic proposal. I really like that you went with the “what if the roles were reversed” approach to have her understand why what she did might not be 100% okay.

  8. Refugnic Reply

    And what if it had been reversed?!
    You the guy and I the girl?
    Uh-huh, you see, that’d be the worst!
    Give that thought a whirl.

    See, I’ve tried gentle, I’ve tried fair,
    but now I’m done playing nice!
    Here’s for you and ALL who care!
    And I won’t tell you twice!

    So for the record: Don’t want you!
    Not now, not soon, not ever!
    The ‘thing’ we had? It’s done! It’s through!
    So stop tryin’ to be clever!

    Consider me married or dead if you want,
    if that will make you stop chasing!
    Find someone else for whom you can flaunt,
    so you can stop your debasing.

    So just that you know, the woman I love,
    my heart long since belongs another.
    I’m not into kittens or wolfs or a dove,
    so leave me alone and don’t bother.

    Huh, that is strange, what is this sensation?
    My fury, my anger, my..flop.
    Would you like a burial, or prefer cremation?
    A vein in your brain you might pop.

    Hello, little mouse with your heart of tar.
    now would you just look at you?
    I’m proud of you, you’ve come very far,
    and now go and run him through.

  9. Robert Reply

    Is this the shock of realizing that’s not gonna happen? I wonder if him getting the name out and Sophia responding ” I asked her first” would have had a better or worse effect.

  10. Matheus Reply

    “I tried to be gentle” — no you didn’t. Being gentle is actually putting yourself as the “villain” and being straight about how you feel when someone likes you but you dont like them back. That way the other person will be able to move on. Instead, you’ve let it linger until you couldn’t take it anymore and now you did it the worst way possible. You were only caring about yourself because you didn’t want to look like a “bad” person.

    Sophia did indeed harass him, which is NOT okay, but Rob did to her the exact same thing Ada is doing to him, except he at least came to a conclusion.

    But hey, there’s also another point to this: just like he said, if sophia was the man, no amount of tears would make anyone care about him or his attitude.

  11. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    Well, now both main characters are selfish jerks.

    The middle panel where Rob points his finger just doesn’t feel right to me. I understand he’s fed up, has his own issues he clearly doesn’t have under control and I feel like he just wants to blow out in anger, but that doesn’t connect with the picture. It’s like “it’s your fault” or “you are monster underneath” or just yelling like in body snatchers. It’s like puzzle which doesn’t fit to make a full picture. I don’t know how to make it fit either, so not much helpful.

    • Nierninwa Reply

      Sofia did something pretty shitty to him. And what she did was her fault and not his. Could he have been clearer about not being interested earlier? Sure – still does not give Sofia the right to sexually harass him.
      What is he doing that is so selfish here?

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